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Agarest: Generations of War
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Jason_c_o 12.8.2014 kello 12.39 
@Jesse I always thought the point was for competed games. I *hate* seeing half-finished games on here... I want to vote on a final product, not something that may or may not be abandoned.
Jesse 29.3.2014 kello 22.43 
I don't understand. I thought project greenlight was for indie game projects to get completed. This is a full retail game already. :|
Behemoth 26.2.2014 kello 14.17 
I think this is my all time favorite game. I've even beat the true ending, and that was not easy in any sense of the word.
ricardocasama 18.2.2014 kello 4.02 
Please add spanish language.
Moonlightau 4.2.2014 kello 22.21 
looks awesome
DragonAngel82 21.1.2014 kello 12.59 
i know this game from the ps3 and i hope ther come more from this gameseries
Naruto 20.1.2014 kello 4.17 
This game looks interesting... Make it available for demo so people can try it!
IoI 5.12.2013 kello 10.32 
Купил на PS3, Agarest и Agarest 2 потому, что люблю игры такого жанра.
Очень не хватает русских субтитров.((((
(。・ω・。)ノ? 2.12.2013 kello 7.50 
Looking forward to see Agarest2 on steam !!
Pls, make this possible :)
Spaz 27.11.2013 kello 10.31 
Kinda wondering why I wasn't told this game was out >.>. Wouldn't be nice to have a reminder on something I ovoted for Greenlight.
flag 26.11.2013 kello 2.41 
nice (y)
zackzero 24.11.2013 kello 9.33 
Lessy 19.11.2013 kello 10.25 
Splasher 15.11.2013 kello 11.36 
Miria 26.10.2013 kello 16.16 
agarest 2 and zero now!!! =P hope ._.
akrenor 26.10.2013 kello 10.53 
Должен заметить, что игра хороша. Даже очень хороша для своего бюджета. Это не Square Enix но свою цену окупает с лихвой. Очень бы хотел увидеть вторую часть для PC.
你爹在临死前 22.10.2013 kello 23.19 
吐个槽 留下我大中文
capitan_ichimaru 14.10.2013 kello 7.54 
хех, ощущение мультяшки не покидает)
Hollow_Tears 8.10.2013 kello 4.55 
Now that the first game is on steam please release the other games on steam soon.
Letler 7.10.2013 kello 10.13 
Are you planning to bring Agarest 2 and Agarest Zero to Steam too? It would be awesome!
Froot Salad 5.10.2013 kello 11.17 
Oh lord how this game needs cards/wallpapers.
RakuKun! 3.10.2013 kello 21.55 
More games of this series plz.I'd love to play.
諫山よみ -Isayama Yomi- 3.10.2013 kello 6.57 
I just want to say, it`s my favorite game :)
reasonpolice 2.10.2013 kello 8.03 
You know, I usually don't care about, want to play, or feel excited about JRPGs, even though I love Final Fantasy, I don't even count it as a 'J' RPG because it's nowhere near as 'anime' as this game is. BUT, as an enormous fan of Final Fantasy Tactics, Ogre Battle, and Fire Emblem, I bought this game pretty much within 2 minutes of first seeing it on Steam. I'm so glad a tactical RPG like this one has been made for PC, let alone on Steam. Thank you Ghostlight!
Walikor 30.9.2013 kello 11.54 
some hope to also see Record of Agarest War Zero on PC?
Sejres 28.9.2013 kello 3.12 
Systematic-Otaku 27.9.2013 kello 10.30 
Praise the Ass 25.9.2013 kello 0.57 
can't stand the wait!!!! i want to play it now.
gisi 23.9.2013 kello 6.23 
Ghostlight Ltd.  [tekijä] 23.9.2013 kello 1.15 
@Azuris This is the original game in the series.
Ryhook 22.9.2013 kello 16.37 
I've been seeing this game at gamestop for awhile and thought about picking zero or 2 up... is this the original?
0xFFFFFF 22.9.2013 kello 0.39 
other languages?
fallen-4444-angelochek 21.9.2013 kello 12.17 
Satsujinki 21.9.2013 kello 5.36 
You made me think and the DLC may be free.....then I did pre-order it.
jorjor 21.9.2013 kello 4.45 
Just bought it
Mystic Fox 21.9.2013 kello 2.22 
Just Bought It... maybe ill buy it for a friend at this price as well.
VidGgeek(rus) 20.9.2013 kello 11.11 
Something tells me I'll pre-order it. Not very expensive, plus a not-too-shabby haul of DLC's!
Mkilbride 20.9.2013 kello 6.10 
All these Console games come to PC...it's awesome.
Cliff474 19.9.2013 kello 11.36 
Looks fun AND you get free DLC with pre-order. I'm totally in!
Platy 19.9.2013 kello 10.34 
Overworld pic, Fight scene pic, Almost hentai pic, Fight pic, Cutscene pic, Almost Hentai pic, fight pic, Almost Hentai pic ....
Blackthorne 19.9.2013 kello 3.46 
Snapped up the pre-order as soon as I saw it in my daily check - congrats on the release, now bring on October!
SHave 18.9.2013 kello 22.37 
One look at this game and I'm sold. Preordered! +1 for the full controller support too, that will definitely be an upside to my experience with this game.
ricardocasama 18.9.2013 kello 22.34 
Please, add spanish language.
马杀鸡 18.9.2013 kello 22.07 
It looks nice!Pre-Purchase
Haku Wuffamute 18.9.2013 kello 20.50 
Too much girly slutty stuff, but I'll get it since it plays like Disgaea a little or more, not sure.
x.x 18.9.2013 kello 16.29 
THANK YOU! ive been anticipating the release date and pre orders! plus its in 2 weeks :-).
Ghostlight Ltd.  [tekijä] 18.9.2013 kello 1.45 
@Eusoul I'm not sure. I'll look into it.
Hollow_Tears 17.9.2013 kello 22.48 
thank goodness i'll still be able to preorder in oct because i'm broke for the next 2 weeks.
We need more jrpgs on steam, How about star ocean the last hope international edition anyone.
Protoss 17.9.2013 kello 17.48 
Nice soundtrack in the trailer. Also, I'll also preorder the game later! :-)
Eusoul 17.9.2013 kello 15.20 
Congratulations on release, just pre ordered mine.
Btw i did not see the Greenligth logo on the store page, should it no be there?