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Agarest: Generations of War
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Jason_c_o 12/ago/2014 às 12:39 
@Jesse I always thought the point was for competed games. I *hate* seeing half-finished games on here... I want to vote on a final product, not something that may or may not be abandoned.
Jesse 29/mar/2014 às 22:43 
I don't understand. I thought project greenlight was for indie game projects to get completed. This is a full retail game already. :|
Behemoth 26/fev/2014 às 14:17 
I think this is my all time favorite game. I've even beat the true ending, and that was not easy in any sense of the word.
ricardocasama 18/fev/2014 às 4:02 
Please add spanish language.
Moonlightau 4/fev/2014 às 22:21 
looks awesome
DragonAngel82 21/jan/2014 às 12:59 
i know this game from the ps3 and i hope ther come more from this gameseries
Naruto 20/jan/2014 às 4:17 
This game looks interesting... Make it available for demo so people can try it!
IoI 5/dez/2013 às 10:32 
Купил на PS3, Agarest и Agarest 2 потому, что люблю игры такого жанра.
Очень не хватает русских субтитров.((((
(。・ω・。)ノ? 2/dez/2013 às 7:50 
Looking forward to see Agarest2 on steam !!
Pls, make this possible :)
Spaz 27/nov/2013 às 10:31 
Kinda wondering why I wasn't told this game was out >.>. Wouldn't be nice to have a reminder on something I ovoted for Greenlight.
flag 26/nov/2013 às 2:41 
nice (y)
zackzero 24/nov/2013 às 9:33 
Lessy 19/nov/2013 às 10:25 
Splasher 15/nov/2013 às 11:36 
Miria 26/out/2013 às 16:16 
agarest 2 and zero now!!! =P hope ._.
akrenor 26/out/2013 às 10:53 
Должен заметить, что игра хороша. Даже очень хороша для своего бюджета. Это не Square Enix но свою цену окупает с лихвой. Очень бы хотел увидеть вторую часть для PC.
你爹在临死前 22/out/2013 às 23:19 
吐个槽 留下我大中文
capitan_ichimaru 14/out/2013 às 7:54 
хех, ощущение мультяшки не покидает)
Hollow_Tears 8/out/2013 às 4:55 
Now that the first game is on steam please release the other games on steam soon.
Letler 7/out/2013 às 10:13 
Are you planning to bring Agarest 2 and Agarest Zero to Steam too? It would be awesome!
Froot Salad 5/out/2013 às 11:17 
Oh lord how this game needs cards/wallpapers.
RakuKun! 3/out/2013 às 21:55 
More games of this series plz.I'd love to play.
諫山よみ -Isayama Yomi- 3/out/2013 às 6:57 
I just want to say, it`s my favorite game :)
reasonpolice 2/out/2013 às 8:03 
You know, I usually don't care about, want to play, or feel excited about JRPGs, even though I love Final Fantasy, I don't even count it as a 'J' RPG because it's nowhere near as 'anime' as this game is. BUT, as an enormous fan of Final Fantasy Tactics, Ogre Battle, and Fire Emblem, I bought this game pretty much within 2 minutes of first seeing it on Steam. I'm so glad a tactical RPG like this one has been made for PC, let alone on Steam. Thank you Ghostlight!
Walikor 30/set/2013 às 11:54 
some hope to also see Record of Agarest War Zero on PC?
Sejres 28/set/2013 às 3:12 
Systematic-Otaku 27/set/2013 às 10:30 
Praise the Ass 25/set/2013 às 0:57 
can't stand the wait!!!! i want to play it now.
gisi 23/set/2013 às 6:23 
Ghostlight Ltd.  [autor(a)] 23/set/2013 às 1:15 
@Azuris This is the original game in the series.
Ryhook 22/set/2013 às 16:37 
I've been seeing this game at gamestop for awhile and thought about picking zero or 2 up... is this the original?
0xFFFFFF 22/set/2013 às 0:39 
other languages?
fallen-4444-angelochek 21/set/2013 às 12:17 
Satsujinki 21/set/2013 às 5:36 
You made me think and the DLC may be free.....then I did pre-order it.
jorjor 21/set/2013 às 4:45 
Just bought it
Mystic Fox 21/set/2013 às 2:22 
Just Bought It... maybe ill buy it for a friend at this price as well.
VidGgeek(rus) 20/set/2013 às 11:11 
Something tells me I'll pre-order it. Not very expensive, plus a not-too-shabby haul of DLC's!
Mkilbride 20/set/2013 às 6:10 
All these Console games come to's awesome.
Cliff474 19/set/2013 às 11:36 
Looks fun AND you get free DLC with pre-order. I'm totally in!
Platy 19/set/2013 às 10:34 
Overworld pic, Fight scene pic, Almost hentai pic, Fight pic, Cutscene pic, Almost Hentai pic, fight pic, Almost Hentai pic ....
Blackthorne 19/set/2013 às 3:46 
Snapped up the pre-order as soon as I saw it in my daily check - congrats on the release, now bring on October!
SHave 18/set/2013 às 22:37 
One look at this game and I'm sold. Preordered! +1 for the full controller support too, that will definitely be an upside to my experience with this game.
ricardocasama 18/set/2013 às 22:34 
Please, add spanish language.
马杀鸡 18/set/2013 às 22:07 
It looks nice!Pre-Purchase
Haku Wuffamute 18/set/2013 às 20:50 
Too much girly slutty stuff, but I'll get it since it plays like Disgaea a little or more, not sure.
x.x 18/set/2013 às 16:29 
THANK YOU! ive been anticipating the release date and pre orders! plus its in 2 weeks :-).
Ghostlight Ltd.  [autor(a)] 18/set/2013 às 1:45 
@Eusoul I'm not sure. I'll look into it.
Hollow_Tears 17/set/2013 às 22:48 
thank goodness i'll still be able to preorder in oct because i'm broke for the next 2 weeks.
We need more jrpgs on steam, How about star ocean the last hope international edition anyone.
Protoss 17/set/2013 às 17:48 
Nice soundtrack in the trailer. Also, I'll also preorder the game later! :-)
Eusoul 17/set/2013 às 15:20 
Congratulations on release, just pre ordered mine.
Btw i did not see the Greenligth logo on the store page, should it no be there?