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Battle Worlds: Kronos
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Ryba 17 юни в 1:13след. 
Looks nice ;)
Baxus 25 април в 7:04след. 
whether the Russian language
Danon 3 март в 12:54сут. 
If you like turn based RTS, you won't find any better game than Kronos if you are looking for similiar product developed in 2013/2014. Game is Fun as hell and challenging
Be2maru248 22 февруари в 2:09сут. 
I am a Japanese. Please support Japanese.
[NTG] TheDems 8 януари в 7:54след. 
Wtf, the picture on this is the black guy from Mass Effect 3 but photoshopped. Is that allowed?
Shacka Crawla 8 ноември 2013 в 1:21след. 
this game is a copy of starcraft 2
Nuclear Kangaroo 6 ноември 2013 в 5:10след. 
well turn based strategy games arent dead but your game does look great, waiting for reviews to educate a bit more my buying decision

@Artemis3 you kinda can, look at frozen synapse
Vermilicious 4 ноември 2013 в 9:39сут. 
Congrats on your Steam release!
Pual ist giS 4 ноември 2013 в 3:18сут. 
The game just has been released on the retail market. Does anybody know when it will be available in Steam?
Majoris 3 ноември 2013 в 10:33сут. 
Scorpion 1 ноември 2013 в 6:43сут. 
Ich kenne Battle Isle aus meiner Jugend und es hat damals tierisch Spaß gemacht....
athelasloraiel 31 октомври 2013 в 11:21след. 
I am in beta and guys, I must tell you it is fantastic!!!
Artemis3 26 октомври 2013 в 6:06след. 
@Morningstars RTS is the opposite of turn based strategy, you can't have a "Turn Based Real Time Strategy" game. Either the game is turn based, or real time.
Sir Vederko 25 октомври 2013 в 2:16сут. 
brings back the days of AW
Morningstars 7 октомври 2013 в 2:35след. 
Beta is Good if your into Turn Based RTS
Morningstars 7 октомври 2013 в 10:40сут. 
Playing the beta now I'll update to let you know what I think ^^
Cthulhu 3 октомври 2013 в 10:29сут. 
Looks like the old Battle Isle Game
Assimilat0r 2 октомври 2013 в 7:23сут. 
Looks amazing.
MR.MO 27 септември 2013 в 6:29сут. 
Nokiru 14 септември 2013 в 1:35след. 
lamidore 13 септември 2013 в 11:30сут. 
This makes me curious...Could be great
Jens 13 септември 2013 в 3:36сут. 
seems that this'll be a great game. always remembers me of the times of "Fallen Heaven" for win95
post 3 септември 2013 в 5:36сут. 
looking forward for the release :)
solidlanzerg 30 август 2013 в 2:58след. 
looks amazing!! :D
Veckna 28 август 2013 в 12:42сут. 
Brings back many happy memories of Battle Isles - looks very promising.
Granen från vildmarken 27 август 2013 в 7:26сут. 
It looks really interresting so I hope it will get released here soon.
Ⓕlⓤmⓑbⓛoⓞz 25 август 2013 в 5:15сут. 
nise game looks good
Frog-Fest 20 август 2013 в 5:58след. 
SphynX 20 август 2013 в 7:38сут. 
abbie 17 август 2013 в 3:06след. 
Tallanvor 16 август 2013 в 7:49след. 
This game looks good
SmokingBuLL 16 август 2013 в 3:52след. 
nice game
Hovis! 12 август 2013 в 11:38сут. 
Advance Wars is easily one of my all-time favouirte game franchises. The prospect of this makes me go weak at the knees.
[SNG] BulletTwister 6 август 2013 в 10:37сут. 
I loved advance wars! I'll definetely keep looking at this game until its release.
Kell 1 август 2013 в 11:55сут. 
u need a coop-mode, then me and friends spend money. hi 2 bremen: SVW!
Bork 1 август 2013 в 9:24сут. 
Am I alone in wanting to see the game playable with the prototype graphics? =P
Tweenbee 31 юли 2013 в 10:23след. 
nice game! really looking forward to it :D
Supermooper 31 юли 2013 в 1:56след. 
This game looks fantastic! Can't wait to see it perfected!
KingCurtOfCurtopia 30 юли 2013 в 12:21сут. 
This looks very interesting and looking further into this game. I still have cardboard style, old school.
Jack Bauer 29 юли 2013 в 8:18след. 
brunolinuxf1 29 юли 2013 в 10:03сут. 
Asynchronous Multiplayer! Wow! As a fan of C&C and Civ5, I really want this game!
M@dm@n[k4] 29 юли 2013 в 1:46сут. 
Matros 28 юли 2013 в 12:07след. 
livius_civis_tergestinus 27 юли 2013 в 10:19сут. 
Very good !
athelasloraiel 27 юли 2013 в 3:08сут. 
Oh, come the fruck out with this on greenlight, it's a remake of the game I played ages ago I think on amiga even, whole summers passed in multiplayer!!!
^^FF^^22Moco Loco 27 юли 2013 в 2:02сут. 
Me gusta
GipsyKrlos 25 юли 2013 в 10:57след. 
This game can't get released faster enough !!! :D I really really like all you have showed of the gameplay. I liked C&C games (red alert 3 my fav) and I love Advance Wars games (portables) so this is like the perfect mix of both. The best os that is comming for Linux too !!!

Stud Muffin 25 юли 2013 в 1:18след. 
Instabuy! Let me throw my money at you by preordering it right away!
Wolverine 24 юли 2013 в 12:36след. 
I'd play it ;)
Bride 24 юли 2013 в 5:27сут.