The Prodigy concert
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RAINBOW_PUKER 16 авг в 15:38 
can u make one with the following songs : baby's got a tempet , smack my bitch up and breathe?
Rochelle 8 июл в 12:22 
Dman 6 июл в 11:19 
You deserve s missing texture
Dman 6 июл в 11:18 
I love u... no homo
Azabache 17 июн в 11:48 
HOHOHO, motivation.
Winger 8 июн в 1:21 
Nice (:
#Mek 27 апр в 3:20 
Awesome! You deserve a balloon
DJswirlyAlien 28 мар в 12:04 
You should use the live versions of the songs as opposed to album versions. They are both on the singles respectively.
#TheProdigy 25 мар в 16:23 
Nice :) As if I was ordering :D
Szoldzsi 5 мар в 6:59 
You deserve a headcrab:
ARK 26 фев в 15:12 
Oh hell yeah Invaders must die.
Shorty. (Δ) 29 янв в 3:04 
RagePeak 28 янв в 5:42 
A Prodigy - Firestarter mod would be awesome :D
Subroza 27 дек, 2013 в 7:28 
Dr Gorilla 3 ноя, 2013 в 18:56 
must have smack my bitch up!
Barg 29 окт, 2013 в 16:50 
☢[MT]ZEF☢ 22 сен, 2013 в 1:58 
Szoldzsi 9 сен, 2013 в 7:04 
Oscar 31 авг, 2013 в 17:58 
My life is complete now
Skull Man 13 авг, 2013 в 13:15 
luv the songs but not loud enough make it LOUDER like it should be
jayvanvelthoven 9 авг, 2013 в 10:11 
Braver 5 авг, 2013 в 15:39 
Freeasabird 1 авг, 2013 в 2:51 

it just needs to be a BIT louder. in a concert like The Prodigy it should be EARSPLITTINGLY LOUD in a good way. yah know within the scale of the game's normal volume. okay you'll still hear gunfire but like ... it just needs to be a bit louder ... yeah. :/
n1ghtmar3  [автор] 1 авг, 2013 в 2:12 
If i'll make It louder, you will listen noise instead of music
Freeasabird 1 авг, 2013 в 2:05 
It should be LOUDER Its WAAAY To quiet!! XC i don't wanna hear gunfire i wanna hear the music
edmjunky 23 июл, 2013 в 11:03 prodigy.
this mod rules
Prof Mol (Une Homme) 12 июл, 2013 в 18:39 
YES!!!!!!! Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tenshinen 5 июн, 2013 в 10:48 
Bloody awesome!
Bourbon | 4 мая, 2013 в 8:12 
Could you make a Nine Inch Nails concert? Thanks man.
danwho97 25 апр, 2013 в 19:26 
what songs?
KarovMac 12 апр, 2013 в 18:10 
this is great, really wasnt sure how The Prodigy would fit with L4D but just works! :) definitely reccomended
[貪欲] Nasus 9 апр, 2013 в 18:21 
n1ghtmar3  [автор] 9 апр, 2013 в 4:50 
Removed t-shirt. It's now available here:
Mr. Arrows 7 апр, 2013 в 11:52 
Oh, and heres my Axe: -----][ (Looks more like a Battlehammer.. but its an axe ;D)
Mr. Arrows 7 апр, 2013 в 11:50 
Cool, thanks!
Offer the Rochelle Skin as some kind of submod, then whoever likes it can download it and enjoy your work :)
n1ghtmar3  [автор] 7 апр, 2013 в 9:43 
Okay, will remove that t-shirt tomorrow
Mr. Arrows 6 апр, 2013 в 2:48 
Agreed with NiTR0, I love my Rochelle Skin the way it is. Make a Conzert-Only Version and you will have my Axe! ;)
« Simen » 6 апр, 2013 в 2:40 
Nice, but music too low ...
NiTR0 5 апр, 2013 в 12:42 
I love the concert, but sadly I will not use it. It adds a T-Shirt to Rochelle and I already have a skin for Her. It would be nice if you could make a alternate, I would think there is more than just myself that sees this as an issue.
penguin 4 апр, 2013 в 16:57 
one word EPIC
n1ghtmar3  [автор] 4 апр, 2013 в 9:59 
That depends on how long you'll fight horde and tank
Decepticon17 4 апр, 2013 в 9:14 
Do the songs really cut out like that?
LinkPlay9 3 апр, 2013 в 14:12 
Its great.
n1ghtmar3  [автор] 3 апр, 2013 в 13:28 
T-shirt is way brighter than on the screen. That depends on zombie
n1ghtmar3  [автор] 3 апр, 2013 в 13:10 
Can't make it louder, cuz the quality will be awful
Brodie 3 апр, 2013 в 13:05 
cool.. but music 2 low
=BBUK= Sl4ck3r epoch server up 3 апр, 2013 в 11:22 
Quality.. how do i make the music louder ?
SrMichaelBucket 1 апр, 2013 в 20:06 
Could you make one with Nickleback? or Three Days Grace?
Blue-X 1 апр, 2013 в 14:23 
looks awesome
.::Dex (Rus)::. 1 апр, 2013 в 1:41 
Hmmm, very good, youre the bet sir!
P.S. can you make Rammstein concert too, my best friend crushed on them... :)