Left 4 Dead 2
M16/M4A1 fall camo from MW2
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Pickle Rick (G.E.W.P.) 21 гру 2016 о 10:20 
Woozie  [автор] 20 гру 2016 о 14:22 
@It's Scarce Here (G.E.W.P) I used the default animations
Pickle Rick (G.E.W.P.) 19 гру 2016 о 18:56 
hey what is the animation you used?
Woozie  [автор] 12 тра 2013 о 10:16 
@๖ۣŞiʀӍuƊkîP™ Hello Sirmudkip, I'm sorry that I'm coming with a late answer. No this does not include custom animations, and I might do more camo's in the future.
Lonk 11 кві 2013 о 19:58 
Does this have custom animations? And will you be making a Red Tiger camo for it?
十年踪迹十年心 5 кві 2013 о 6:44 
I will look forward to your work!!!
Woozie  [автор] 5 кві 2013 о 6:20 
@Breathless1994 It's not that easy to create skins, but I might make more reskins in the future.
十年踪迹十年心 5 кві 2013 о 2:04 
very good skin ,canyoudo more ??
Woozie  [автор] 29 бер 2013 о 13:25 
@Bluechipz Thanks! I'll try my best to make more skins like this.
Bluechipz 29 бер 2013 о 13:06 
Wow! This is really Awesome! Hope you do more cool skins like thsi! :)
Mr. Hilts 28 бер 2013 о 13:00 
Woozie  [автор] 28 бер 2013 о 12:59 
@[RG]james-1178 Glad you liked it!!
Mr. Hilts 28 бер 2013 о 12:56 
its ok but if you know eny one who models guns plz tell me :) ow and good mod i like it alot :)
Woozie  [автор] 28 бер 2013 о 12:50 
@[RG]james-1178[/b] Then I'm sorry, I don't think I can help you.
Mr. Hilts 28 бер 2013 о 12:33 
no sorry its a gun like a model/skin
Woozie  [автор] 28 бер 2013 о 12:02 
@[RG]james-1178[7b] Maybe, It depends on what it is. Is it a camo?
Mr. Hilts 28 бер 2013 о 11:51 
could you do pm63 from black ops 2 as the smg ?
✎ Sexy's Luna ✎ 28 бер 2013 о 6:42 
yes im sorry
Woozie  [автор] 28 бер 2013 о 4:52 
@Bill What do you mean with remove me? ;S) And glad you liked me, took me some time to make it.
@aaronthewolf It surely is!
@Batur[TR](Oyun iniyor) Thank you! It was easy at some times and hard at some times to create it.
Brionne (KWO) 27 бер 2013 о 23:00 
this is cool
✎ Sexy's Luna ✎ 27 бер 2013 о 19:46 
OH man cool thank (dont remove me ^_^)