The Federal Fedora
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@deeky 20 de mai às 20:04 
o m'lady
RangerRivet 21 de abr às 18:23 
Hey I got this as a drop :D
Non(͡• ͜໒ ͡• )Human 1 de mar às 13:31 
The Euphoric Tipmaker
DDS  [autor(a)] 13 de fev às 3:44 
eefra 13 de fev às 3:03 
Axelity [Groovy Doctor] 7/dez/2013 às 13:22 
Oooh i love this hat! :3
Pillz 6/dez/2013 às 13:26 
Please, can i add you to friend?
DDS  [autor(a)] 17/nov/2013 às 14:13 
Can't stop the euphoria.
HOTLINE 2 FULL OST HYPE 17/nov/2013 às 14:07 
Every time I someone wearing this, I can't help but wonder how euphoric they are.
Profesor Miodek 14/set/2013 às 10:02 
Yay i already have that hat! It's nice THX
player 3 30/ago/2013 às 16:51 
Dude the federal case maker is epic by any chance do you know if they are going to make the style with the hat covering his eyes
mawerwolf 25/ago/2013 às 18:53 
now that is a tf2 hat not like other shit in the workshop great work man you hit the tf2 notigal style so perfect
Explosive Diahrea King 8/ago/2013 às 13:51 
Thanks for tellin me. I was so confused. :3
DDS  [autor(a)] 8/ago/2013 às 12:55 
The TF2 workshop doesn't have a Subscribe button because it's more of a showcase than an actual workshop. You need to get the hat from the Red Summer 2013 Cooler or by trading.
Explosive Diahrea King 8/ago/2013 às 11:59 
:( Theres something wrong with my steam... I dont see the subscribe button :( It does not show me the subscribe button :( Wait,Can ANYONE See the Subscribe button? O_o
Dtango (アンソニー) 30/jul/2013 às 14:33 
love this hat
=[ SIR ]= The Ace Prodigy 29/jul/2013 às 9:16 
nice job ccongrats
Yakuza Merkitzi 22/jul/2013 às 6:25 
Soldier is now Gangsta
Rurre  [autor(a)] 14/jul/2013 às 14:30 
Thanks for the support guys.
St3nu 14/jul/2013 às 9:27 
Is good.
rafiozol 12/jul/2013 às 4:25 
I love this hat! Nice work!
player 3 11/jul/2013 às 4:50 
I said if before but FINALLY I loved it when the first one came out and now it's out yey yey good job guys GIANT congrats
Patryk1023 11/jul/2013 às 4:20 
congrats on diz :D
leboJ 11/jul/2013 às 3:46 
SOMEONE BOUGHT IT FOR ME I SWEAR 10/jul/2013 às 23:33 
Vincentor 10/jul/2013 às 22:54 
Congratulations on getting in your first item.
[PH]TheNeiljoseph 10/jul/2013 às 20:04 
Yeah! I wish I need that hat.
Stu Pidface 10/jul/2013 às 20:03 
DDS  [autor(a)] 10/jul/2013 às 20:01 
[PH]TheNeiljoseph 10/jul/2013 às 19:51 
DatDrunkeSoldier, congratulations for bring this hat to the game, High-five?
DDS  [autor(a)] 10/jul/2013 às 19:30 
I'm italian as well. WHAT A TWIST
Blu Radio Host 10/jul/2013 às 19:03 
You have given an Italian (me) another fedora... you are my hero!
player 3 10/jul/2013 às 17:51 
DDS  [autor(a)] 10/jul/2013 às 17:32 
Dustpaw 10/jul/2013 às 17:27 

anyways, congrats!
BRVR the Pikachu (Lucariocat) 10/jul/2013 às 16:33 
Your welcome!
DDS  [autor(a)] 10/jul/2013 às 16:27 
*highfives* thanks :D
BRVR the Pikachu (Lucariocat) 10/jul/2013 às 16:17 
Congrats man! High-five, Error, BADGERPIG and DatDrunkenSoldier!
Ƭᴍ ● DocterDed 10/jul/2013 às 15:55 
Well.... Just... Give... Me... I liked too much, Congrats dude :D
Stinky 10/jul/2013 às 15:49 
nice~ congrats
Laggy Lagginson ® 10/jul/2013 às 15:28 
SuperWafflecones 10/jul/2013 às 14:54 
Congrats m8.
Tomato [SWF2] 10/jul/2013 às 14:53 
Congrats man. Excellent item.
MaxOfS2D 10/jul/2013 às 14:51 
grats :D
testinglol [away for long time] 10/jul/2013 às 14:51 
gay hat valve dont add
Ubre D The Spoopy Ghost :O 30/jun/2013 às 8:45 
oh god this has to be added
aiks 28/jun/2013 às 3:15 
Resi ♥ 19/jun/2013 às 9:37 
Tango down
Resi ♥ 18/jun/2013 às 0:08 
*Thumbs up*
"Valve pls add this"

(Also, pls go)
St3nu 15/jun/2013 às 3:21 
And I just bought fireworks. Darn it.