Dragons' Souls - Death is Highly Overrated!
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mindpankake 3月7日下午9:45 
hey i found a bug. i used a mod to get back to sovngarde and i set my spawn point there. at first it worked but then it would completely override all other places i set as spawn points. any suggestions?
Zayverun* 2013年10月2日上午9:53 
I'm having trouble in Apocrypha, but i've always had trouble with it :P I "died" in Apocrypha to try and get out of there, because i know that usually gets you thrown out of there, but this mod "overwrote" the Apocrypha mechanic, and i died losing all my items. So i had to do what i always do, and just coc out of there... I still don't know how to fix those stupid bugs with Apocrypha :(
Kuńrad 2013年8月8日上午6:20 
Don't work.I died, and now the only time kneel :(
{ZwH} Fine 2013年7月1日上午9:57 
Just one request: Can you make a version where we don't lose our stuff and have to get it back when we die? Everytime I go down, I just load last save for this very reason.
「大麻の女神」  [作者] 2013年6月20日下午4:19 
that's actually something I need to look into
Loki 2013年6月20日下午2:29 
Or is it just that this mod respawn time is very very very long?
Loki 2013年6月20日下午2:28 
I crash when I die as Werewolf. Maybe it's the fact that I have too many items? I modded my weight limit and stuff, is that a problem?
WATCH_DOGE 2013年5月23日下午7:55 
pretty cool. pretty cool indeed. now all we need is a way so that when you die and go back to your items, a corpse of your past self is there with all of the items, and the equipped ones still equipped. that would be purely epic. an maybe a misc quest with a marker at the body. yeah, i can see it now. GO MAKE THIS!
「大麻の女神」  [作者] 2013年5月20日下午10:26 
what exactly happens there? If I can get some more information then I can look into fixing it.
Maki-Kev 2013年5月20日下午2:18 
one Bug found at the Place when Harkon bites you to make you to a vampirelord, its the only one i found. Love this Mod ! hehe :P
Paladin(º㉨º) 2013年5月13日下午1:40 
Dark souls mechanics? Love it!
David Sid 2013年5月6日上午9:28 
「大麻の女神」名無し・欠番, I just wanted you to be aware that for some reason, I had a very hard time getting to the Steam Workshop version of this. I couldn't find it at all with the Steam Workshop search function, and I was only able to get to it by following the link from the Skyrim Nexus version.
EchoNope 2013年4月23日下午3:27 
is this like dark souls?
Religious Spring Baby 2013年4月22日上午3:00 
So if i go back to my soul thing do i get my items back ? jw before i install this mod looks great
Urdnot Waell 2013年4月21日上午11:59 
I can tell you put lots of effort in this mod .
Lostxsoul 2013年4月20日下午7:03 
So, Basiclly its a bit like dark souls. Love it!
[Kzoo] Star 2013年4月19日下午11:58 
lol, Aliens reference. Also cool mod, reminds me of WoW a little bit. But this isn't over rated like WoW is ;) .Might give it a try.
Herma Mora 2013年4月19日下午9:32 
how about a rebirth option or possestion so u could control non esential npcs andbecome a bantit or necromencer and thay wouldnt attack u
mixedupmaners 2013年4月19日下午6:50 
this sucks it steals my stuff
dread5 2013年4月19日下午5:33 
@sbcontt: exclusive to mage? isnt invis something that a theif or assassin would think of getting? mebbe not at low lvls but that doesnt mean they cant get it... which is what exclusive would mean... also theives and assassins can get the shadow stone... actually all classes can if they want to... thus invis is accesable to all classes and all races
also you are running buck naked through skyrim... if you do stuff right youre faster than most enemies
Mnemosyne 2013年4月19日下午2:33 
Love this, wonderful concept and REALLY attached to the lore.
WiredSage 2013年4月19日下午2:14 
Had a shirne in my house and
i was reborn there thats pretty damn awsome :) Good work!!
sbcontt 2013年4月19日下午1:52 
Very cool idea. But Not sure if it can become popular in Skyrim. One cannot die in vanilla Skyrim unless he/she is being very very careless and you can tear apart the world even with an weak character and all difficulty mods installed. Traversing the world in an overhauled Skyrim without gear can and will be deadly without invisibility spell (exclusive to mages) add to that worries of fate of mount and follower.
amastif102 2013年4月19日上午7:10 
If a character gets reborn as they die, I suggest a quick promt for when they come back to life. A race change to re-edit their character's features so that way, they arent *exactly* the same person again. Yes no? Thoughts? xD
Serpent-Breath 2013年4月19日上午6:45 
damn, so [ url=http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/34698/]This mod is also available on Nexus[/url ]. But it's very cool!
IhmeHihhuli ™ 2013年4月19日上午12:03 
i agree with jimmi.andreasen, its definently cool and the punishment for dying is just the thing many many games need. I personally have played dark souls, and its an awesome game, though the pc version is kinda bad, cause to the bad controls porting from xbox to pc.
This mod is very similiar to that game, and i loved it. Great work :)
「大麻の女神」  [作者] 2013年4月18日下午11:26 
phnxrevolution 2013年4月18日下午10:46 
Question for the author: What happens if I put new gear on that was in storage after I've died the first time? What happens to it if I die a second time? Do I only lose the gear that was originally on the ground from the first death? Does the mod account for the new gear I'm wearing and create a new beacon for that gear?
jimmi 2013年4月18日上午11:53 
awesome idea to make the game punish you more for dieing, kinda like dark souls
°Ðexter° 2013年4月18日上午9:54 
@「大麻の女神」名無し・欠番 What about this idea: when you die, you lose just a dragon soul and regain your health or maybe not full health, but something like 200 health points or so. If you don't have any dragon souls left, then you just die and start from last save. Bit like how Miraak regained his health after absorbing a dragon soul in the final fight, if you know what I mean.

This would make sense to have dragon souls in reserve, although I do understand it would most likely overpower the character.
Raxis [ESP] 2013年4月18日上午8:23 
not going to use this mod but i love the idea. thumbs up ;D
Anima italiana 2013年4月18日上午6:34 
Well a version where u dont lose items and just souls? idk. Losing items you've worked an hour to get is kind of harsh.
「大麻の女神」  [作者] 2013年4月18日上午1:20 
You lose both
Anima italiana 2013年4月17日下午10:57 
heres a suggestion, instead of losing items, lose dragon souls?
Sezra 2013年4月17日下午3:31 
makes me remember when i attack citizens of skyrim one said death is highly overrated XD lol i think it was on the esbern quest with the crazy people haha
overlord in evil 2013年4月17日上午10:26 
actually i think even alduin can't absorb other dragons their sould but he might have had 1 or 2 drogonborns for dinner
tegger01 2013年4月17日上午10:18 
Actually Dragons cant devour other dragon souls, that is reserved for Dohvakin, and god like dragons such as Alduin
KazuHiro 2013年4月16日下午6:16 
Well, this mod seems highly intreuiging. However, If you were to turn into a ghost, after death, then have to find an unfortunate NPC of some type to posses. Then, when you want to, do a short and easy task to change back to your' original form. Eh? I would do it myself, but I am a sucker at scripts.
Verdigo 2013年4月16日下午5:24 
I like Aviator191's first idea of going to Sovngarde and doing a challenge.
tamalane 2013年4月16日下午4:40 
I like this idea, but I can spot one flaw that makes it clash with the lore. If you are killed by a dragon you should be soul devoured, like you do to them. Thus no respawn. The latest DLC makes it clear that you really are just a dragon in a person shape. Don't know if you can work something like that in, but its an idea to try if you want to.
Aviator191 2013年4月16日下午2:30 
Make one where the player is actually transported to Sovngarde and must complete a small quest to get back to human form. Or maybe the player is a ghost (much like the mod is) but must find and devour the soul of an unfourtunate passer by. I dont know just a thought. I always hated how they were so many thoughts on death and games like Wow made you go back and find your body but at least it was something, Skyrim just loads a previous save...
Jøkerine~ 2013年4月16日上午10:15 
You can save just as before, I'm doing it fine here.
Radioactive Jawa 2013年4月16日上午9:53 
Does this disable regular saving? Otherwise, you can cheat.
Jøkerine~ 2013年4月16日上午8:45 
I just noticed the map marker when I choose refuge at a shrine of Dibella, 'quest markers are for casuals'. At the risk of sounding like a party pooper, for a mod that brings such inmersion, seeing that text was really grating. Was that a development thing, or are you planning on keeping it? Thanks for the great mod.
Dxella 2013年4月16日上午8:07 
This is an great idea! instead of just making ppl auto-load on death or something you keep the game to a challange even if u die, I like the concept of Demon/dark Souls in skyrim,

Tho may i suggest instead of only losing your items '' Dropping your items '' you should perhaps add a Spell on you when you are '' reborn '',

a weakness spell or something, make u carry less, lower hp and magicka or something simuilar, Make that Weakness Vanish after some time,

But make the Duration of the weakness X amount of Hours/Days. and perhaps also so u cant Display it, or that to do that it require great magic skills.

Anyway, Great mod mate!
「大麻の女神」  [作者] 2013年4月15日下午11:09 
Changed it so you can spawn at any shrine instead of only Arkay shrines, because people kept nagging me to add more Arkay shrines and I would rather be lazy.
Anima italiana 2013年4月15日下午10:35 
all i can hope for is a version without losing your stuff, :/
Aeteris 2013年4月15日下午10:14 
Yeah, It's probably much like souls games now. Furiously subscribing!
Slanderous 2013年4月15日下午6:39 
Demon souls/Dark souls in Skyrim interesting..