Dragon Bone Weapon Pack 02 (LINK TO COMPLETE PACK IN DESC.)
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kurt.s1105 2013年7月8日上午4:49 
does anyone know the dragonbone weapon pack where you smith the weapons with emeralds? desperately seeking that mod, loved the dragonbone sword 1h
lLoopyl 2013年3月21日下午7:11 
I like how these weapons look much better than the ones added in Dawnguard. Is there a way you could do a retexture with these models without changing the stats?
Mad Hatter 2012年7月13日下午7:02 
katana would be nice mate!
>>XOMA>> 2012年6月12日上午6:00 
DedOk94 2012年5月30日下午9:24 
churchofsmalldog  [作者] 2012年4月8日下午12:30 
<<<!!!>>> <<<!!!>>> <<<!!!>>> <<<!!!>>> <<<!!!>>> <<<!!!>>>


Description contains intructions for switching from this pack to the complete pack without losing the weapons you already made.

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Ice TG 2012年4月7日下午10:08 
you need to make the war axe a war axe,because its a sword at the moment
Serg 2012年4月7日下午4:56 
Needs More Katana.
didyawin 2012年4月7日上午10:42 
Elite Slayer 242 2012年4月7日上午10:40 
I saw the mace and battleaxe....they are both awesome! they both have that menacing look to them.I look forward to trying out the third pack, so take as much time as you need, the 1st and 2nd weapon packs are working fine for me at the moment
Keep up the great work!
Zod the Defiler 2012年4月6日上午7:54 
cant wait for the 3rd pack
PlayerTw0 2012年4月5日上午4:33 
*tosses modder a heal potion mod for his toe*
Sladeicus 2012年4月4日下午3:28 
love the mods, but i need a double headed battleaxe please.
eternal.density 2012年4月3日下午7:03 
Will the third pack contain love?
The Electro Android 2012年4月3日上午11:24 
wenn are the final dragonbone weapons coming out? i am mising some of the weapons to my collection like the Maze and the Battle axe
Fox GoldEye (HELLFOX) 2012年4月1日下午1:32 
i got a cool idea use a deadric bow place a dragon skull in the place where the hand is and if you fire any arrow the arrow wil turn into fire to set things on fire or freeze stuf
KnightLight 2012年4月1日上午11:18 
Has anyone else had a problem with Dragonbone Weapons not keeping custom names while enchanting? I swear that I've renamed them correctly, and then an hour or so later of gameplay it's back to Dragon Bone Sword (Legendary).
Berra Razuke 2012年4月1日上午10:03 
Awesome mod too. XD
Berra Razuke 2012年4月1日上午10:01 
I say, we can go where we want to, a place where they'll never find.
The Extraordinary Gentleman 2012年3月31日上午7:52 
In my opinion design of battleaxe could be better. It could be double-bladed, like Steel Battleaxe and Axe of Ysgramor.
mesh2007 2012年3月31日上午2:06 
Great mod and not game breaking as good as a paid for DLC
krazyklown_83 2012年3月30日下午10:12 
So close to getting finished with his next pack.....I can feel it.
ThirteenOranges 2012年3月30日下午5:44 
I don't really care about getting a Katana, but I will say that the standard mace/hammer/sword/dagger/axe/waraxe/2Hsword template for every type feels really stale in the base game. Have you thought about mixing it up? Shortwsords, rapiers, 1H hammers, Halberds Quarterstaffs. They wouldnt all fit the dragon style, but I'm just throwing the idea out there. I'd like the weapons available to be less predictable.
I do love your mods so far though. Great work and I'm looking forward to the next set whatever weapons you decide to include.
Anon8792 2012年3月30日下午4:02 
A katana isn't one of the original weapon types so I see no reason for you to make them, but if you want to play Arkham City, it's your time man, don't feel bad(still finding some Riddler Trophies myself xl). On that note, if you'd heard of the Weapons of the Third Era mod, it was started to add a ton of Morrowind style weapons to Skyrim(least I'm pretty sure it was) but the modder said screw it and left. It's all pretty much done, but he only made the weapons for the original materials, so no Dragon anything if you want a project after doing the original weapon types in dragon bone.(he said anyone can continue or add to the mod since he doesn't care anymore or something)
Zimberfitz 2012年3月30日下午1:59 
@freelancer1991 Don't you have anything better to do than troll people for what they enjoy?
more like waow buttsu rages on 2012年3月30日上午5:48 
Your toe STILL hurts?
coldReactive (Iyeru) 2012年3月26日上午3:23 
You might want to make the war axe smaller, because when you pick it up / put it away in first-person, it suddenly disappears. Furthermore, it looks huge on my character: http://i.imgur.com/tfWpP.jpg
AirmanKJE[PA] 2012年3月25日下午9:04 
@freelancer1991 If you don't like them then you probably shouldn't craft them. :)
freelancer1991 2012年3月25日下午6:10 
Who is honestly asking for a katana? Katanas have no place in a western RPG like this! If I want to have a katana, I'll play a JRPG and eat some shit...
jhassed 2012年3月25日下午5:19 
Nice work man! The mace looks AMAZING so far.
Toasty Tobasco 2012年3月24日下午7:04 
Excellent work my man. Katana's are too mainstream and overrated. I love how theres a almost total lack of them in skyrim.
ronr42 2012年3月23日下午11:02 
@Churchofsmalldog; LOL, an artist is never [fully] appriciated in his own neighborhood! and your neighborhood is skyrim. until bethesda calls you that is. i'm complacent in asking you for the exerstentials [i.e. arrows]. we all love your work[artistry] and can't help but ask for more. i know how difficult it is to be an original designer and not have the proper tools to work with. from what i hear [read] the CK is not an easy medium to deal with. i [we] wait in great anticapation for you next creations. what ever they may be. heres an idea? how bout an intergalactic lazer blaster. just for something different to ask for. lol
Agriphal 2012年3月23日下午5:40 
I liked your mod so much that I added it as a favourite and I also added it to my Steam collection to help spread the word of your work: “Agriphal’s Collection #1: Additions”
Kouga 2012年3月23日下午12:39 

Ever heard of expansion scenario's? Well, this is one! (:
fuzzle 2012年3月22日下午2:26 
Thumps up, great mod's youve made with these weapon packs.
Ashley Scott 2012年3月22日上午10:52 
So is this really it, you kill Alduin and game over? no war with Elves? even after hints from the new jarl that there would most likely be one?
julchen189 2012年3月21日上午3:12 
Nice. Only thing that may require fixing is the way they are displayed in the menu.
Aera 2012年3月20日下午6:25 
Love them; magnificent, but one fatal thing problem... Your daggers don't count as daggers for perks and dark brotherhood gloves. With your daggers I am able to get sword crits and I am unable to benefit from the double backstab Dark Brotherhood glove effect :(
PatMoxx 2012年3月20日上午11:37 
Nice job man i wish they could just originally added these in the first place :/
Geezer 2012年3月18日下午8:08 
All weapons in both pacts are excellent. One handed battle axe is my favorite and " many have died by my hands " with it. Thank You! P.S. Any chance on getting my hands on a MACE and one handed HAMMER? Your consideration appreciated.
BlazingAce 2012年3月18日下午7:50 
Being a Artist is demanding, truly if they have great work. Keep up the great work. also have you ever though of remaking some of the armor for dragons?
GV Aphex 2012年3月18日下午4:10 
These weapons packs look SUPER good! I hope you'll have time to make a Mace and a Battleaxe.
Herrlin 2012年3月18日下午3:53 
Your weapons are awesome, although personally, I would have liked a more "hammer looking" hammer (I think it looks more like a club) aswell as a battleaxe. When it comes to the swords and dagger,keep up the good work. The Greatsword looks amazing! As does the dagger and 1h sword. :)
ronr42 2012年3月18日上午7:29 
PLEASE STOP WITH THE KATANA THING. there are many mods available for that.
The wild eyed Wanderer 2012年3月18日上午3:14 
needs more katana lol jk
Wizard Shot The Food 2012年3月17日下午7:47 
Does it still count as a katana request for purposes of playing Arkham City if you make said katana have worse stats than an iron dagger and look like something rejected from Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff for being too ugly? Because that has trolling potential.
FREEMASON 2012年3月17日下午6:59 
고맙습니다!! (Thank you!!)
Shukaku 2012年3月17日上午8:54 
Two-handed greathammer??
1. It's a warhammer
2. Warhammers are ALWAYS two-handed.
3. He already made one. Check the description.
tamraine 2012年3月16日下午8:32 
Any chance of a 2h greathammer coming up? I love me my facey-smashy hammer!