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Crimson Nirnroot Markers
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Minard 11月24日 10時18分 
do you kill many things?... i like watching things die...
Cyn Stein 9月20日 5時20分 
take me with you.....murder time lol
pinzdesign 8月17日 9時35分 
muuuurdeeer tiiiimeee
aquapiyo 5月20日 19時52分 
Bless you, thanks heaps !!
knuxtoast 5月3日 22時58分 
Oh, thank you! Divines bless your kind heart.
CrazyJayBe 1月22日 16時01分 
THANK you. I hate searching for stuff.
flower boy 2016年12月30日 16時14分 
Thank you so much for this!
PislaX 2016年11月7日 13時21分 
Very useful thing, couldn't install it through Steam/Game File Manager, had to use Nexus, but anyway, thanks a lot!
MercAngel  [作成者] 2016年10月30日 9時44分 
update for a typo i made this will be up for SE on the nexus for testing
MercAngel  [作成者] 2016年10月29日 14時46分 
As soon as the new CK Comes out i will look in to an update for SE and may look in to why it works for some and not others on the normal one
~S9~ TheBiggestJohn™ 2016年10月23日 15時03分 
Show 0/30 nirnroots for me even thought I got 30.
Latitude 2016年9月17日 8時40分 
Saved a lot of time, thanks!
TheEyelessObserver 2016年8月6日 20時39分 

S/E 2016年8月5日 10時59分 
Ty for this mod <3
Timesplitter 2016年7月13日 16時32分 
This mod has been included in "THE ULTIMNATE LORE FRIENDLY SKYRIM MODS COLLECTION", updated 07/13/2016. Thank you for your wonderful addition to this collection. Please check it out at .
Bill Suckington 2016年7月4日 13時37分 
thank god for this mod
work4dvd 2016年6月27日 7時26分 
Thanks very much for this! I absolutely HATE these types of quests. Even with the mod, it was tedious but bearable. Cheers!
Crosscrow 2016年6月7日 7時18分 
Thank you so mutch
Nova 2016年5月16日 2時16分 
Found 28 and gave up searching for it.
very helpful mod.
Laibonnaire 2016年4月25日 14時38分 
Hard to launch (had to read the whole description and to use console), then I saw it also added some fluorescent green futuristic banner in Markarth. Useful, but then I had to unsuscribe.
「SecretWeapon」 QQ ツ 2016年4月13日 7時25分 
Mod working very good, thx
I found 25, and then install the mod ! :D
Blue 2016年3月9日 10時46分 
But isn't exploring the most beatiful location in skyrim the whole point of this quest? I will still give you 5 stars for effort though!
Steven.sippio 2016年3月6日 1時24分 
lol @ you guys.....
-ill post how many i get before i throw in the towell and return here to get this..
--NirnRoot in Obvlivio sure was fun..actually my vanilla Oblivion everything was fun..

--if theres ANYONE who hasnt played Oblivion. do so..dangit,,dunno why i posted that. everyones played it.....

---Anyone wish Oblivion & Skyrim were Vice-Versa'd? i do..
~If Syrim came out 1st then we'd be mod'ng Oblvion now instead.. :(
(i know theres mods for Oblivion but cmon Skyrim is up there or maybe even past Half Life2..

i bid thee Beer Goggle Protection for 1 drinking night to anyone who read this
and is like " what the heck dude! "
Clue 2016年2月9日 14時11分 
i got to 26 and gave up after searching for about an hour and a half ugh my head hurts
trash boy 2016年1月26日 14時53分 
I got to 27 and gave up and downloaded ths mod, thanks
Presencia 2015年12月30日 10時11分 
What I did to get this mod working when the markers didn't show up: Unsubsribed and subsribed again and it should work. This mod is awesome, I found 28 crimson nirnroots and just couldn't find the last 2.
Capivara Alada 2015年12月30日 9時09分 
DarKing 2015年12月26日 21時44分 
works well
Leni 2015年12月25日 21時21分 
The markers aren't showing up. Apparently this has been a problem for a ton of people before. Not surprised. Unsubscribing.
Cloudy With A Chance of Pain 2015年11月10日 15時32分 
Very helpful, especially when I had negative nirnroots for some reason
daventry 2015年10月12日 9時01分 
Hope you are stil around, please read my post on the Nexus Forum about your Mod :)
Dean Khalil 2015年9月8日 16時04分 
i wish i had this mod before i looked for a solid 3 hours but this seems very helpful
AudioElf 2015年9月6日 9時07分 
There are some problems I found with this addon, even though it did it's job (for which I thank you).

I found myself stumblign on unmarked nirnroot, which is unsettling to me a completionist.

I see why you made the choice to make this a console-activated seperate quest, but it's unintuitive, as opposed to the stones of barenziah quest (which is built directly into the quest, even though there is an extra stone). Crimson Nirnroot regrows, so I don't see why you made the choice to set it up like that.

For neatness, I would suggest attachign it to the quest, then putting an ingame item (like a plaque in sinderons room) that activates the markers as a seperate quest, then a dialgue option to remove the quest, makign it repeatable.

Never underestimate the power of immersion through in-game mechanics.

Good work. Keep modding.
GipakatreHCX 2015年8月31日 3時01分 
i have finished the quest but i have the quest in the journal
Caleban 2015年8月14日 17時15分 
as a person with poor vision, this saved me a lot of unhappiness. thank you!
RC-1262 2015年6月15日 21時28分 
Thanks, big help!
BABizzo 2015年6月7日 12時48分 
666 collections, illuminati confirmed.
maneki_nekomata 2015年5月21日 7時53分 
This takes the grindiness out of that quest, thank!
[G.E.W.P.] CoolSnowman95 2015年4月26日 10時38分 
Here comes more of Bob's soldiers, fresh from the recruitment centre.
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Edenharley 2015年4月25日 14時57分 
OMG was waiting for this!
xzdfyhdfthrtexhfmgn 2015年4月8日 6時46分 
Без проблем найдены все алые корни. Благодарю.
Vip.. Jetpak_666 2015年2月13日 5時15分 
Tunaman 2015年2月7日 7時35分 
I have found a way if you have trouble completing the quest. Type this in console:
CompleteQuest CNMarkers
SecretAgentSami 2015年1月10日 13時00分 
qlqlaqk033 2014年11月29日 5時18分 
Redman_10t 2014年11月15日 14時45分 
even with the command
Redman_10t 2014年11月15日 14時45分 
It does'nt work
sheep 2014年11月15日 11時12分 
Thank You. So, So Much. I can move on with my game finally xD
Sihame. 2014年11月1日 10時31分 
In one of my previous game, I did search all the crimson nirnroot all by myself. It took me I think one hour. But I lost my save, and I start a new game. I'm too lazy for serching this f--<3 nirnroot again xD So thank you for the mod.
Hides 2014年10月25日 9時25分 
Great mod