PropHunt (Hide'n'Seek) - Original
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max-david2002 11 timer siden 
how do i get cs:s
DanPG 29. sep @ 10:13am 
When I load 'Prop Hunt' maps, it just comes up as a standard Sandbox game. Help?
Jagger 26. sep @ 6:04pm 
i cant change to props!
portalprogamer 26. sep @ 8:43am 
How is this mod not number 1 in the 'top rated of all time' section. Great job anyways Kowalski!
Kowalski  [skaper] 24. sep @ 12:58pm 
@Maxence103 To any server?
Maxence103 24. sep @ 8:51am 
I can't connect in servers...
Kowalski  [skaper] 22. sep @ 9:50am 
@Bac Only one because i'm buying keys.
Bac Van® 21. sep @ 8:55am 
Hey.. kowalski. Are you giving away 1 gmod or more?
Just if youre giving away more gmod's, count on me too.
I really need this game
musonic3 17. sep @ 8:44am 
how do u change into props?
Kowalski  [skaper] 16. sep @ 1:18pm 
FZone96 14. sep @ 12:28pm 
I got disconnected when the map "toxicfailure.bsp"was chosen. Do i need omething to fix this?
Mr.Lizard 9. sep @ 1:49pm 
Deleted all my addons and tried to host a server... you join and you can't spawn and forced into spectator
theRadBrad 8. sep @ 7:45pm 
this is great and realy fun
SoulEater11 7. sep @ 5:03am 
where can I find the version with rotation?
Kowalski  [skaper] 7. sep @ 1:47am 
@RD909 Should. Did u read the whole?
RD909 6. sep @ 4:19pm 
Does this work for Mac?
chip1234 [NFS] 6. sep @ 9:31am 
can not change to a prop
Commander Matt 4. sep @ 11:52am 
I can change props fine.
What addons do you have enabled?
Quadstrike 3. sep @ 5:25pm 
anyone else unable to change props?
Quadstrike 3. sep @ 4:47pm 
this seems to be currently broken
Lt. Dan 1. sep @ 12:14pm 
this is the best Game mode by far.
Kowalski  [skaper] 31. aug @ 1:42pm 
@andybozhang you either join in a game already started or you can make a new match selecting the gamemode from the gamemode menu, then you select a map a then you start the game.
BattleGamer 30. aug @ 9:16am 
Hi. when i make a private hamachi server with my friends and go on prop hunt mod we can for some reason not become any props. we are pressing E on all props but nothing happens. is it someone that can help me with this? please answer as quick as possible
andybozhang 29. aug @ 1:56pm 
ive got the game as a addon on Garrt's mod but how do i get the game to start?
Such a fun gamemode :D
FATTYCJ 26. aug @ 12:17pm 
1,8 million subs omg thats crazy
Kowalski  [skaper] 26. aug @ 2:59am 
@Drex I think yes lol
Drex 25. aug @ 8:47pm 
This dog on the workshop. Do people like this game that much?
Kowalski  [skaper] 24. aug @ 1:53pm 
@Zokie0 Downloading the source, adding the sounds and editing the config. But I won't explain how nor support anyway your installation
@Zokie0 At least 1 for team (2 in total). If game won't start with 1 or more people per team it may be a bug.
Zokie0 24. aug @ 7:18am 
How do i add m own taunts?
huntcraw 23. aug @ 12:53pm 
how many people do you have to have to play
Prongs 22. aug @ 3:22pm 
Çok eyi
Kowalski  [skaper] 22. aug @ 8:40am 
@mullan.connor97 Did you even read the wole FAQ???
that_mullan_man 21. aug @ 12:32pm 
im a scrub how do i download it? you sub and then somehow download, how? :(
Kowalski  [skaper] 21. aug @ 12:12pm 
try prophunt
symphony 21. aug @ 12:27am 
What do I type to launch this gamemode in the server console window?
Derpy Sponge 16. aug @ 10:00pm 
Pyro finding SpongeBob in the small icon. XD
deadly1999 13. aug @ 10:40am 
pinkisevil 13. aug @ 5:13am 
wwwwwwwwwooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwww nearly 2 million subscribers
ZheroO 12. aug @ 7:07am 
Best Gamemod FUcking EVER
Beavis 9. aug @ 2:51am 
"Waiting for round start" What shall i do?
AlvenThe Great 9. aug @ 12:28am 
launching prop hunt need downloading maps, addons...... this take me several time. when i finished downloading , then the game take another round

AlvenThe Great 9. aug @ 12:26am 
i took a very very long time to play this game
HijoDePerking 7. aug @ 3:28pm 
[BzY] Khaled 7. aug @ 11:58am 
1,757,332 Current Subscribers damn O_o
Pointman 7. aug @ 11:44am 
"Waiting for round start" Cannot make a private server to play PropHunt with friends because it just says this and will not let us start the round. Any way this can be fixed?
JaGe46 3. aug @ 5:32am 
Lieutenant Alex 31. jul @ 2:33pm 
I would love this game so much if i got to play it.
FINALLY i found a server that didn't have a thosand mods.
Then the map got repicked and I didn't have it so i got kicked.
Wow i mean this looks so is really too bad.
Kowalski  [skaper] 28. jul @ 2:34pm 
@geeksnrobots Yes, the texts in game auto translate themselves.
geeksnrobots 28. jul @ 1:07pm 
is this available in an other language than italian? Because on the pictures i only see italian...