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Battle Worlds: Kronos
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738 kommenttia
Macho Ulvo 29. joulu, 2014 18.12 
schaut gut aus
Zagarak 23. heinä, 2014 12.30 
nice game
Ryba 17. kesä, 2014 13.13 
Looks nice ;)
чемпион 25. huhti, 2014 19.04 
whether the Russian language
Danon 3. maalis, 2014 0.54 
If you like turn based RTS, you won't find any better game than Kronos if you are looking for similiar product developed in 2013/2014. Game is Fun as hell and challenging
Be2maru248 22. helmi, 2014 2.09 
I am a Japanese. Please support Japanese.
Origin 8. tammi, 2014 19.54 
Wtf, the picture on this is the black guy from Mass Effect 3 but photoshopped. Is that allowed?
Serpent 8. marras, 2013 13.21 
this game is a copy of starcraft 2
Nuclear Kangaroo 6. marras, 2013 17.10 
well turn based strategy games arent dead but your game does look great, waiting for reviews to educate a bit more my buying decision

@Artemis3 you kinda can, look at frozen synapse
Vermilicious 4. marras, 2013 9.39 
Congrats on your Steam release!
Pual ist giS 4. marras, 2013 3.18 
The game just has been released on the retail market. Does anybody know when it will be available in Steam?
Nikobämus 3. marras, 2013 10.33 
Scorpion 1. marras, 2013 6.43 
Ich kenne Battle Isle aus meiner Jugend und es hat damals tierisch Spaß gemacht....
athelasloraiel 31. loka, 2013 23.21 
I am in beta and guys, I must tell you it is fantastic!!!
Artemis3 26. loka, 2013 18.06 
@Morningstars RTS is the opposite of turn based strategy, you can't have a "Turn Based Real Time Strategy" game. Either the game is turn based, or real time.
♣Sir Vederko♣ 25. loka, 2013 2.16 
brings back the days of AW
JohnnyBoy 7. loka, 2013 14.35 
Beta is Good if your into Turn Based RTS
JohnnyBoy 7. loka, 2013 10.40 
Playing the beta now I'll update to let you know what I think ^^
Cthulhu 3. loka, 2013 10.29 
Looks like the old Battle Isle Game
Assimilat0r 2. loka, 2013 7.23 
Looks amazing.
MR.MO 27. syys, 2013 6.29 
lamidore 13. syys, 2013 11.30 
This makes me curious...Could be great
V!ru$° 13. syys, 2013 3.36 
seems that this'll be a great game. always remembers me of the times of "Fallen Heaven" for win95
post 3. syys, 2013 5.36 
looking forward for the release :)
solidlanzerg 30. elo, 2013 14.58 
looks amazing!! :D
Veckna 28. elo, 2013 0.42 
Brings back many happy memories of Battle Isles - looks very promising.
Granen från vildmarken 27. elo, 2013 7.26 
It looks really interresting so I hope it will get released here soon.
♠Euralim♠ 25. elo, 2013 5.15 
nise game looks good
Frog-Fest 20. elo, 2013 17.58 
SphynX 20. elo, 2013 7.38 
The Suspect 17. elo, 2013 15.06 
Spartan 16. elo, 2013 19.49 
This game looks good
SmokingBuLL 16. elo, 2013 15.52 
nice game
Hovis! 12. elo, 2013 11.38 
Advance Wars is easily one of my all-time favouirte game franchises. The prospect of this makes me go weak at the knees.
chilly boi 6. elo, 2013 10.37 
I loved advance wars! I'll definetely keep looking at this game until its release.
Kell 1. elo, 2013 11.55 
u need a coop-mode, then me and friends spend money. hi 2 bremen: SVW!
Bork 1. elo, 2013 9.24 
Am I alone in wanting to see the game playable with the prototype graphics? =P
Tweenbee 31. heinä, 2013 22.23 
nice game! really looking forward to it :D
Supermooper 31. heinä, 2013 13.56 
This game looks fantastic! Can't wait to see it perfected!
KingOfCurtopia 30. heinä, 2013 0.21 
This looks very interesting and looking further into this game. I still have cardboard style, old school.
Jack Bauer 29. heinä, 2013 20.18 
brunolinuxf1 29. heinä, 2013 10.03 
Asynchronous Multiplayer! Wow! As a fan of C&C and Civ5, I really want this game!
M@dm@n[k4] 29. heinä, 2013 1.46 
ROADHOG 28. heinä, 2013 12.07 
livius_civis_tergestinus 27. heinä, 2013 10.19 
Very good !
athelasloraiel 27. heinä, 2013 3.08 
Oh, come the fruck out with this on greenlight, it's a remake of the game I played ages ago I think on amiga even, whole summers passed in multiplayer!!!
*JuanCar 27. heinä, 2013 2.02 
Me gusta
Charly Charly 25. heinä, 2013 22.57 
This game can't get released faster enough !!! :D I really really like all you have showed of the gameplay. I liked C&C games (red alert 3 my fav) and I love Advance Wars games (portables) so this is like the perfect mix of both. The best os that is comming for Linux too !!!

Stud Muffin 25. heinä, 2013 13.18 
Instabuy! Let me throw my money at you by preordering it right away!