Dwarven Centurion Weapons
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hansnicolaim2 28 лип о 15:13 
@sreever231: It would rather be a Steam Shout..
Jake from State Farm 28 лип о 14:59 
you should add a steam spell, llike the ones the centurions use
Ash 8 жов 2013 о 17:11 
I like this idea, and they work well.
I was thinking they'd fit in one hand similar to how the centurion wields them.
aiden peirce 4 сер 2013 о 0:04 
kickednkilled  [автор] 4 сер 2013 о 0:03 
I believe so
aiden peirce 3 сер 2013 о 23:40 
can you enchant them
The 10th Doctor 17 лип 2013 о 18:03 
o sorry but im sure this addon is awesome
im leaveing a like
kickednkilled  [автор] 17 лип 2013 о 12:48 
No dlc, thats why I said skyrim lol.
The 10th Doctor 17 лип 2013 о 12:32 
i mean what Dlc
kickednkilled  [автор] 17 лип 2013 о 12:22 
The 10th Doctor 16 лип 2013 о 20:57 
what does it require
fabulous pipelayer 4 лип 2013 о 12:29 
make dwarven sphere swords- 1handed
The King of Breathing 19 кві 2013 о 12:23 
You should add them to the loot list for centurions.
Solarflame™ 15 кві 2013 о 10:34 
i think you should add the dwarven spheres weapons to, as like one handed weapons and have a one handed dwarven crossbow or something. that doesnt need dawnguard.
TBKXeno .Z.x.H 15 кві 2013 о 4:20 
make one handed versions
Don't kill me. 14 кві 2013 о 9:13 
kickednkilled  [автор] 14 кві 2013 о 8:36 
I don't have any dlc.
Don't kill me. 14 кві 2013 о 8:09 
You should make one for dawnguard using the crossbow from dwarven sphere and the sword from it too.
{pinkamena} 13 кві 2013 о 0:12 
ashleadunstan is it for stime
{pinkamena} 13 кві 2013 о 0:11 
is it for stime
kickednkilled  [автор] 12 кві 2013 о 17:54 
I'll try
The 11th Doctor 12 кві 2013 о 15:30 
can you make an armor set to
René Marcusio 10 кві 2013 о 17:58 
What about the vanilla dwarven crossbow? is that usable or not?
{pinkamena} 9 кві 2013 о 18:42 
DapperDemon 9 кві 2013 о 15:01 
I like that the sheathed look doesn't have the handle sticking three feet in the air like vanilla warhammers and battleaxes do.
Xiianil 9 кві 2013 о 14:53 
I like what you have done here. I have no need for it, but I've wondered why you cant rip the arm off the centurians for a while. Kudos on bringing it to fruition.
The Boss 8 кві 2013 о 5:53 
you should make it so you can get them from the Centurion when you search them just a idea
KingMaharg 7 кві 2013 о 19:20 
alright, I'll keep that in mind
kickednkilled  [автор] 7 кві 2013 о 13:34 
I actually did not create the textures. Texturing is harder for me than creating an actual model. This model was stripped from the centurion as well as the textures. The handle itself which is an addition to the existing model does't contain proper Uv's so it looks golden.
KingMaharg 7 кві 2013 о 13:21 
love the textures, I am currently working on a dwemer mod that would greatly benefit from things like this; would you care to help with artistic side of things? My experience is lacking in this respect.
kickednkilled  [автор] 7 кві 2013 о 9:45 
The stats are shown in the picture above.
. . . 7 кві 2013 о 9:44 
It would be pretty neat to be able to loot them as well or even rip them off with your Disarm shout; then beat them to death with them. RAWRRRRRRR gimme dat :3

How do they compare to normal Dwarven Warhammers & Battleaxes?