Team Fortress 2

The Federal Fedora
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Няша 30 dec 2014 om 8:06vm 
deeky 20 mei 2014 om 8:04nm 
o m'lady
RangerRivet 21 apr 2014 om 6:23nm 
Hey I got this as a drop :D
Nonhuman 1 mrt 2014 om 1:31nm 
The Euphoric Tipmaker
DDS  [auteur] 13 feb 2014 om 3:44vm 
eefra,, =) 13 feb 2014 om 3:03vm 
Axelity 7 dec 2013 om 1:22nm 
Oooh i love this hat! :3
Jesse | 6 dec 2013 om 1:26nm 
Please, can i add you to friend?
DDS  [auteur] 17 nov 2013 om 2:13nm 
Can't stop the euphoria.
Garfield (The Cat) 17 nov 2013 om 2:07nm 
Every time I someone wearing this, I can't help but wonder how euphoric they are.
Ping Master 14 sep 2013 om 10:02vm 
Yay i already have that hat! It's nice THX
Madddocktor 30 aug 2013 om 4:51nm 
Dude the federal case maker is epic by any chance do you know if they are going to make the style with the hat covering his eyes
M5 25 aug 2013 om 6:53nm 
now that is a tf2 hat not like other shit in the workshop great work man you hit the tf2 notigal style so perfect
Anality 8 aug 2013 om 1:51nm 
Thanks for tellin me. I was so confused. :3
DDS  [auteur] 8 aug 2013 om 12:55nm 
The TF2 workshop doesn't have a Subscribe button because it's more of a showcase than an actual workshop. You need to get the hat from the Red Summer 2013 Cooler or by trading.
Anality 8 aug 2013 om 11:59vm 
:( Theres something wrong with my steam... I dont see the subscribe button :( It does not show me the subscribe button :( Wait,Can ANYONE See the Subscribe button? O_o
The BlackBlooded Samuari 30 jul 2013 om 2:33nm 
love this hat
Only call me when you're high 29 jul 2013 om 9:16vm 
nice job ccongrats
Yakuza Merkitzi 22 jul 2013 om 6:25vm 
Soldier is now Gangsta
who  [auteur] 14 jul 2013 om 2:30nm 
Thanks for the support guys.
St3nu 14 jul 2013 om 9:27vm 
Is good.
rafiozol 12 jul 2013 om 4:25vm 
I love this hat! Nice work!
Madddocktor 11 jul 2013 om 4:50vm 
I said if before but FINALLY I loved it when the first one came out and now it's out yey yey good job guys GIANT congrats
Patryk1023 11 jul 2013 om 4:20vm 
congrats on diz :D
☼ Zedd 11 jul 2013 om 3:46vm 
Damiensdk 10 jul 2013 om 11:33nm 
Vincentor 10 jul 2013 om 10:54nm 
Congratulations on getting in your first item.
[ | PH]Neil #RIPIwata 10 jul 2013 om 8:04nm 
Yeah! I wish I need that hat.
Stu Pidface 10 jul 2013 om 8:03nm 
DDS  [auteur] 10 jul 2013 om 8:01nm 
[ | PH]Neil #RIPIwata 10 jul 2013 om 7:51nm 
DatDrunkeSoldier, congratulations for bring this hat to the game, High-five?
DDS  [auteur] 10 jul 2013 om 7:30nm 
I'm italian as well. WHAT A TWIST
Top Secret Name 10 jul 2013 om 7:03nm 
You have given an Italian (me) another fedora... you are my hero!
Madddocktor 10 jul 2013 om 5:51nm 
DDS  [auteur] 10 jul 2013 om 5:32nm 
Jackal 10 jul 2013 om 5:27nm 

anyways, congrats!
BRVR the Pikachu (Lucariocat) 10 jul 2013 om 4:33nm 
Your welcome!
DDS  [auteur] 10 jul 2013 om 4:27nm 
*highfives* thanks :D
BRVR the Pikachu (Lucariocat) 10 jul 2013 om 4:17nm 
Congrats man! High-five, Error, BADGERPIG and DatDrunkenSoldier!
DotôDedi, o gordinho medico sexy 10 jul 2013 om 3:55nm 
Well.... Just... Give... Me... I liked too much, Congrats dude :D
Stinky 10 jul 2013 om 3:49nm 
nice~ congrats
Saludos 10 jul 2013 om 3:28nm 
doolittl 10 jul 2013 om 2:54nm 
Congrats m8.
Toamto [SWF2] 10 jul 2013 om 2:53nm 
Congrats man. Excellent item.
MaxOfS2D (see you at TI5) 10 jul 2013 om 2:51nm 
grats :D
testinglol 10 jul 2013 om 2:51nm 
gay hat valve dont add
☭420-Bowsenit☭ 30 jun 2013 om 8:45vm 
oh god this has to be added
lololoshka 28 jun 2013 om 3:15vm 
Resi ♥ 19 jun 2013 om 9:37vm 
Tango down
Resi ♥ 18 jun 2013 om 12:08vm 
*Thumbs up*
"Valve pls add this"

(Also, pls go)