Ogroman - Resident Evil 6
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chronic 9 de abr às 7:05 
epic but maybe it could be tank?(because its tallest)
gl4d - victorduezphotography.com 25 de mar às 13:53 
RevisedZero 26 de fev às 0:37 
This looks pretty sick. I've added a bit of your stuff already.
Cruise 15 de fev às 6:14 
Gorka 5 de fev às 12:57 
que guapo
Tincho 31 de jan às 8:43 
Please please fix this mod, it looks so awesome
Hitman Minion's™ 31 de jan às 6:49 
Anne Lawrence 29 de jan às 17:58 
They should've made the charger Ustanak
The Amazing Cube 12 de jan às 6:53 
Remember, this is supposed to be part of the RE:6 mod pack. It might not be working since all the infected textures are not complete and the pack isnt done.
I AM ZE MEDIC 8 de jan às 22:09 
Auron Slayr 2 de jan às 12:55 
Game won't load or common infected are al completely black and white
PoTkAn!!!!!! 31/dez/2013 às 5:52 
leon 29/dez/2013 às 5:19 
zaibis huli tut skajesh
the league of idiots 28/dez/2013 às 19:57 
@Mr.bird-Did you try restarting your game
Milkbar 27/dez/2013 às 0:24 
i tried tp play but it won't show the skin
derparch 23/dez/2013 às 23:35 
░█▀▀ ░█▀█ ░█ ░█▀▀ ░░
░█▀▀ ░█▀▀ ░█ ░█ ░░░░
░▀▀▀ ░▀ ░░░▀ ░▀▀▀ ░
Death™ 23/dez/2013 às 5:22 
Does this break consistancy?
kitc103 20/dez/2013 às 7:13 
ThatBlackB0y 20/dez/2013 às 7:12 
Jay Jay 30/nov/2013 às 20:35 
that monster in my game is a little stronger then the charger in my game it is so stupid
Sunnyz 25/out/2013 às 14:02 
omg nice
LilRavo 19/out/2013 às 11:49 
good job man!
♫DubEpicStep123♫ 18/out/2013 às 12:56 
Cumandante Mamilo 14/out/2013 às 17:48 
Wryn 12/out/2013 às 13:47 
That Creature Thinks He Can Charge At Me?
Killaruana 11/out/2013 às 20:33 
This's great, Capcom!
leeleemclaughlin 7/set/2013 às 11:04 
im blind lol
Booker Dewitt 15/ago/2013 às 12:42 
So cool
[GRIM] Alecto492 10/ago/2013 às 13:55 
this is so ridicolusly funny and i know i spelled it wrong
TurboBacca2014 7/ago/2013 às 4:43 
thats f.u.c.king creepy/UGLY but is very cool, could use with some more pictures of it mate.
CreepyNeighbor 5/ago/2013 às 15:25 
MrJones630 3/ago/2013 às 19:02 
Kevaroodle™ 1/ago/2013 às 23:48 
oh my lawd
furious 25/jul/2013 às 11:24 
тута русские писали? теперь и я непочстесняючь :) :хуже чем говно
MR.Left 4 Dead 2 23/jul/2013 às 21:27 
Sacred Moon 22/jul/2013 às 7:53 
The Ogroman would be a tank, and the Napad would be the charger, cuz it DOES charge at you in RE6.
stelios_g7 13/jul/2013 às 15:13 
it looks more like jockey you are right
DaBluRage 12/jul/2013 às 19:00 
Is it me or does the Ogroman look more like a jocky than a charger?
Explicit~Vibe 8/jul/2013 às 20:55 
lol true
cheese burger 7/jul/2013 às 14:42 
i like it alot but i think it wold fit in the charger with a darker skin - just saying not being racist
Eclipse 5/jul/2013 às 14:36 
awsome addon
Viola Nar Rayya 5/jul/2013 às 7:29 
they should make a Bossfight with a realsize Ogroman
Fox Raving Mad 5/jul/2013 às 4:26 
I like the RE6 L4D Crossover stuff XD seems to fit just right.
Randall [FR] 2/jul/2013 às 7:15 
Ahahahaah, very good skin
InfinityBlade6 1/jul/2013 às 8:52 
i havnt tried the mod out, but it look very scary according to the pic. nice job
Steve 24/jun/2013 às 17:52 
HURRICANEmayhem 13/jun/2013 às 8:29 
first the crawler mudmen, then crawler hunter /w hitler sounds, lsp female boomer, musle man bommer and now something that i hardly know. this is going to be scarer then slenderman
Bravo Be4n 10/jun/2013 às 19:22 
Video pls
Saikokage Kein 5/jun/2013 às 20:57 
Now all my skins for L4D2 are scary as Jeff The Killer
@SmokEJJesBS 3/jun/2013 às 9:19