Ця гра тепер доступна у Steam!

Дякуємо за те, що допомогли цій грі потрапити до крамниці Steam. Детальнішу інформацію, в тому числі посилання на сторінку в крамниці, ви можете знайти нижче.

Greenlight виводиться з ужитку. Для отримання додаткової інформації про надсилання ігор у Steam посилайтеся на цей допис.
GoD Factory: Wingmen
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Shukketsujuu 28 сер 2014 о 2:42 
i've never followed this game before today, but i can say one thing so far *pause for dramatic efect* FINALLY a dog fight spaceship game that gets it right.
Vesperion 1 сер 2014 о 15:40 
I just checked the "Soon at Steam" side and what did i see? GoD Factory will finaly come i´m so happy that i can´t wait for the 29th to play it already. So my montly money spending is already clear for me all i just don´t know so far is who of my friends i will give the 2nd key from the pre-order buy^^
sir-stabbalot 27 лип 2014 о 16:24 
That is a great relief, other developers could definitely learn a thing or two from you.
Gheeyom  [автор] 22 лип 2014 о 8:57 
Hi Jade! I'm glad you enjoyed your experience. To be honest we do want to make DLC for the game, but only becasue we want to expand the possibilities. We don't want to sell more powerful items, we just want to add stuff, like a new species, vanity items to change your look in unique ways, new weapons with weird behaviors, etc.

However, the game will contain over 300 unique pieces to choose from without any DLC, enough content to keep you going for a long time with or without DLC, and we don't intend to have paid map packs and stupid stuff like taht since it divides the userbase.
sir-stabbalot 20 лип 2014 о 16:20 
I played the game during the kickstarter live stream, and it was some of the most fun I have ever had. If Wingmen doesn't wind up free (which it wont) I will be more than happy to buy it, as long as the developers do not get involved in dlc and in game purchases, because that just ruins a game in my opinion.
Gheeyom  [автор] 14 лип 2014 о 7:39 
I know that players should understand what they are getting when they buy a game in early access, but sadly it is not always the case. We want to do everything we can so that players feel like paying us gave them their money's worth.

If we hadn't signed a deal with a publisher, we would have tried to get some funds with Early Access and I do think it can be a very viable way to do business, but it's rather risky these days, not that many Early Access games gain the traction they deserve and need to thrive.
Gheeyom  [автор] 14 лип 2014 о 7:39 
Hi Vesperion!

There are multiple reasons why we aren't in Early Access. First, because we see Early Access as a way to get funding to finish the game. Luckily for us, we signed a deal with Bandai Namco and we are now sufficiently funded to ensure that we bring the project to completion.

There is also the matter that Early Access can actually hurt a game's launch. Early Access titles do not receive the same visibility as "full fledged" launched and some players come by, try the game in its unfinished state, then leaves with a bad impression. These same players would have appreciated their experience more if they had tried it in a more polished state.
Vesperion 12 лип 2014 о 8:09 
What me wonders a bit is why the game doesn´t is in the Steam Shop as "Early Access" Title which can be bought in the current state. As much info as i could find so far about the game in Forums and Discussions it seems already pretty far in case of the development status + the fact that it gave Beta Times already. Does it have any particular reason why you still keep the game "away" from Steam or does it whit anything else to do?
Agata 5 чер 2014 о 1:15 
Получил Ключ
Invizzz💤 1 чер 2014 о 8:27 
A║ ©@p٥nﻉ ♞ 31 тра 2014 о 4:54 
Catman92 16 тра 2014 о 9:10 
Dream Life 14 тра 2014 о 10:04 
Doji 9 тра 2014 о 11:09 
Я тоже ключ получил ключ.
MrViking 9 тра 2014 о 10:33 
А я получил ключ беты
Jerfish 22 кві 2014 о 0:02 
Hey guys, thanks for letting me play at PAX (I was the one in the astronaut jumpsuit with Kerbal Space Program badges on, right at closing on Friday). This was a fun and fantastic game, I'm looking forward to it's release!
LordLiquidBaconII 17 кві 2014 о 18:48 
I just heard about the game but I am extremely excited about it!
Keos 5 кві 2014 о 17:53 
@fNt, yes it is.
fNt~ 4 кві 2014 о 14:50 
Is this a Unity game With Photon Networking?
Heretiko 8 січ 2014 о 2:22 
i LOVED Air Rivals, even if it was too much reliant on item shop. I hope this game won't be so tied to item shop too. Anyway, it seems great. Would try for sure!
Rain Blossom 26 гру 2013 о 16:12 
I hope Controller Support will be an added feature!
Castawayfan 19 лис 2013 о 14:35 
okay :)
Gheeyom  [автор] 19 лис 2013 о 12:50 
We've got no release to announce at this point. Stay tuned as we'll certainly have something to announce soonish.
Castawayfan 19 лис 2013 о 7:10 
anyone know when this game is coming out?
Carioca 9 лис 2013 о 18:43 
I'm supporting the game because the linux version
SteamOS is coming
the rainmaker 8 лис 2013 о 19:26 
Kickass game... lol
Gheeyom  [автор] 8 лис 2013 о 10:37 
@Captain Frosty There are 4 species, one of them being so huge that they only need to put armor on, which gives them more of a "mecha" look.
DeathOcty 6 лис 2013 о 18:36 
Even though I cant play a real match this game is good so far.
DeathOcty 6 лис 2013 о 18:36 
The tutorial and some of the costomizable ships are on an "Alpha" on the kickstarter page.
Killer Miller 6 лис 2013 о 17:31 
So, When will the game be playable. I've been watching lots of vids.can't wait to play :P
Dew u no de wey? 6 лис 2013 о 16:31 
It seems I have seen 2 types of ships in the vid. A more, winged, fast one, and one that seems to have more of a body. Are there different types of ships to customize, or do they just transform.
Indie Shibe 30 жов 2013 о 14:52 
Go Early Access and take my money! ;)
Gheeyom  [автор] 30 жов 2013 о 7:47 
Thanks everyone for making this happen! :D
World Renowned Scumbag Naxts 30 жов 2013 о 6:31 
Fantastic! It's a shame that the kickstarter didn't go through but this is just as good too!
30 жов 2013 о 5:06 
Congratulatinos gyus, great job on making it through <3
coolest monkey in the jungle 29 жов 2013 о 14:52 
grats on greenlight! We need more space games.
Zer0]{elvin 29 жов 2013 о 14:20 
Congratulations on being Greenlit! :)
Keos 29 жов 2013 о 10:36 
@rival.schools. Most of the Menus are currently work in progress and place holders. They do not reflect the final version of the product. They will indeed look like the HUD. The Hangar is probably the most advanced menu we currently have, but it is still subject to change :)
DinZik 29 жов 2013 о 6:54 
Kruger_PL 29 жов 2013 о 6:46 
Nice ;D
1HeavyD 28 жов 2013 о 22:18 
The graphics look pretty sick. I'm normally not into space / flight shooting games but I would definitely check this out due to the graphics being awesome. Hope this comes to Steam.
Kickster 28 жов 2013 о 13:20 
i wish i could like this type of game, graphics seems to be very good. i don't like though the menus, they look dull and don't match the concept of the game. I saw the UI bars during fighting and that's exactly how i think the menus had to look like.
Minor4PvP 28 жов 2013 о 13:06 
baryga 27 жов 2013 о 22:12 
DALOS 27 жов 2013 о 16:23 
After seeing some gameplay I'm conserrned about the rout the game's headed, I heard that you have to unlock gear to get an advantage over others and that's just broken and stupid. I'm not sure I'll end up buying it if thats the case.
/7аша 27 жов 2013 о 9:26 
very good graphics
DiLL 27 жов 2013 о 9:19 
Please, add portuguese brazil
roostapro | OverNoizu 27 жов 2013 о 8:42 

Graphics are amazing, ship designs are to just die for...

watched jesse cox video on it, and must say I am simple impressed.

vote = Yes.
Rob 27 жов 2013 о 8:19 
Graphics, physics and gameplay look pretty solid. It's gonna be a good game.
卡法西™ 27 жов 2013 о 8:09 
look good