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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Spend Dragon Souls For Perks
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Sladus 8. Dez. um 15:00 Uhr 
When will this be available for SkyrimSE?
Sir Filthy 7. Dez. um 17:44 Uhr 
Quick heads up to anyone downloading this with Ordinator installed, it does not work for the new perks but the boosts to health,magicka and stamina work. Other than that great mod
Merry Morthanox 15. Okt. um 9:35 Uhr 
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bleblock 29. Sep. um 1:27 Uhr 
Sladus 17. Sep. um 18:08 Uhr 
When will this be available for SkyrimSE?
Doge 17. Sep. um 0:42 Uhr 
+Cartosa probably
Cartosa 16. Sep. um 2:33 Uhr 
does it include wearwolf and vampire lord perks?
yung skat 8. Juli um 21:07 Uhr 
thank you for making this <3
GhostofCow 1. Juli um 1:59 Uhr 
Try pressing "~" then, doing "Player.Forceav Dragonsouls (Specified #)"

But instead of typing "(Specified #)" replace it with your number, and remove the quotation marks.
astrocat39 15. Juni um 10:54 Uhr 
Whenever I kill a dragon with this mod intalled I don't absorb it's soul.
Tornado711 12. Juni um 9:52 Uhr 

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zmanandtails 1. Juni um 16:52 Uhr 
This mod doesn't work. I've been adjusting my mod order and everything accordingly to try to get it to work but no luck. Even unchecking the box and loading a game save does not present the "File has content that no longer exists" prompt. I've even tried unsubscribing and redownloading. No mods that I have affect that area except for the "Enhanced Cities Mod" and that just affects nearby Riverwood itself. It shouldn't have any effect on the marker.
Norinia 25. Mai um 18:18 Uhr 
This is perfect, especially when you get to a point in the game where you just don't have anymore shouts to spend dragon souls on, so they just keep piling up, annoying you as you have no way to spend them. This is a great idea because I'm always scanning through and seeing those few perks that I would LOVE to have, but I have no points for them
Storethis 13. Mai um 15:16 Uhr 
Wait so its not compatible with ordinator?
Swutsy 14. Apr. um 17:10 Uhr 
I find the idea nice and still somewhat lorefriendly. Slay dragons to become stronger in different ways. Tough i whould love to see the mod be morel lorefriendly by adding the points in UI instead of a staff/ place.
Super Kitten 14. Apr. um 7:43 Uhr 
I was initially worried that this would be overpowered but, seeing that you have to spend 3+ souls depending on how high the skill is, it really evens out. Love it!
Masubek 4. Feb. um 1:42 Uhr 
Obliee 18. Jan. um 7:01 Uhr 
is this compatible with the ordinator overhaul of perkpoints system ?
Sagittarius 7. Jan. um 6:57 Uhr 
Thanks for this MOD :)
i will Ever Play with this MOD !
Sladus 12. Dez. 2016 um 19:58 Uhr 
Can you tell us what you used to make this mod? Was it more than the Creation Kit?
King of The Seven Seas 5. Dez. 2016 um 11:10 Uhr 
Subscribed and got a download que but no mod in game :(
lupus_hegemonia 28. Nov. 2016 um 1:47 Uhr 
I'm using the Legendary Edition; is this mod runs properly?
Because, I currently have 12 souls backup and all my shouts enabled (about 14 of them, I don't need more, I have the best of them).
So, it would be great to spend souls for perks, especially to "up" my blacksmith abilities (which they are too low).
AfroBear90 18. Nov. 2016 um 6:33 Uhr 
Will this come to Special edition?
Latlete 9. Nov. 2016 um 2:52 Uhr 
Before to install the mod, can you tell me if this mod reduces the difficulty of the game or not ? I mean, if it's too easy, it's not fun ? WHat do you think ? (sorry for my english)
miroslaw79 6. Nov. 2016 um 12:12 Uhr 
really owesome mod. works properly
Epicmarkvan 1. Nov. 2016 um 9:05 Uhr 
Please convert this for Special Edition!
Mr. Poopy Butthole 30. Okt. 2016 um 7:40 Uhr 
This is in my opinion the best mod. I'm going to play skyrim on the ps4 pro, once it's out, and it would be really awesome if you could make this available for the ps4!
Skunktail 29. Okt. 2016 um 18:47 Uhr 
if you could post this mod to the Nexus i'd appreciate it
Sladus 29. Okt. 2016 um 15:50 Uhr 
I would pay for this mod to work on SSE.
Sladus 29. Okt. 2016 um 15:09 Uhr 
Are you going to make support for the new SSE? That would be awesome.
JimJam 28. Okt. 2016 um 10:37 Uhr 
I would love to see this remade or updated for skyrim special edition
Rainoa 28. Okt. 2016 um 7:54 Uhr 
would be nice to see it put on offical modding website too :3
Rainoa 28. Okt. 2016 um 7:37 Uhr 
u going to make support for the new SSE?
dublyur 24. Okt. 2016 um 12:48 Uhr 
dont work
Viktor Sukmeov 14. Okt. 2016 um 10:26 Uhr 
This is the only mod I'd like to see on Console. Please make this happen!
Frikster 21. Sep. 2016 um 0:55 Uhr 
Compatible with Requiem?
green.onions 16. Sep. 2016 um 12:48 Uhr 
For those saying that it isn't appearing, it wasn't for me but that was because I had a mod 'The Glade' which was in the same place. Got rid of that mod cos it wasn't very good anyway and then reloaded the game and the stones appeared in The Glades place. Very useful mod!
Rainoa 29. Aug. 2016 um 10:23 Uhr 
<3 the idea of having more stuff to spend dragon souls on, hop u keep up the grat work <3 =^.^=
Top Hat Man 9. Aug. 2016 um 23:34 Uhr 
they arnt on my map, and i cant find them :(
Umurilik 27. Juli 2016 um 10:47 Uhr 
I spend my souls for Stamina and it doesnt give +10 Carrying Capacity.Normally when you level up and give to stamina it gives +10 carrying capacity.. Fix this plz :)
Festive Egg 26. Juli 2016 um 14:09 Uhr 
newbie 23. Juli 2016 um 23:02 Uhr 
On russian game now don't operate correctly ANY MOD. Need to change DLL. I solved this problem.

MOD is good. Very logic meanings about aqquiring expirience by consuming dragon souls. IMHO. Thank U.
thomasbadkin 23. Juli 2016 um 2:04 Uhr 
its near riverwood
THE ED MAN 22. Juli 2016 um 23:08 Uhr 
it"s not in my game map and i don"t see it when i went to it's "location"
thomasbadkin 19. Juli 2016 um 21:56 Uhr 
it is good
newbie 19. Juli 2016 um 14:47 Uhr 
How to use it? I allready subscribed.
ShredderZ 17. Juli 2016 um 6:45 Uhr 
i can't see it in my game or map
rcu1995 15. Juli 2016 um 2:39 Uhr 
Yea, I am in the location but nothing is showing up. I doubt my other mods are interferring since most are just visual upgrades and weapon mods.
WhA? 13. Juli 2016 um 10:00 Uhr 
@Killershark1958 You must just subscribe the mod in the workshop and when you launch Skyrim it will automatically download
mica608 11. Juli 2016 um 22:23 Uhr 
5 Stars - excellent mod!