You Sha'n't be Beheaded! You Are All Pardoned Version
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Fascist Lion 7月22日 14時01分 
id like a mod in which you only decapitate people can you do that?
=[DSG]= Comrade Lan(18 on 7/31) 6月28日 8時31分 
Thanks and good work. LIKED, SON!
Sister Jack 6月23日 18時37分 
Kids should be exposed to beheadings early in life to get them ready to enter the work force.
meomwt 3月20日 1時57分 
Hi, I've run through a good few fights and so far no beheadings from any character. Nice one, thanks!
meomwt 3月17日 11時05分 
thanks JK! I'll try it out now.
JKalenad  [作成者] 3月16日 20時10分 
Okay, I've updated it to disable the killmoves that cause decapitation. Hopefully that'll work. If not, I missed one.
JKalenad  [作成者] 3月16日 7時24分 
Well said!
I think it'll be possible to remove the decapitation effect from Devastating Blow. I'll look into that and update the mod.
meomwt 3月16日 4時57分 
Irish Duck, I took the Devestating Blow skill without realising how icky the beheadings are. I guess it's just a matter of personal preference, many would have no problem with them. It's a bit naughty, but sometimes my kids watch me while I have a quick blast on skyrim, they like to see the game and it's a great frustration buster. But none of us likes to see the beheadings, they're a little too real (well done to the skyrim art team!)

So I'm really glad of a mod like this.

JK - I think the problem I'm having getting the mod to work completely is because of the skill "Devestating Blow". I'm going to master 2 handed then redo that skill tree missing out devestating blow & hopefully that will sort it out. Thanks.
Irish Duck 3月15日 22時53分 
Ok but just saying, to me, in a sword or axe or whatever fight I wouldn't say you always "choose" to decapitate the person half the time, it's probably the adrenaline when in the fight that you would go for any opening you get...
JKalenad  [作成者] 3月15日 22時13分 
Well, nothing's forcing you to download it. There is a demand for the mod, however small.
Maybe most people don't care about decapitation, but I know that some don't like it, and still want the benefits the Savage Strike and Devastating Blow perks give.

Plus, there's a role-playing aspect. Perhaps someone wants to play a character who doesn't decapitate their enemies. The point of the mod is to let some players customize their experience, not to make a statement.
Irish Duck 3月15日 21時44分 
But... Why? It so gratifying when you kill someone just BARELY and his head goes flying off in the distance, while you sit and laugh after downing 6 potions, am I the only one who thinks this way? No offense to the author but... This mod kind of gets rid of realism. I mean you don't think back then people could be decapitated? Did they have necks of steel or something? Sorry *Dislike*
meomwt 3月15日 6時36分 
thanks, I had it second to last in load order & my player character was still lopping off noggins. I'll try your suggestion. I have both of your mods on & one or other of them seems to have stopped npc's beheading though, which is great! Thanks for the mod.
JKalenad  [作成者] 3月13日 14時56分 
It should. Make sure it's as low as possible in your load order, and that it's not being merged somehow. I'll update the description with an alternative option, though.
meomwt 3月13日 6時33分 
Hi, does this mod remove decapitation for player characters too? My character is still chopping heads off and it would be lovely to have something to stop this happening. Thanks.
JKalenad  [作成者] 2013年8月20日 15時30分 
Oh, I will, Trent. Thanks!
Trent 2013年8月20日 14時03分 
Thanks for this. I too think its unnecessary for it to be in a perk. Please keep it available :)
TheMankey 2013年8月5日 5時05分 
Haha, a fine mod.. but i am a violent person.. haha, maybe if i ever have children play it this would be an excellent mod
CCZKnight 2013年4月11日 13時28分 
JKalenad  [作成者] 2013年4月10日 16時50分 
Oh, no, I'm not saying you do, or that decapitation is a bad thing. This mod is just for the folks who might have trouble seeing that sort of thing, that's all.
That and to reference Alice in Wonderland for no good reason.
Irish Duck 2013年4月10日 16時32分 
no (same here)
CCZKnight 2013年4月10日 15時24分 
Oh. I happen to like cutting peoples heads off, and then watching them roll down hills. Do I have a problem?
JKalenad  [作成者] 2013年4月10日 10時31分 
Well, CCZKnight, the mod changes the global value "DecapitationChance" to zero, stopping the Devastating Blow and Savage Strike perks from slicing off heads. Basically, neither you or your enemies will ever lose their heads.
CCZKnight 2013年4月9日 19時23分 
whats it do?
ergalinsky 2013年4月9日 12時50分 
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Irish Duck 2013年4月7日 12時15分 
I don't like it I love decaping people
JKalenad  [作成者] 2013年4月6日 14時41分 
Awesome! Thanks! That was partially my reasoning for making and releasing this, too.
[KNoSC] DerAlleinTiger 2013年4月6日 14時28分 
Nice! I always hated the fact that decapitation was linked in with the bonus damage on power attacks. I generally play as a good character, so decapitating every living thing that comes around just seemed sort of... brutish... But then I also wanted the bonus on power attack damage. I guess I wouldn't mind it so much if it happened less frequently. Regardless, well done. I'll certainly be subscribing. It's a minor change, but it's a change nonetheless.
JKalenad  [作成者] 2013年4月6日 14時25分 
It should, yes. It changes the global decapitation chance value to zero.
[KNoSC] DerAlleinTiger 2013年4月6日 14時18分 
So this basically makes it so that the decapitation finishing moves don't occur?