Spend Dragon Souls For Perks
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TacticalPorkchop 26 jun @ 4:49pm 
LOL I have 40 dragons souls. Im installing this xD
Sanic 25 jun @ 4:51pm 
I think it gliched i can use it as meny times as i want
littledude194 23 jun @ 6:04pm 
very helpful for newcomers to help them immerse themselves
chaotica.dce 23 jun @ 12:41am 
After maxing out all the shouts that I actually use, it's nice to be able to spend the extra souls I collect on other helpful things.
DarkSeraphim85  [skapare] 21 jun @ 1:42pm 
@Night5talker, This Mod will never be available on the Nexus
@The Tragic King, it created its own unique copies of the stones it uses, so it should still work, as the stones in this mod are not the same IDs.
@zoraergazu: Click subscribe. Launch game, wait on launch screen. It downloads automatically.
@natfoxmg, glad you were able to work it out.
natefoxmg 10 jun @ 3:43pm 
ok nm. Odd thing though... It will not load if you have any quest markers up for me. Works now though. Love this mod :)
natefoxmg 10 jun @ 3:39pm 
It just simply does not work for me. Does not show up in game. Even when i get rid of all my other mods. :( please help
zoraergazu 1 jun @ 9:08pm 
i cant download it D: ..
please... i like the mod
The Tragic King 31 maj @ 6:51pm 
Is this compatible with the character enhancement overhaul that removes standing stones?
WhiteNitro 26 maj @ 6:44pm 
Really helps
Night5talker 26 maj @ 1:47pm 
Hey man, I love this mod, but I have modded heavily outside of steam. I can't find this mod on www.nexusmods.com is there any chance you can upload it there? Keep up the awesome work bro
DarkSeraphim85  [skapare] 25 maj @ 11:03pm 
Check the videos, and read the FAQ, please.
LKokosha 25 maj @ 11:39am 
I subscribed but it isn't on my map. Help please
gzussturbo 18 maj @ 9:37pm 
I remember I was able to spend just one soul per perk, is this still available as an option?
DarkSeraphim85  [skapare] 15 maj @ 1:15am 
@ ?Realslow
Yes, it does.
?Realslow 14 maj @ 9:42pm 
does it work with existing saved games?
AJ_NL 12 maj @ 7:21am 
Do you want to spend a useless dragon soul for some nice perks? HELL YES
The Plague Doctor 10 maj @ 8:29am 
@ Ozymandias, King Of Kings: I Agree.
[BS] LeavingLasVegas 6 maj @ 4:20pm 
Probably one of the most essential mods for Skyrim. Thanks for sharing your work!
DarkSeraphim85  [skapare] 5 maj @ 9:01pm 
@ wyoming: What do you mean? It's still downloadable, and still functions, if that's what you mean?
wyoming 4 maj @ 8:06pm 
Is this still active?
The Gaming Neko 1 maj @ 3:09am 
both systems are a bit slow if you have to open the window each time you convert a perk point or get a perk so I would suggest you make an upgrade where you can get 10 points at a time so it won't be so damn annoying
XXX_MLG_nOscoPer_XXX 23 apr @ 2:34pm 
@IS1NIGHTMARE click "subscribe" then when u launch skyim go to data file check it and click play
ElephantgoCrazy 21 apr @ 10:51am 
one word: cool
Dragonchaser 21 apr @ 5:26am 
mod doesn't appear in game and files(in launcher) where i did mistake?
DarkSeraphim85  [skapare] 20 apr @ 8:18pm 
@ Black_Inferno
It will appear on your current character.
MG | Black_Inferno 20 apr @ 12:09pm 
do i have ot create a new character to use this or can it appear on my current
Justin Defront 1 apr @ 5:36pm 
how do i turn them into perk points
Gersi 1 apr @ 4:19pm 
Great Mod, could not see the stones on map for first loadup, after reboot it was A-Okay, Beautiful mod, no issues with me. Beautiful job to the creator.
IS1NIGHTMARE 31 mar @ 11:11am 
i subscribe for this great mod but how i donwload it ?
Mental Sewage 25 mar @ 7:15am 
I saw Does NOT require any script extenders and I Love it already. Now to subscribe.
svensson1066 19 mar @ 11:00am 
Love. This. Mod. THANKS!
yrmama 14 mar @ 2:06pm 
I like this mod & have had no problems with it, other than when i had to figure it out to begin with.
nmonson2010 2 mar @ 1:09pm 
it doesnt appear on my map...
Valandus 27 feb @ 9:26pm 
Can I find SkyRe on the workshop here on steam?
Haywire 24 feb @ 10:33am 
lasvegasxavier 21 feb @ 9:20pm 
Doesn't work for me.
cjesgo 21 feb @ 12:35pm 
I can't figure out how to turn the souls to perks
craig 18 feb @ 9:15pm 
in thepic what is that staff thing?
thewrongbrother2 11 feb @ 4:30pm 
can you make it so you can get multiple at a time, perk points that is.
Shinobi 2 feb @ 5:54pm 
nice job thanks :)
Kryssaira 28 jan @ 5:29pm 
I'm very unhappy, my hubby told me about this mod and decided to try it since I use one of the "MORE dragons" and have a ridiculous amount of souls...
However, the dragon stones are located in the exact same spot as MY house mod "Olde Homestead", (there are several mods that put houses there actually)...
So the mod is unusable for me :(
Jamma77 24 jan @ 11:27pm 
Can you make it so Dragon Souls also restore your health when you absorb them?
vanlaethemgijs 24 jan @ 1:55pm 
Steam error 16 to be precise
vanlaethemgijs 24 jan @ 1:51pm 
So I subscribed to this mod, tried to download it through the game, but I get a steam error. Any thoughts on this?
ferinmel 23 jan @ 4:41pm 
Sooo I installed it and see absolutely no stones or anything near Riverwood. Any suggestions?
redeorhcsnayr 23 jan @ 2:54pm 
Every time I try to bring up my magic by pressing "P" or "Tab" and then Magic it chrashes. HELP
Yolo Swaginson 19 jan @ 6:46pm 
@kasselman3 you get levels by increasing other skills, not by killing, unless you need to kill to level the skill/s
Yolo Swaginson 19 jan @ 6:43pm 
wait... where is it