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Amos From Outer Space
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64 commenti
Wiseman 2 set 2015, ore 2:10 
Congratulations on being Greenlit! Following Amos in his adventures since... don't remember when, and all of them are awesome :)
[ϟPSFGϟ]Dakar[YT] 6 giu 2015, ore 15:31 
whats up
Vac weed everyday XD 24 mag 2015, ore 5:05 
good for kids, GL
QfoBarbaro 1 lug 2014, ore 13:41 
good for the kids, good luck on greenlight
청춘풀파워 8 giu 2014, ore 8:03 
I'm expecting this game. Good luck greenlight. Cheer up~! :D
Sophos_NSM 5 dic 2013, ore 3:09 

ps: Upvoted. Thanks for the Portuguese. unfortunately few developers give us attention.
You gave us attention. I also give you attention. Upvoted.
7ede 30 ott 2013, ore 9:36 
Very nice game for children! I hope it'll be avaible on Steam soon!
Blex Aaldwin 28 set 2013, ore 16:51 
I think it would be great to get more games for younger children on steam, It would help Steam's popularity in my opinion.
Cerberion 11 set 2013, ore 1:12 
super jeux pour les enfants ! Vite sur Steam !! ce serait top !
[*spacer8] juise 26 ago 2013, ore 9:12 
Would love to get this on Steam, my children love Poisson Rouge, and The Amos From Outer Space demo. I adore the free exploration style of your games, and the way it encourages curiosity, creativity, and natural learning. Being young children, my kids appreciate not needing to ask for help and guidance to play, and so do I, since if I am letting them play computer games, it probably means I need to be getting something done. :)

Your soundtracks are enchanting, your games encourage children to explore, discover, and experiment in a most refreshing way, and I hope you are able to put the full version up for sale soon. Thank you, you have done an amazing thing.

And, yes... despite the amount of ridiculous and ignorant comments, (par for the course, gaming community!) there are plenty of gamers and Steam users who have children and would like to be able to purchase and access their kids games on the same platform they already use for their own. -.-
Aceplayer46 19 ago 2013, ore 3:34 
umm i wouldn't buy it but i think it would be a nice addition to the steam store so yea i'll lke it AWAY!!!!
KrissyRawrz ღ Lee 14 ago 2013, ore 23:49 
Looks really nice :)
Pyroman 5 ago 2013, ore 21:39 
Kids really like this game
hearpars 3 ago 2013, ore 0:54 
Nosty 1 ago 2013, ore 17:52 
if this is not a ftp game then its a rip off
jmerithew87 1 lug 2013, ore 7:42 
Steam needs more kids games, so it gets an upvote from me, anyone that's trolling this comment section is just ignorant.
Prata 20 giu 2013, ore 7:42 
The ideia is fine but kids nowadays no longer play these games, they prefer CoD or CS, especially here on Steam, so I'm sorry.
Jackie Khan 12 giu 2013, ore 19:11 
Tons of idiots in the comments section
Exilion 1 giu 2013, ore 3:33 
1 word.... GAY
♔ Bìg Bőss ♔ 18 mag 2013, ore 11:29 
what its game?
Celebrimnar 11 mag 2013, ore 22:36 
Nice to play with your kid
crvbabv 26 apr 2013, ore 22:26 
this is really ugly please stop
Ciirulean 22 apr 2013, ore 8:43 
This game would be fun if I were three...
Pudge 17 apr 2013, ore 19:15 
This game is for Age 0 Children? I didn't know you could get WiFi inside the room. Lucky fetus bastards.
jarrisco 10 apr 2013, ore 11:56 
My childs loves this game and everything from poisson rouge. Not a game for adults but absolutely wonderful for the little ones.
Mr Large and Festive 10 apr 2013, ore 3:36 
Good idea, but children this young probably don't even know what steam is...
Catscratch 9 apr 2013, ore 20:03 
Ignoring the dumbasses on here, I think this is an amazing idea and would make a fine addition to the Grand Steam Library.
Perfect for the younger audience, have an upvote.
CeVagil 9 apr 2013, ore 12:57 
this game seems like it should not be for 6 year olds... no thankyou!
iam 9 apr 2013, ore 11:18 
Sounds like it is a good game for younger children. Not really for Steam...
Fun House 9 apr 2013, ore 5:23 
personally I think great stuff, regardless of the 17 year old stoner demographic displayed but some of these comments you have to remember some steam users *do* have kids, *are* capable of stringing together more than 3 letters at once and *will* buy into this.
[BRB]SpaceNinja 8 apr 2013, ore 20:19 
not the place for this. better luck somewhere more kid friendly.
pen 8 apr 2013, ore 19:02 
red fish.
{N.P.L} Alex [C] 8 apr 2013, ore 9:18 
for my brothers
rivotrilado 8 apr 2013, ore 0:10 
this is pure genious, awesome stuff
kimchi c: 7 apr 2013, ore 21:42 
OneArmedBoxer 7 apr 2013, ore 14:55 
I have never been so completely uninterested in something on Greenlight as I am right now...
GFYCxProphet 7 apr 2013, ore 14:21 
Ozzy_Vaybourne 7 apr 2013, ore 11:01 
da fuq?
Baby Jager 7 apr 2013, ore 7:28 
That doesn't look like anything at all...
Celebrimnar 7 apr 2013, ore 7:26 
I will hold my vote waiting for a acftual trailer that explain something about the game. Very bad move devs
McMarius11 7 apr 2013, ore 4:25 
what is this? and no LINUX support thats awesome!!!
Mogg 7 apr 2013, ore 0:44 
Um what did I just see? No thankyou.
Christ Catnap 7 apr 2013, ore 0:06 
"I guess not many of the commenters ever played Cosmic Osmo or The Manhole when they were kids."

No, I played outside.

Android App... Android App.... just vote no and end this Amos App Cr@p!

No Steam for YOU!!!
N1tr0 6 apr 2013, ore 13:42 
Crazy stuff. But not sure.
Anno Nimus 6 apr 2013, ore 12:53 
I guess not many of the commenters ever played Cosmic Osmo or The Manhole when they were kids.
Kana 6 apr 2013, ore 11:10 
There is absolutely nothing redeemable to say about this.
bakagrappler 6 apr 2013, ore 10:54 
Okay, no reflection on the game as I just find this funny.

Am I the only person that thinks Amos looks like a goth with that purple hairstyle and pasty white complexion? He even has the few strands of hair hanging down to frame his face. :D
Mumia 6 apr 2013, ore 10:43 
eca!! que bosta!
SpaceButler 6 apr 2013, ore 10:10 
wtf did i just watch?
Absnerdity 6 apr 2013, ore 7:22 
If you look at the current selection on Steam, you'll find games of every time, every genre and every age level. To say a game "isn't for Steam" is just clueless. If you don't think it'll be fun to play, that's fine. The game really isn't for you anyways. It's a game for parents to buy and let their children enjoy.

I think my young nephews would like to play this. The characters are cute, everything is very vibrant and colourful.