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Matt3o 2 mei om 2:07nm 
I'd love to see this one come back in the successor operation of vanguard
MistorClinky 1 mei om 1:52vm 
This is a brillaint map! FMPONE. You should be working at Valve mate! :) You make better maps than they do! :)
Henrī 26 feb om 5:26nm 
Amazing job, ma' am or sir. This is a spectacular piece of work, and it brings me back memories of the original de_dust. It captures the image of dust and mirage together. This is a really nice map, and I hope it is accepted.
The author autos in game hes a fucking noob
Jck||ky 15 jan om 11:24vm 
Why the British? Something happened in 1947.
Laggy 22 okt 2014 om 1:44vm 
С логтя 20 okt 2014 om 12:00vm 
kz_moses @1000fps 4 okt 2014 om 7:16vm 
middle is such an eraly collision point .. rounds can end in a few seconds. that should be fixed somehow. but everything else is fine. very beautiful and complex map!
Admiral Snackbar 14 sep 2014 om 5:18nm 
this map looks so fun
Hillary Bin Laden 30 aug 2014 om 7:56nm 
Rip gwalior bravo-bravo
Kreftisch 19 aug 2014 om 4:39vm 
I miss this so much from Operation Bravo.... :(
KaMi 16 aug 2014 om 1:46nm 
Looks fantastic! :o great job!!
Ishan Tiwari 6 jul 2014 om 3:55vm 
LizaRd 30 jun 2014 om 2:28nm 
Great map!
Tody 21 jun 2014 om 3:05nm 
Great map
Davor 30 mei 2014 om 6:50nm 
this map is good for super mario bross :)
Nox 30 mei 2014 om 6:50nm 
very beatifull map yes, but for competitive...
OrgansForGames 23 mei 2014 om 4:17vm 
Brilliant map!
Kreftisch 9 apr 2014 om 8:49vm 
damn i miss this map
AnTiChRiSt ☠ 26 jan 2014 om 1:46vm 
Maxunit 9 dec 2013 om 4:54vm 
Hmm, I'm not sure why, but I cannot let my dedicated server download this map. Always stops after receiving 4 MB of data :/ Otherwise, awesome map.
wiZard 24 nov 2013 om 1:16vm 
Cool map
Angrod 13 nov 2013 om 4:22vm 
wow O.O
[dR] Killnaytor™ 11 nov 2013 om 2:53nm 
Amazing Map, and the Indian Flag and Hindi banners are a major plus.. !!Thanks!
FaCE_iT 6 nov 2013 om 3:59vm 
Its awesome :)
123 1 okt 2013 om 7:44nm 
Cool RPG Map in CS:GO
Gordon F. #OFF 30 sep 2013 om 8:16vm 
Aladdin's map :)
Thearch Ares 26 sep 2013 om 4:00vm 
Can you make a remake of cs_india from 1.6? That would be cool...
Gorbechov 26 sep 2013 om 1:13vm 
Much more fast-paced compared to most DE maps, awesome job.
FMPONE  [auteur] 19 sep 2013 om 11:51nm 
Thank you for your support and your confidence Hipster! Much love!
SomeGuy 19 sep 2013 om 11:48nm 
I knew your map will appear in 2nd mappack!
tomgor 15 sep 2013 om 3:04vm 
I get "cannot connect to dedicated server" message when I try to play offline with bots and there has been no BSP file in corresponding folder, depsite the map being subscribed to (and it had been in the folder before but disappeared) :-( . The same happened to Cache and Seaside, but not to other maps.
Djon 9 sep 2013 om 6:19nm 
Thank you for working so hard to make kickass maps! :)
FMPONE  [auteur] 9 sep 2013 om 6:02nm 
Thank you for the kind words guys!
Djon 9 sep 2013 om 12:36nm 
This is the best looking map in the game.
SomeGuy 2 sep 2013 om 4:52vm 
There's only one change I want in this map: remove invisible wall from market on A.

Hopefully this map will appear in Payback 2! It's super cool.
Amaroq 30 aug 2013 om 3:53nm 
Has anybody noticed the FPS drop being particularly bad on this map? Usually it will be a few maps before I start dropping but after only a few rounds on here it was down to about 10% of my usual. (It was my first map.)
Vermilicious 28 aug 2013 om 2:13vm 
Nicely polished map. Easily one of the better community maps out there.
pwn3d_07 27 aug 2013 om 7:35vm 
Would u make a my little pony map? IT WOULD BE F****** AMAZING!!!!!!!
[EKB]FreeF1y 25 aug 2013 om 7:27vm 
jnrcalado, 21 aug 2013 om 1:47nm 
da hora!
ZooL 21 aug 2013 om 8:37vm 
✪fioletowy / new mouse 18 aug 2013 om 8:08vm 
really nice map
JOKAAAAAA 9 aug 2013 om 12:46vm 
great map
InvictusBR 29 jul 2013 om 10:01nm 
Anarchist 25 jul 2013 om 9:45vm 
This should be in Operation Payback.
Silvério 21 jul 2013 om 1:57nm 
Nice work! A great map :)
Macho Fantastico 17 jul 2013 om 10:53vm 
The red lighting is rather striking in a good way in my opinion.
takkYu 15 jul 2013 om 8:07vm 
Play this map here: » Custom Map Madness! |
CHIEFBLITZ 13 jul 2013 om 5:16vm 
thank you