PropHunt (Hide'n'Seek) - Original
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Wolfpack40351 Jul 24 @ 1:21pm 
Never mind figured it out.
Wolfpack40351 Jul 24 @ 12:21pm 
For some reason I downloaded this and then I unsubscribed but ph_office and ph_avenger is still in my maps and I don't know how to get rid of it.
BigDog065 Jul 23 @ 9:28pm 
i mean come on guys Achivement hunter did this if you havent seen there lets play you have too its funny as hell
XX99 Jul 23 @ 9:24pm 
You can taunt as a hunter, but it only has i think 2 taunts. Still, THIS MOD IS GRAND!
daniloblecha Jul 23 @ 10:45am 
FibreNexus Jul 18 @ 2:52am 
Hunters can't seem to pick up items.
Toaster_ Jul 17 @ 12:38pm 
I cannot change into props either when I'm hosting a game. Wtf?
Doug From QueenDairy ™ Jul 14 @ 4:45pm 
I cant change into props :(
cristianbgp Jul 10 @ 11:33am 
buena modalidad para el juego
ChaOS Jul 7 @ 3:08pm 
best mod in garry's mod. no doubt about it xD
The Jigglynator Jul 5 @ 8:32pm 
For some reason when I host prop hunt now, the hunters cannot pick up items, is this a glitch or was this intended.
Salsa Jul 5 @ 8:23pm 
Is it possible to change the seeker skin?
BlackJonny Jul 5 @ 4:45pm 
@timeparadoxxx: you just have to create a game lobby. then the other players have to open their console (button can be changed in menu) and type in "connect" "[space]" "[your hamachi IP]".
That's it... ;)
Have fun! Greetings Jonny
timeparadoxxx Jul 4 @ 9:15pm 
How do you start a round on a server that uses Hamachi?
Argafargadar Jul 4 @ 1:25am 
Super fun!
Cynarius Jul 2 @ 2:58pm 
good fun
joneiQ @topfragger Jul 2 @ 1:33pm 
is there a way to lock the prop in place so i can look around without moving my prop?
지준이 Jul 2 @ 5:23am 
FD God Jul 1 @ 2:22pm 
i cant start my server on it ( hosted )
Zacic Jun 30 @ 9:56pm 
guys please help me i got an error and i don't know what to do
PropHunt (Hide'n'Seek) - Original] gamemodes/fretta/gamemode/vgui/vgui_gamenotice.lua:37: attempt to index local 'txt' (a nil value)
1. AddEntityText - gamemodes/fretta/gamemode/vgui/vgui_gamenotice.lua:37
2. AddText - gamemodes/fretta/gamemode/vgui/vgui_gamenotice.lua:54
3. AddDeathNotice - gamemodes/fretta/gamemode/cl_deathnotice.lua:96
4. func - gamemodes/base/gamemode/cl_deathnotice.lua:64
5. unknown - lua/includes/modules/net.lua:30
DJ Friendly :3 Jun 30 @ 5:58pm 
Yeaahh How do I start the round :/ I made a custom server In Gmod with a friend and I really don't know how to start the round.
Pingisol Jun 30 @ 7:55am 
Muy recomendable :D
Gregt59 Jun 30 @ 7:41am 
RichiGamer Jun 29 @ 8:43pm 
(Y) Muy Bueno *-*
_Predator_56 Jun 29 @ 1:06pm 
how can i dowload it now?
ТHΞ"ΛIM"MΛN Jun 29 @ 12:01pm 
when starting prophunt in the corner it pops up error wiremod something and error prophunt something, ples tell me why
Sean Jun 29 @ 4:14am 
FoxRox Jun 29 @ 2:39am 
Just awesome thing, a LOT of fun, you will never stop laugh after this.
.TheWillJa Jun 27 @ 3:28pm 
I suddenly got new taunts, why is this?
[HMG]Shizofree Jun 27 @ 4:56am 
this mode is the best :D
DarkSpy3 Jun 25 @ 6:31am 
Also now when I make the server the game does not begin and it just says ''Waiting for new round to start'' PLEASE HELP
DarkSpy3 Jun 25 @ 6:24am 
When I am a prop and I click ''E'' it doesn't work! Loads of people have this problem and I need your help Kow@lski, please fix it!
zihaochng Jun 25 @ 12:02am 
how to start the game...always stuck in downloading things... FOREVER
Holger Danske Jun 24 @ 4:27pm 
Finnaly fix the damned missing map error!
Sugarplum Princess Jun 24 @ 11:01am 
At first I prop hunted. Now I prop hunt more.
Flightrap Jun 24 @ 10:52am 
Richards440 Jun 23 @ 11:04pm 
I can't pick up objects, can anyone help?
datkins_23 Jun 23 @ 10:46pm 
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datkins_23 Jun 23 @ 10:43pm 
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-DSM Baked Penguin Jun 23 @ 10:03pm 
Hours of fun with your friends!
=DP=MikaPika Jun 23 @ 7:17pm 
it wont work
KuroEcchi Jun 23 @ 1:53pm 
ce mod est vraiment hilarant
ginger VS pie Jun 23 @ 1:43pm 
HOW DO YOU START THE GAME?????????????????????????????????/
gallowsCalibrator Jun 22 @ 9:59pm 
hey. is it possible to bind the taunt button my friends laptop F2-F12 is broken.
-=Copycatkiller=- Jun 22 @ 12:42pm 
It won't start the round
Jim Jun 21 @ 7:00am 
it won't start the round
G8Keeper Jun 21 @ 4:09am 
very entertaining
Birkhoff Liao Jun 21 @ 3:47am 
ChaoticIII Jun 20 @ 12:12pm 
this is the best game mide ever! :D
JamaicanTurtle Jun 19 @ 8:12pm 
Seen enough youtube videos to make me want to play this! :)