The Day Before Yesterday
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LordBeDe 25 гру 2014 о 2:43 
Too straight forward for my taste, but nicely done.
Petutski 23 сер 2014 о 18:00 
Excellent adventure!
Rheumie 10 тра 2014 о 5:05 
jam.lab1 5 кві 2014 о 8:18 
cool and fun.
Bayram 20 сер 2013 о 8:19 
I had no real difficulty solving the puzzles, but, overall, I found the map confusing and unrewarding. I didn't have a sense of progress as I moved from place to place doing whatever seemed like a good idea. No rating either way.
jjm_e126 24 чер 2013 о 20:33 
very well made
asminahipi 3 чер 2013 о 3:47 
buen trabajo,gracias
4gezzus 29 тра 2013 о 15:39 
Great game I've been playing portals for 2yrs. give or take, and I love this puzzel. Great use of thinking in portals to solve this one
Profile Name 21 тра 2013 о 8:27 
JayB52 15 кві 2013 о 19:11 
I enjoyed the journey.
The Colclough  [автор] 12 кві 2013 о 10:20 
@Chazz the Elder - the cube-bombing was actually my intended solution; glad you enjoyed that!

@somejew, @Chazz the Elder - fixed the trapping error as of v1.2! i was aware of that at some point before publishing, but forgot to fix it first time round 8/

@Hawkeye - not possible, i'm afraid. as @CC | Prophet said, the character is determined by the in-game editor.

@Grin Lost - i like to think so, but that's just my opinion...
The Colclough  [автор] 12 кві 2013 о 10:19 
@temporarymanwastaken, @SexySniper(Goth,Metalhead), @SmokeySmudgeStudio - fixed that B]
@Myr (MC) - your first move wasn't really supposed to be possible, but that was a clever (and un-anticipated) use of the dead turrets
The Colclough  [автор] 12 кві 2013 о 10:18 
@mupheminsani - those are triggers and checkpoints, enabled by BEEMOD.
@scout90 - the orange one's a trigger; it detects player presence and makes the door open when you walk through it
@Hyperspeed1313 - the extra doors are courtesy of BEEMOD.
@fortunecaspian2 - BEEMOD is an extension to the editor, which gives you nice things like doors, warm lights, triggers, checkpoints, mono-portal panels, and diversity vents.

BEEMOD was downloadable from, although the server seems to be down at the time of writing.
johnson10644 11 кві 2013 о 19:05 
i like it!
Chazz the Elder 11 кві 2013 о 0:55 
further to @somejew's comment: if you jump off the tracking panel at the end closest tothe laser room, you end up on a ledge with no escape, particularly after the panel comes back and traps you. I did that the first time through. @scout90: That's a logic block provided, I think, by beemod that opens that door for you.
scout90 10 кві 2013 о 21:57 
what is that orange box that you can see next to the room were the turrets are?
EliteHelgrind 10 кві 2013 о 19:24 
I thought it was a great map, and I thought the ending was actually rather unique. i can see how it can be annoying, but really wasn't bad at all. Give me more maps!!
Yolo Swaggins 10 кві 2013 о 13:10 
is this game a nice game?
CC | Pʀøρʜϵτ 10 кві 2013 о 9:41 
It's not from the map. It's from the game. You're always playing as a little buddy when playing on a map built with the in-game editor.
Hawkeye 10 кві 2013 о 9:34 
Good but make sure that you set the character. It wasnt defined as chell, atlast or pbody and so it was just a blank person. Good for first map!
somejew 9 кві 2013 о 22:26 
I got stuck under a tracking panel. It is where the laser hits the angled panel
Sumeron 9 кві 2013 о 15:41 
It's a fun puzzle map, just a shame about the last puzzle :-/
Wuolter 9 кві 2013 о 12:52 
Dark'ad 9 кві 2013 о 10:11 
m4rxin 8 кві 2013 о 12:02 
Really nice. Good Job!
drew 8 кві 2013 о 7:13 
building steps was annoying
Demon Arisen 8 кві 2013 о 5:54 
One of those maps that is relatively easy, but still fun. :)
ZAEROS 8 кві 2013 о 4:54 
Tricky building a stairway, Enjoyed the puzzlw a lot, Thank you.
Gotta 8 кві 2013 о 1:46 
((-SWP-)) gentle_men_the_great 7 кві 2013 о 20:59 
this may take me more than 2 hours to compleat
!233MAX! RvAlice 7 кві 2013 о 19:40 
i think it is a huge room, but lacking of some contradiction puzzle. It like a stright line from A to B.
Hyperspeed1313 7 кві 2013 о 16:21 
How did you add extra doors!?
Lord Mater 7 кві 2013 о 14:42 
[HOOKS]Congaline (Skip) 7 кві 2013 о 13:48 
Looks good, I have p2 but I dont have the right comp. Anyway awesome map
Lord Mater 7 кві 2013 о 13:39 
to easy :/
SevenSilhouette 7 кві 2013 о 13:36 
very easy...
Profile Name 7 кві 2013 о 13:01 
go to coop then community maps i think then select it from a list of your subscribed maps
Goofy[CZ] 7 кві 2013 о 11:37 
please how can i play this map? i click on the consumption and nothing happens...
boomagoo 7 кві 2013 о 10:52 
Im gonna if the damn thing would just load
Psanule 7 кві 2013 о 9:22
If any of you would take the time to look at my portal maps, it would be very much appreciated!
SmokeySmudgeStudio 7 кві 2013 о 8:28 
solved this easily with the portals around glass technique, fix that if I were you by making the walls by the glass non-portalable.
xevious 7 кві 2013 о 7:13 
Charliezard 7 кві 2013 о 7:00 
This looks absolutely insane
xX_UA_Brony_Xx 7 кві 2013 о 6:41 
Мне нравится !кул
Сарен Артериус 7 кві 2013 о 6:30 
scout90 7 кві 2013 о 3:35 
fotunecaspian, you interest yourself? huh
Sunfy_14 7 кві 2013 о 1:57 
OHHHHHH My Good ! Nice Map !!!!!
Ca5par 4tune 7 кві 2013 о 1:54 
what is this BEEMOD you speak of? i interests me
wildgoosespeeder 6 кві 2013 о 20:44 
It was OK.