Spend Dragon Souls For Perks
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g.o.williams7878 13 小时以前 
this is awesome anyone know of a great quest mod with alot of cool stuff like wrath of nature
Mathane 22 小时以前 
may i know how to use the souls as perks?
Sylar 7月12日下午1:24 
@Baznad: Yes, you can.
olderthanyou85 7月12日下午12:55 
I've been using the Ebonville mod. It's one of the best houses in the game. I hope your Dragon Stones don't cause any issues. I'll try your mod and let you know.
Baznad 7月12日上午9:03 
In the description, it says "Spend Dragon Souls for stat upgrades". Does this mean I can upgrade my health, magicka, and stamina with souls?
Jolly Co-operation 7月11日下午10:34 
Finally I have something to do with all those souls I get from random dragon attacks.
jeffreybaum2000 7月11日下午4:58 
LessThan2 7月8日上午10:16 
oh boy, you EVEN SUBSCRIBED to get this mod? WOW
It starts downloading when you open the skyrim launcher. Then wait till it finished before you click exit or play.
Kazza29 7月8日上午8:46 
i cant download it, even after i subscribed, help!
DarkSeraphim85  [作者] 7月6日上午12:04 
@ Digital Sports;
Turning in souls does NOT affect your level. You will have more perk options open to your characters, but will still be restricted by your characters ability/level in that perk tree.
Basically, you will be able to have more perks across the board, allowing you to have more power in other areas, but the gameplay remains the same, and your character/mobs do not level unnaturally. You would be a level 40 who is pretending to be a level 40 with a few extra perks in areas that were not as focused as your primary skill trees.
DIGITAL SPORTS!! 7月4日上午8:20 
If you use a soul for a perk, does it count as leveling up? Like if i'm level 40, and I turn 10 souls into perk points, am i technically level 50? Would I be encountering legendary dragons, and other level 50+ mobs. I mean i have a mod that lets me equip like 500 rings so i could enchant sliver rings to compensate for the missing levels of mana, health, and stamina i guess. Does that just make me a level 40 who's just pretending to be a level 50. Any insight would be much appreciated.
Ste 7月4日上午4:51 
Umm.. never mind, just found out how to do it. Great mod, thx!
Anders 7月3日上午7:16 
@DarkSeraphim85 I figured it out last night xD but thanks! Awesome mod ^^
Ste 7月3日上午4:02 
doesn't work for me.. got the dragonborn version and dlc's: Dawnguard, Heartfire
not compatible with one of those?.. pls hlp, would be such an awesome project
DarkSeraphim85  [作者] 7月2日下午6:42 
@Regular; That problem happens from time to time. I released this almost as soon as the Creation Kit came out. Over time, some mods have popped up that took a similar area over. Load order can help, but you may wind up with wierd bits missing.
@Anders; Try moving it to the bottom of the load order. Most often times, something is being loaded over it, thereby overwriting it. Also, verify that it is in your data files when you launch the game.
Anders 7月2日下午12:06 
I can't find the stones in that area and I didnt get any map marker :/ why?!?
RegularVSG 7月2日上午4:36 
I'm not sure if this is compatible with Castle Riverwood because the castle is right on top of the stones :(
Da Noob 6月30日上午5:24 
Compatable with both Dragonborn and Dawnguard?
duncan.mclean 6月29日上午7:48 
Great mod, really helped get my skills up when I cheated for dragon souls.
Player.additem dragonsouls 100000 or Player.setav dragonsouls 100000
One of those.
Thommi 6月28日上午5:34 
M_shinoda 6月28日上午3:43 
Thx so much! Grate mod!
gballa1993 6月27日上午10:40 
Sounds great!
Josh 6月27日上午4:49 
This is awesome, thank you for adding a little bit of OP to the game!
Pixel 6月25日下午7:07 
You should make it so when you spend a perk it doesn't automatically exit out of the menu, so you can put more than one in wihtout having to keep going back to the menu
efc08 6月25日下午1:12 
really awesome mod, thanks!
Nod Lucario 6月25日上午8:33 
Does anyone know how to use this? I'm having trouble in trying to convert my dragon souls into perks.
Starkiller 6月23日下午7:36 
Why is this hidden on the Nexus? I like to keep all my mods together in NMM, but you've hidden the file. What happened?
Harley 6月23日下午1:53 
I use the ebonvale mod, are the stones located in that same area? because I'm having a tremendously difficult time finding them.
DoodleDangWang 6月22日下午1:53 
This mod has been instrumental in changing the way I do perks. I actually look forward to dragon attacks now to build them perk points through this. Definitely get this mod to change up the perk and dragon soul use system...
Dadjem | No Sound 6月22日下午1:43 
Zoroark173 6月21日下午11:57 
This is really cool!
risen1984 6月20日上午8:01 
Great idea.
Conimor 6月20日上午12:56 
This is an awesome idea. I can't quite imagine why Bethesda didn't think of this as an actual vanilla feature of the game. I mean, it makes total sense (for me, at least) that dragon souls may be used to increase your skill and, well, awesomeness.
♥Derpy Hooves™♥ 6月18日下午4:37 
yes great use for dragon souls stack up after awhile XD thx
noahjamerson 6月16日下午6:00 
thanks now i don't have to make myself level 252 to be a complete badass
DarkSeraphim85  [作者] 6月16日下午5:50 
@woqopow & noahjamerson:
All perk costs are fully customizable. There are options for half, normal, and double the leveled/tiered costs. Or there are options for flat rates, regardless of level. Check the stone in the ground for the context menus that allow you to alter the costs.
Silverwolf 6月16日上午10:05 
and now my dragon souls are usefulfor first time.
zeldianiac 6月14日下午9:50 
Good mod. makes sense and is comprehenable
noahjamerson 6月14日上午9:33 
this suggestion is probably my laziness speaking but i dont think the more powerfull perks should cost more dragon souls
Helljumper ADB 6月13日下午3:03 
thank you.
Jod3000 6月13日上午8:42 
Pretty essential to level up
doqopob 6月10日上午8:05 
Is there a way to make perks cheaper?
The Mutha Ducka 6月7日下午12:33 
Does this mod work with any of the official skyrim DLC
Timesplitter 6月5日下午11:39 
Skyrim Ultimate RPG Experience: All Expansions thanks you for your mod/mods made that have been implemented into the collection. It does require all the Skyrim expansions, but is composed of all the most promising mods ever made for Steam. Make sure to check it out at http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=106745968 and don't forget to rate it.
Finger Bandage 5月31日上午2:24 
Yes, they do.
Cheesecake 5月31日上午1:38 
does steam mods work with nexus mods???
death4261 5月31日上午12:34 
when I use the classic ver It can works.

If I chage to the New ( eye of dragon ) it didn't work
dragon souls would be taken but didnt get any perks.

wats the problem?
xsni 5月28日下午7:39 
Fuzzninja 5月22日下午6:37 
goes alright
radical_err0r 5月21日下午6:12 
The stones aren't there for me. What do i do?
Is it bc my character already exists, so i need to create a new one?