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Teddy Floppy Ear - Kayaking
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kitty cat go meow? szept. 1. @ du. 9:40 
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Fiendish8 aug. 27. @ du. 1:42 
I really like seeing a game on here thats child appropriate, it looks bright, fun, and educational. Will be great for my 6yr old. Hope we see it soon.
Pendu júl. 16. @ de. 9:43 
Auch ein Spiel für große Kinder. :) Eine deutsche Übersetzung der Teddy Floppy Ear Teile wäre super. MrCoup jún. 28. @ de. 9:33 
Echo jún. 26. @ de. 7:48 
good for kids :D
wacek1989 jún. 16. @ de. 4:50 
fantastic for the kids:D
Rivvel jún. 11. @ de. 7:58 
Perfect game for children, based on polish popular and cute cartoon. Fingers crossed:))
Youth! Full Power!! jún. 8. @ de. 8:01 
I'm expecting this game. Good luck greenlight. Cheer up~! :D
mrsemaine febr. 14. @ du. 12:38 
Nice, but too bad, it is only in English.
Grand febr. 2. @ de. 1:35 
Good for my kids
Ferran_Esp jan. 5. @ de. 6:42 
For a Kid looks good, whatever, I approve this!
SVD 2013. dec. 11. @ du. 11:02 
Trzymam kciuki za Uszatka! Dla dzieciaków jak znalazł :)
Greed 2013. nov. 24. @ de. 5:18 
Nice idea ;D
bye 2013. okt. 12. @ de. 6:52 
No duh it's a damn kids' game. Though, it has wonderful graphics.
♛ Ⓒⓡⓐⓩⓨⓡⓐⓩ ♛ 2013. okt. 11. @ du. 9:40 
No gore, no fun even people going to surcide that tipical for a kid game , ok whatever i will vote it...
Nicimausi1990 2013. szept. 9. @ de. 6:41 
It´s an interesting adventure for me an i love the bear=)
Gilsen333 2013. aug. 30. @ du. 9:15 
Kid game
KrissyRawrz ♡ Lee 2013. aug. 14. @ du. 10:03 
It's weird how much I want this haha
morakdais 2013. aug. 11. @ du. 1:34 
That crab was a little too violent.
Occupational Hazzard 2013. aug. 7. @ du. 3:41 
I think this should deffinately be marketed, but not on steam since steam is not a community geared toward children.
covox76 2013. júl. 30. @ de. 10:32 
Polish cartoon without polish language? Why!? Why!? Why!? This is perfect market for this game.
Grizz Monkey Warrior 2013. júl. 28. @ du. 9:40 
Good looking kids game!
Ozz3605 2013. júl. 24. @ de. 8:51 
Agreed..Steam need more kid games....:)
IC4mdkPxIPrc 2013. júl. 23. @ du. 11:49 
Snail in suit... oh yeaaah!
Corpsolian 2013. júl. 5. @ du. 1:37 
Kid game... eh, might get children on PC instead of leapster crappy handhelds.
ElPadreDeLosHujeros 2013. júl. 1. @ de. 7:19 
voted up just that steam needs more kids/educational games and this one looks pure gorgeous, thumb up for multi OS support
jmerithew87 2013. júl. 1. @ de. 6:04 
Steam needs more kids games, and given that I like Adventure Games I might even give it a shot.
Innsmouth 2013. jún. 28. @ de. 3:31 
I want to get really high and play this game. Make it happen and I'll buy it.
Kreidol 2013. jún. 26. @ du. 2:33 
looks like a great game for little kids. steam has so few of those, so good for you!
Shady Shariest 2013. jún. 26. @ de. 4:09 
HR Puffing Stuff. 2013. jún. 25. @ de. 5:21 
There is no way i would play this, but i buy games for my nieces and little cousins to play when they visit me off steam. i would buy this for them, so i upvoted.
Punisherzal 2013. jún. 18. @ du. 6:58 
im voten for it because i like kayaking
MrTrueStoryLP 2013. jún. 18. @ de. 11:38 
you should try to find other platforms with much young children
SgtRicko 2013. jún. 17. @ du. 11:06 
I guess if a parent was constantly traveling and brought their child along with them, then installing this game onto their laptop would be a great idea. However, one of the posters below brought up a good point: Steam's audience is primarily teens and adults, with little to no young children, let alone adults who might have kids into these types of games.

Why not try to get this posted on Facebook on the Apple/Android App store instead? You might find a more willing audience there.
sara_bear 2013. jún. 8. @ du. 8:20 
Well it's ok for a 6 year old, not that all that many 6 year olds are on steam.
kisungan 2013. jún. 8. @ de. 7:33 
A very beautiful game!! If I had a son, I would give this game to him for sure. But anyway, this is Steam, I think there is not a child with 5 years old here adventuring in greenlight and even if he had, he would play non educacional games like CoD!!! LOL
[]PurpleHaze[] 2013. jún. 7. @ du. 2:28 
Show 2013. jún. 1. @ de. 4:10 
Miś uszatek
Krate 2013. máj. 28. @ du. 3:44 
Kusy 2013. máj. 25. @ de. 2:00 
Yeah, sure, why not!

As for steam not being a place for kid games... Yes, of course, because small kids buy educational games for themselves. It's totally not like it's the parents who buy them. Sheesh.
SillySixPin 2013. máj. 10. @ du. 3:48 
This game is absolutely adorable!
Pinky 2013. máj. 4. @ de. 9:10 
I run a daycare and I think the kids would love this game for the ipad.
Faalagorn 2013. máj. 3. @ du. 12:18 
Jestem sobie mały miś, gruby miś...
Bootwiggle 2013. ápr. 26. @ de. 10:19 
Steam isn't the most child-friendly place. (Lack of parental controls).

I'd upvote it for distrubution anywhere else (ie, more kid-friendly), but steam isn't a great environment. What if the kid accidently clicked Riptide or something brutal? :<
[42] Naity - #lours 2013. ápr. 24. @ de. 6:28 
Looks nice but no for me. The game might have a lot of qualities but I dont think Steam is the best place to let your child play. Too much violent / disturbing games around plus no option to lock the library games with parental control makes in my opinion this platform not adapted for this kind of game.
Werewolf 2013. ápr. 23. @ de. 11:02 
Looks realy nice.
Baglygte 2013. ápr. 22. @ du. 1:53 
Very pleasing to the eye, but this doesn't look like a game for me.
Rainbow Dash Black 2013. ápr. 21. @ de. 9:50 
Not aimed at me. I don't think my daughter would be into this either. Sorry.
Kira 2013. ápr. 19. @ de. 7:54 
mmmh, There arn't many childrens games in the steam store.. mmh and as they say, the more genres of games we have avalible for everyone and the more avalible they all are.. the better it is for the whole.. well you get the idea. XD
Iron Chef French Hiroyuki Sakai 2013. ápr. 18. @ du. 3:37 
i need this game to be greenlit so i can give it as an ironic gift to my friends