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PropHunt (Hide'n'Seek) - Original
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[EG]PugLife 15 сер о 2:33 
and to start the game you have to choose prop hunt in the right hand side of he screen should say sandbox so change it to prop hunt
[EG]PugLife 15 сер о 2:32 
to get a private game with friend you do peer-peer and peer-peer friends only
xXMineWarriorXx 13 сер о 15:52 
i cant turn into a prop
Xeliiciøus™ 13 сер о 6:58 
how do i even start this lmao
Yoshy 10 сер о 16:29 
adding a coimment ois 0iogoijgreoiphje3g5r4iuhopgfrehijnugr pretty good.
PoToK 9 сер о 14:52 
TannerDude28 7 сер о 8:16 
When I load up the gamemode, and get friends connected. The game doesn't even start
pootis2351 31 лип о 18:55 
how do you get a private match going on prop hunt
Fuzzy's Soup 30 лип о 19:05 
sonicxjones 29 лип о 17:56 
What else besides the defalut packs inclulded should you download?
Kino 28 лип о 20:46 
I really love this gamemode! It is so fun and it is my most favorite one! Gameplay is good, controls are easy, and it is just really awesome!
Ricsi 24 лип о 8:47 
Very Good
k 23 лип о 13:43 
It's totally broken
rylfair4932 22 лип о 22:38 
Stormshadow0011 17 лип о 15:30 
PinkDiamond 14 лип о 15:18 
Prop hunt is my FAVOURITE!!
[KOR] CON.TROLL 7 лип о 20:54 
CocoBongo 1 лип о 18:55 
Petro 29 чер о 22:46 
Datentyp 29 чер о 9:21 
Is a lot of fun and one of the best gamemodes in GMod!
Double D 28 чер о 0:11 
absolutly one of my favorites
warfaced 25 чер о 20:05 
how do i even start the game
Neamtonline 25 чер о 7:53 
Sehr amüsant !
BombAuke 25 чер о 5:48 
Pretty fun
Coco Nut 24 чер о 18:17 
This is nice!
女孩都不带把 24 чер о 2:15 
zhe shi shen m?
Chimpion 22 чер о 18:24 
How do you lock your prop
Spicy Cupcayks 21 чер о 8:59 
18 чер о 10:18 
So much fun with this gamemode
turbojets324 16 чер о 11:12 
how do you make the doge
✪ GoNi | 14 чер о 14:56 
I love this gamemode!
Jarrott 14 чер о 12:45 
is there a way to change the backgrounds of this gamemode? or just sandbox?
RedJenny 13 чер о 21:06 
hey with this game and the multiplayer whats the deal is it a matchmaker or do i have to have friends because i dont have any who play
Scion Setsuna 12 чер о 11:17 
I'm having a issue where, for some strange reason, when I play prop hunt, the game decides to not proceed with the next round, even after when the timer hits 0, any idea on how to fix this?
Zelenii_sensei 11 чер о 23:00 
chicken.jpg 10 чер о 19:45 
2018th comment ruined the year
狼牙山五壮士 9 чер о 0:07 
FantaC 6 чер о 23:54 
๖luciส 5 чер о 9:57 
2013 cuz i cant count
TheOneWithTheRobe 4 чер о 23:44 
2011th ^_^ 4 чер о 19:10 
Rare Endangered Spycrab 3 чер о 14:36 
[UG] Pyri 2 чер о 20:25 
McBadAssBear 2 чер о 19:40 
Madara Uchiha 2 чер о 6:44 
sid el ciencia kid 2 чер о 6:35 
Alex_Silv_2004 1 чер о 13:28 
kek 1 чер о 2:54 
apparently im the 2002nd
Andrewskates 29 тра о 20:30 
Soogy 27 тра о 15:44