Portal 2
Basic Testing
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Reiman 12 feb 2015 om 2:28nm 
Nice ideas, well done :)
If you have the passion for a dual-player map, please try out my Rei's Virus I made with a friend.
stormsend 1 jun 2014 om 11:33vm 
You make a giant test chamber fun to play. Lots and lots of elements make for a very diverse map. I liked the gels. I don't do well with them but they were fun. Never seemed to be lost. Always some new place to go. Great job. I'm running out of maps. Please make more. Thanks and I'll see ya round the workshop.
Bad_Aim 15 mei 2013 om 4:45nm 
Took me a couple of restarts to get through the conversion gel room. Funny how hard simple things can be when you look for the hard solution and not the easy one ;)
sockpuppetcow 25 apr 2013 om 8:03nm 
Wonderful test. Love it.
Trunchbull 3 apr 2013 om 12:20nm 
You may want to edit the flip panels in the room with the white portal gel, as players who get caught in it are unable to place portals after being stuck in it.
Phrendon 3 apr 2013 om 6:29vm 
stuck behind a flip panel and have to restart level, maybe make the timer a bit longer?
Tesla 2 apr 2013 om 4:14nm 
Amazing test!
DemonicEthics 1 apr 2013 om 10:47nm 
llooks good cant wait to play it