Spend Dragon Souls For Perks
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jakef17 11 saat önce 
i don't have the steam version of Skyrim, can i still download it from here?
jwadland 15 Nis @ 7:59am 
do you need to restart a new game to get the stuffs? i guess not as some other mods that include stuff dont
DarKmetiss 14 Nis @ 1:30am 
Essential, balanced, great !
IamRossi_UK_ 13 Nis @ 2:18pm 
Sub to download
jordy1261 7 Nis @ 8:10am 
when u sub open skyrim and let the mod's load before u hit play then its in skyrim
bnssdy2121 5 Nis @ 9:51pm 
so I subscribed now how do I add it to the game?
Gandostar 5 Nis @ 3:33pm 
just hit subscribe
christopher.mcculloch 5 Nis @ 9:33am 
christopher.mcculloch 5 Nis @ 9:26am 
guys can u help how do u download it cant find link
christopher.mcculloch 5 Nis @ 9:15am 
where is download link
marshmallon 5 Nis @ 6:39am 
East of Riverwood, there should be a mark on the world map already
Codex 3 Nis @ 5:45am 
i am sorry but i cant find it i have the lastest skyrim patch and this mod installed but i cant seem to find the stones caould any one help
Shamo Ying 26 Mar @ 4:30pm 
outstanding idea and perfect balancing. thank you so much!
athesentinal 22 Mar @ 5:53am 
Superb, finally something useful to do with all those extra souls. i like the way you can customise everything as well, that way you need not have it all too easy if you want a challenge. I thoroughly recommend this mod.

Kurt rhinhart.
TheInvisibleJihaddi 21 Mar @ 4:32pm 
how do i use it?
One Name To Another 21 Mar @ 11:27am 
Ive subrcibed to the mod, but i cant find it in my launcher, can someone help me
Onahara 18 Mar @ 5:07pm 
Spawn week dragon kill, get perk repeat. after an hour or two: Wait, why do I have 4 perk trees maxed when im not even lvl 40?
Dr. A. Titbottom, A.D. 15 Mar @ 8:38am 
Very useful for when you want to unlock something, and you are too lazy too grind your way up to the next level :D
gzussturbo 10 Mar @ 5:08pm 
This will come in handy, since I've put a ton of hours into the game but I barely level up because you get no xp from quests and the longer you play the less and less you gain skill points.
VengefulGiblets 8 Mar @ 2:25pm 
You're going to need this mod sooner or later. I consider it to be a quality of life mod, like menu improvements.
the nexus version is hidden, why?
Stevez 24 Şub @ 2:37am 
Awesome idea and it fits well with the story with the character being Dragonbron. This mod makes being Dragonborn even better, Well done!
Purrlock Holmes 8 Şub @ 12:49pm 
Do you think you could possibly upload this to Nexus? It'd be easier for me (and probably some others) if it was there so that there's no incompatiblity with the workshop and the nexus mod manager. Thanks :3
r_willard2 6 Şub @ 4:33am 
Thanks for responding, I think my problem was with a scripted dragon because I tested out some more and have no problem absorbing souls so it was just bad timing for that to happen.
DarkSeraphim85  [yaratıcı] 5 Şub @ 7:34pm 
Try these:
I have other videos too for the mod too. It goes over what you may have missed, including problems with absorbing souls. I get a report about absorbing souls every now and again, but it tends to be a conflicting mod, or an originally scripted dragon that was never intended to provide a soul.
r_willard2 5 Şub @ 9:16am 
After setting the config and using the souls I had I found I could not absorb anymore dragon souls. Tested out with my other character who I did not use this with and everything is fine so the mod being installed is not the problem but once I use the souls I cannot absorb any new ones.
Sithun 5 Şub @ 7:32am 
It seems like i cant change the cost to 1 for 1, it just stays on a cost of 2. Still love this mod!
Darth Pew 4 Şub @ 2:42pm 
Hello, I've encountered a problem. I subscribed to two mods at the same time: this one and the Multiple Followers Lite. After that, I cannot seem to absorb dragon souls anymore.
brandonhoang 30 Oca @ 6:09am 
can u use dragon souls to upgrade perks wen ur a vampire?
Razex 29 Oca @ 7:21pm 
Going to be doing a playthrough soon, have never played with mods. Definitely going to get this mod
Peafski 27 Oca @ 1:33am 
Great job! It's mods like these that make Skyrim even better! Loved it!
Master of Puppets 23 Oca @ 6:51am 
Absolutely wonderful and essential mod! No Dragonborn should go without the ability to use their dragon souls for skill perk points, considering that the dragon shout is really the only useful shout available IMO :-)
TheCactusThief 22 Oca @ 8:28pm 
If you get perks using dragon souls, then unsub, will the points get taken away?
Extreme Encounter 22 Oca @ 10:53am 
So how do I convert the souls?
BangBros 21 Oca @ 12:59pm 
good point dark...and idk i have 78 installed and have yet to have a problem so looks like i dont need nexus
DarkSeraphim85  [yaratıcı] 21 Oca @ 10:06am 
As I've said before, I won't be putting this on the Nexus. Most people want it on the nexus since they didn't buy the game. I don't support that, and the moderation of the nexus is poor too. I won't support them.
pavioc16 20 Oca @ 10:03am 
Nexus allows you to control the installation much better... Some people like that. I do, for example. I think Steam's system is poorly designed, especially for those that customize Skyrim extensively.
solitude1984 19 Oca @ 4:53am 
Best mod out there for Skyrim.
BangBros 16 Oca @ 12:36am 
id rather do it on here then nexus there bud lol
usafirefly 14 Oca @ 2:06pm 
I like it when it works and this is a perk reward worthy cause you killed the dragon for it!
Done Some Ham 13 Oca @ 10:25am 
Why in the hell is there not a a version for this on the nexus? I don't want to use steams crappy system, I want to install it myself. Not to mention i can't launch skyrim though the steam launcher due to it resetting my settings.
AMigos^ 9 Oca @ 4:30am 
А я русский
Xianbrewso 4 Oca @ 8:41am 
like this mod
BrokenMan 4 Oca @ 2:56am 
Yay thank you
randiskhan 4 Oca @ 1:56am 
Well that was convenient. Just installed the mod, got it configured, and was attacked by a dragon right when I finished (The three pillars had just vanished). lol
Ezio3455 3 Oca @ 5:46am 
No marker in the map help
Elebuu 1 Oca @ 4:04pm 
I get Steam error 2, it doesn't download files or show up in data files on boot. Tried un and re-subscribing. :(
ToolPackinMama 1 Oca @ 11:01am 
Works perfectly, thanks. My guy had saved up nearly 50 souls and he already had all his shouts unlocked. Now I have somehting else to do with the souls.
NROBS 31 Ara 2013 @ 11:56pm 
Good work, this reall adds to the skyrim experience
hunter.skena 31 Ara 2013 @ 12:41pm 
plus u can add dragon souls with concole commands player.modav dragonsouls (then number you want)