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Star Rift
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Monarky  [créateur] 2 mar à 21h40 
It wont only be for Oculus Rift. :)
HarvyWarlock 19 jan à 16h29 
If you are banking your game on the oculus rift ... good luck.
Akiblo87 15 jan à 3h08 
This game reminds me alot of Freelancer which is never a bad thing. Will users be able to create their own content? (campaign, mods etc) Things look nice as they are but modding would help its longetivity. Hope this gets greenlit.
Speedychris2 8 jan à 16h45 
I think that I would play, if I didn't have to use the Oculus Rift, I don't really want to buy one. If it is Pc compatible(soon to be linux for SteamOs) then I'm in, You got my vote.
Nugz™ 1 jan à 22h04 
Space sims are fun!
Hepatitis Jones 21 déc 2013 à 17h11 
▓▓▓▓▓▓█░ Valve Add This ░░░█
▓▓▓▓▓▓█░░░░ Please! ░░░░░█
TheGhostVilla 16 déc 2013 à 19h07 
i want access!!!!!!
KingOfDerp69 15 déc 2013 à 17h11 
Looks complicated, but interesting. Might buy if it gets greenlighted.
Evsd1 9 déc 2013 à 4h58 
Looks pretty cool, not sure I would buy it though.
[III] Magnum Force 16 oct 2013 à 10h47 
Creating a game to justify hardware/technology. Chris Crawford warned about this in one of his first statements out of personal experience.
L1ve_F33d 11 oct 2013 à 5h56 
i'm in, I miss the day of good looking, space sims... ok maybe the voice acting needs a little work from the vids, but hey that can all be worked on.
robert.blane 26 sept 2013 à 5h02 
Your new screenshots look blindingly spectacular! And that is saying something.
There are literally, dozens of space sims in development (as can be researched on spacesimcentral) but this title stands out as an exemplary entry into the genre. And this title/project also displays outstanding promise just from the visuals alone. X-Rebirth is just around the corner. My money is on your game, NOT X-Rebirth. Evochron Mercenary was the benchmark space sim for realsim, but when Star Rift becomes available, Evo will be left floating in the eternal vacuum of the black void. Thank you for bringing us Star Rift.
Xena Warrior Woman 20 sept 2013 à 5h55 
I'm anxious to see this released. Any idea about an ETA?
LemonSqeezy 27 août 2013 à 22h13 
This looks better then the Star Trek Online space flight. This is amazing! If this game doesn't become available on Steam, I will be broken hearted.
its raining sven 2 août 2013 à 13h00 
Would be great if had Mac support
ronnyamrum 24 juil 2013 à 15h21 
Batotoro 21 juil 2013 à 14h51 
This looks awesome! hope it gets approved!
Emory 16 juil 2013 à 22h37 
What platforms will this be available on at launch?
SubZeRo666 16 juil 2013 à 20h31 
Will the game support support first person view? I want to sit in the ship :-)
Spycrabing Gent 14 juil 2013 à 13h31 
this is looking good!
Xena Warrior Woman 13 juil 2013 à 5h30 
But I agree with the person below - better voice acting is absolutely necessary!!
Xena Warrior Woman 13 juil 2013 à 5h29 
Looks awesome. I'd love to play this game!! <3
AlexyCosta 2 juil 2013 à 2h29 
Ótimo... Se tiver uma nave x-wing t-65 [star wars] ou similar melhor ainda.... E não pode deixar de faltar guerras estelares geniais.
legacyone 24 juin 2013 à 8h24 
Like the story idea don't make it too easy to get home.
Вундэрваффля 11 juin 2013 à 8h29 
Wow amazing!
Kruezritter 10 juin 2013 à 12h48 
As an owner of an Oculus Rift I would LOVE too see this game approved.
TastyWhale 9 juin 2013 à 21h40 
Oculus Rift FTW.
Bigherb 6 juin 2013 à 18h57 
Wow, Just awesome is all I got to say! How long is it gunna take for them to greenlight this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Malice Shadows 2 juin 2013 à 6h31 
They need better voice actors
Wundic iz Back 2 juin 2013 à 5h29 
how could one not upvote this ?
Good luck with devellopemetn guys, impressive start.
[SOL]Mr Bubbles 1 juin 2013 à 10h31 
@ShamblerDK Same i love space ships pew! pew! KABLAM!
TheGhostVilla 30 mai 2013 à 21h30 
How is it coming along guys? Do you need music by chance? I would let you use my music for free. I make electronic stuff. All types. Would even be willing to score some new stuff for the game. Let me know. A simple yes or no will do fine. Just wondering. Also if you have a kickstarter or something I would like to help out.
LordVetinari 28 mai 2013 à 13h46 
Looks really amazing!
TheGhostVilla 26 mai 2013 à 22h42 
I really want Oculus Rift. Not sure if I should wait for consumer model or buy the prototype. What do you guys think?
Vemaster 26 mai 2013 à 9h12 
need oculus rift support and 1st person view :\
Monarky  [créateur] 26 mai 2013 à 8h44 
There will be a cockpit. The first release you will not be able to land on planets. But it is something we are considering after.
PRiME 25 mai 2013 à 16h15 
Looks interested, I hope you ad a 3d cockpit however because playing the game in 3rd person on the rift is going to be quite off-setting for allot of people, I am sure you have found this out already if you have a dev kit.
ShamblerDK 25 mai 2013 à 13h22 
I'll upvote pretty much anything with space ships.
TheGhostVilla 22 mai 2013 à 21h05 
can the player land on the planets and roam around?
[SOL]Mr Bubbles 19 mai 2013 à 13h21 
The moment i saw those blackholes i smiled Im a very science guy i love simulation games and sandboxs and pysics and quantum mechanics. And i havent been able to find many sandbox or physics games so this is wonderful!
Mechwarrior94 18 mai 2013 à 16h32 
hope the flying is more like EVE online and not like all those other space games. Flying gets a lot easier then as well as actually viewing your surroundings. I hope it does not stay with the future ship updates (and weapon?) updates, but I really hope there will be many ships you can buy/unlock or however to gain them. The player should be able to get a new ship once unlocked and fly it. Giving more weapon bays and thus more power and armor. Not even mentioning the cargo bay increase and other possibilities that will be unlocked.
Dinosaur 16 mai 2013 à 12h43 
daishain 13 mai 2013 à 18h32 

Otherwise, great game concept.
Arian Del 13 mai 2013 à 5h24 
i love sci fi and theorys because no one can bring a proof jet.
Arian Del 13 mai 2013 à 5h22 
supersablover your wrong it only loks like this for someone outside the warmehole because the ship gehts faster than light, like sound that you hear much later after the plane was passing, everything around your ship gehts "spaghettified". if this would happen to the ship the pilot would be only a undefined spot of meat like a melon hiting a wall realy fast.
Qon 13 mai 2013 à 1h36 
"When we first saw the Oculus Rift we wanted to make that one game that completely utilizes the potential of virtual reality technology..." and then you make a 3rd person game which kills more immerision than oculus give you.
DoUrden44 11 mai 2013 à 14h01 
>.< game looks cool but the voice acting makes me cringe...
Sablicious 5 mai 2013 à 0h50 
Factual error:

The ship should have gotten 'spaghettified' when going through the Worm Hole.
HyperionXL 4 mai 2013 à 4h28 
Looks great, but that forced southern American accent makes me want to kick a baby in the face.
AftermathJonathan 2 mai 2013 à 21h06 
Brilliant! I'd LOVE to see this on the Oculus Rift!