Portal 2
Laser Flings
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Spaceminnow 18 юли 2015 в 1:58 следобед 
I geuss I was in the zone on this one. It was quite easy for me :)
tu7650x 8 юли 2015 в 5:47 следобед 
TS_Mind_Swept 29 май 2015 в 10:02 следобед 
I overcomplicated the yell out of this test, then when i took a step back i realize what i had to do, and it was so simple now i feel like an idiot. XD Kind of disappointing that it was just over at that point though, I was hoping for another test or something. That ending and opener with GLaDOS was pretty funny though, congrats on using lines that I haven't heard yet. Great aesthetics as usual (while not going overboard) I like them too. The onlyest nitpick I have is the edges of the emancipation grill, so wide. @.@ Keep up the good work. 8/10
Petutski 3 май 2015 в 3:52 следобед 
Great fun! A little tricky, but laser and fling! Thanks!
Barbos 23 октомври 2013 в 11:34 сутринта 
I thought i get stuck too and didn't notice little white wall near the fizzler. You should made it more visible for player.
Anyway, great test chambers! Maybe too easy for me :D
BasturkPT 21 октомври 2013 в 10:24 сутринта 
Very good map! i did enjoy this a lot. congratulation...thumbs up
My maps: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198053844875/myworkshopfiles/
Bro-scoe Street 29 септември 2013 в 7:17 сутринта 
Nice map. Easy when you see the "key" for solving the map!!!!
p0rtalmaster 4 септември 2013 в 11:44 следобед 
Another very well-put-together test. What's astounding is that I can't find anything negative about this test (I'm all too good at nitpicking :P)!! 5/5 rating!
HCM™.exe 17 август 2013 в 9:43 следобед 
I featured this map on my channle, it is very well made and was tons of fun to run and come up with the route. speaking of the route it is sick and I think it is the absolute fastest way of solving this map, however it also has a easy fix if you want to patch it.

ran the map in 1:12.26 seconds including the long elevator ride at the end.

Dave 4 юли 2013 в 3:35 следобед 
very nice made level :) best O played this month :) not very hard but portal isn t hard game right :D and noce ending too :)
mood3rd 30 април 2013 в 12:58 следобед 
nothing to say to glados.
but to you, very good map.
good visualy & good puzzles.
I solved the puzzles quickly.
but I have played a lot of maps & a month ago.
maybe this would be to difficult ?
fun & satisfying.
glodos's dialog fitted perfectly with this map:)
well done & of course thumbs up.
IT'S MY B-DAY! 21 април 2013 в 9:51 следобед 
O ok :)
Tmast98  [автор] 21 април 2013 в 7:56 следобед 
@catches07, as I have said in the faqs, its due to personal and computer problems. Sorry bout that. I do plan on releasing it as soon as I am capable though. I hope it will be worth the wait!
IT'S MY B-DAY! 21 април 2013 в 7:43 следобед 
It's been so long
IT'S MY B-DAY! 21 април 2013 в 7:42 следобед 
Hen_ham 14 април 2013 в 12:25 сутринта 
Nice work
Ultiman NSE 13 април 2013 в 9:07 сутринта 
Took me a few minutes to figure it out, but the solution is actually a very interesting one. You, sir, are one of the very best mapperes on the workshop, and deserve a lot more likes for this. Thumbs up, favourited, and followed. Thank you for publishing this excellent test chamber!
Cosmicguy 12 април 2013 в 11:47 сутринта 
A very well-made and challanging puzzle. Have a like.
BlackSheepOne 12 април 2013 в 2:30 сутринта 
Fantasitic puzzel! Well done.
commander2005 11 април 2013 в 2:31 сутринта 
saltfish1 10 април 2013 в 3:48 сутринта 
ok got it without the video finally!
Tmast98  [автор] 9 април 2013 в 2:32 следобед 
@saltfish1, there is a video on this page with the solution, skip to around 17 minutes in.
saltfish1 9 април 2013 в 9:02 сутринта 
cant find the solution
Tmast98  [автор] 8 април 2013 в 4:57 следобед 
@Pacman47, stay tuned for more information! I have a few projects planned!
Secret Agent Cranberry 8 април 2013 в 4:30 следобед 
@tmat98 When's your next expected Wheatley map before Part 10 of KM?
Tmast98  [автор] 7 април 2013 в 3:10 следобед 
@AHp1204, if this is the case I will look into fixing it shorty.
AHProxy 7 април 2013 в 12:46 следобед 
its still viewable through portals for me also plus Chell when I look through portals looks like she is hobering or iceskating XD I only went to thirdperson because I noticed the gun sideways while looking through a portal.
Tmast98  [автор] 7 април 2013 в 12:11 следобед 
@AHp1204, hahaha, i'll have to check it out! There may be bugs with third person since I never intended the player to use this mode of viewing.
AHProxy 7 април 2013 в 11:36 сутринта 
Awesome level. Though, I noticed a glitch when you go to thirdperson. Now that's how you hold a portal gun! XDDDD! *goes to thirdpersonshoulder and sees portal gun sideways and laughs*.
Tmast98  [автор] 7 април 2013 в 11:18 сутринта 
@oacnmab47, if all goes as planed epected killing machine 10 in june. No gaurantees though.
dcook 7 април 2013 в 8:26 сутринта 
Great map. :) Scratched my head for a bit... then I RE-READ the title of the map... :-) Fun stuff.
Cheeper97 7 април 2013 в 8:21 сутринта 
Its a very cool level and very well look
Secret Agent Cranberry 7 април 2013 в 8:00 сутринта 
@tmast98 Will your last Wheatley map be preeceded by Killing Machne Part 10 or will take a little longer?
Tmast98  [автор] 6 април 2013 в 10:53 следобед 
@wildgoosespeeder, you can't really get stuck, but you can make it seem like you did. The way you seemingly get stuck is when you get over to the other side for the first time, place both your portals on the wall near bridge emiter.
wildgoosespeeder 6 април 2013 в 10:39 следобед 
You can get stuck? I don't see how...
Tmast98  [автор] 6 април 2013 в 10:11 следобед 
@wildgoosespeeder, Thanks! And yes, I did. Some changes were made later, such as fixing the issue of becoming stuck (although it still may look like you are stuck). After prototyping, the whole map was completly remade from scratch in hammer.
wildgoosespeeder 6 април 2013 в 9:06 следобед 
It feels like this map should have been in the official story. Also did you prototype this map in the in-game editor before exporting to Hammer?
Tmast98  [автор] 6 април 2013 в 7:32 следобед 
@shitassm,Yay my spoiler tag worked. Haven't been able to get that working for a while now. If you need further assistance let me know.
Tmast98  [автор] 6 април 2013 в 7:31 следобед 
@shitassm, it was me who wrote the FAQ, let me assure you it is correct. Here is how to "untrap" yourself. Let's see if I can get spoilers working...... Once both portals are on the side with the laser cube dropper and the fizzler is still on, place on portal to control the bridge, and one under the observation room by the malfunctioning panel. After, move the portal not directly controlling the bridge under you, so it is under the exit door. You can then either jump through the fizzler, or place a portal on the lone white wall near the fizzlers, and jump from there if it is easier for you .
BuddyRoach 6 април 2013 в 7:22 следобед 
Well I hate to break it to you but whoever wrote the FAQ is wrong. I played this map again to double check and it is in fact confirmed that you can get stuck.
Tmast98  [автор] 6 април 2013 в 3:07 следобед 
@shitassm, as the fourth faq says, it is impossible to get stuck. It may appear you got stuck, but you aren't. By using the lightbridge you can "untrap" yourself. If you need an exact answer of how to get "unstuck" reply again and I will post it in spoilers. Goodluck!
BuddyRoach 6 април 2013 в 2:38 следобед 
This map is broken. You get stuck if you dont leave a portal open in the first room. And dying is no escape. The checkpoint respawn spawns you in the second room with both portals open in that room so you cant make your way back without restarting the level.
T3sl4co1l 6 април 2013 в 11:49 сутринта 
All I have to say to you is... is Valve hiring?
Tmast98  [автор] 6 април 2013 в 11:16 сутринта 
@Cheeper97, as soon as a guide is made online I will post it here for you.
Wesell ✓ 6 април 2013 в 7:17 сутринта 
cool map!
Cheeper97 6 април 2013 в 6:24 сутринта 
I dont understand the level :(
1980 6 април 2013 в 1:06 сутринта 
Great puzzle lol
NyanNyanKoneko 5 април 2013 в 9:33 следобед 
This took me a while to figure out. Well designed test!
Prototype 5 април 2013 в 4:11 следобед 
Nice level
Tmast98  [автор] 5 април 2013 в 12:01 следобед 
@Mister Jackz, if you are talking about the panel behind the grate, that is actually not clean, if you look near the bottom there is a yellowish stain, this being mostly clean was intended however.