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GunZ 2: The Second Duel
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Hyrv 21 січ о 12:02 
ni una actualicacion hasta hora
Kappaaaa 30 чер 2015 о 16:59 
No K-style , but seriously , it worth a try :)
Azrael 10 чер 2015 о 14:17 
lo gracioso es que se ve interesante si ubiera tenido otro nombre pero no "GUNZ 2", a gunz 1 no lo popularizo solo por trepar paredes, disparar, dar unos efectos con las armas... es mas que eso, fueron los bug.. como atacar y defender con la espada al mismo tiempo, hacer movimientos que no te ofrecia el juego(cosa que siempre se ve en el trailer cuando se lanza un juego), los mismos jugadores lo descubrieron, por eso es que se popularizo GUNZ THE DUEL por eso es que la gente lo reclama es como quitar algo escencial de la primera entrega...

como menciono el juego GUNZ 2 no es malo es buen juego.. pero debio llamarse otra forma pero no como segunda secuela de GUNZ THE DUEL
Rain 9 кві 2015 о 0:08 
If you guys miss original GunZ come to www.gunzduels.com It's just like how you remember original Gunz at ijji, everything is default and players are slowly coming back. You'll find new and old players just brings back memories. Hope to see you guys ign: BunnyTrix
Here is a nostalgia of a fan made video of www.gunzduels.com has to offer just like ijji I know you all miss it do not deny facts, do not run from your true destiny

kurrupt 16 бер 2015 о 11:48 
thebestintheworld 11 лют 2015 о 5:37 
unable to connect due to a server issue.

Rekkn_ 5 лют 2015 о 20:12 
Why has this never been published on Steams front page? Why is it that it is nowhere to be found on the Free to Play section? you're wish is to let this game die before it even get played??
๋๋ 16 січ 2015 о 6:45 
Rekkn_ 8 січ 2015 о 10:52 
IMPORTANT: For everyone reading this, you can now play it in eu (or at least in the eu country where i live)
NeoArmstrongCycloneJetCannon 2 січ 2015 о 3:07 
not available on your current platform :3
YouDie 21 гру 2014 о 14:01 
Porcaria , coloca o Gunz the Duel 1 Please o Melhor esse e Muito Ruim
Mizen 10 гру 2014 о 7:45 
Europe version please :D
Rekkn_ 4 гру 2014 о 4:31 
Release Date(s)

March 2015 Worldwide

March 2015 Europe

March 2015 USA

Source: game pressure.com (without the open space ofc)

*Fingere crossed* i really miss this game in my cycle of games i play for years.
Anomaly 13 лис 2014 о 13:49 
I was excited until I couldn't find a match... What a disappointment.
iPandalf 12 лис 2014 о 13:38 
Europe PLZ X_X
Faizyr 29 жов 2014 о 15:44 
fck you maiet , me and other people beta tested gunz 2 in the EU for a year straight and then you take it away from us with our donations with founder packs. i want my money back...
LuCkY sHoT 25 жов 2014 о 6:49 
All regions or riot. Seriously not amused.
Alphear / ~WorldMaker~ 22 жов 2014 о 6:50 
why this awesome game have region lock?
i'm from spain and i can't play because i'm from spain.
this look's like a bullshit
SweeT 30 вер 2014 о 9:13 
Region Lock is fucking outdated today and wasted... Not interested anymore in a game with stupid publisher...
Rain 30 сер 2014 о 16:29 
If you guys miss original Gunz 1 come play in www.Gunzduels.com I just joined it recently everything is based of ijji/Aeria and lead server reminds me of old times. I get tired of other overrated p-servers. fanpage www.facebook.com/Gunzduels
Virabhadra 27 сер 2014 о 9:39 
Still nothing in Europe ... omg ... hope you die of cancer ... porco dio la madonna .... siete patetici
Hawkstein 5 сер 2014 о 7:47 
Greenlight + RegionLock@release is the biggest scam from MAIET, which is considered as "Slave-Hand/Voting". Getting Greenlit with around 80% of the votes being international and only around 20% of the votes being NA, then the game gets released and the 80% gets... dust.

This sort of scam is the main reason why TERA got wasted from Steam. Also, keep it mind that this situation is one of the few reasons why Gabe wants to shut down Greenlight.
Metallica 3 сер 2014 о 13:48 
Not avaiable from spain... I suspect they aren`t releasing to Europe yet...
Kyajju 15 лип 2014 о 17:52 
the adopted (fuck you grub) 13 лип 2014 о 2:52 
Not available to United Kingdom, Not Impressed AT ALL
♡Aobana♡ 9 лип 2014 о 2:42 
Why the hell was this on Greenlight? It's a given game to release on Steam without Greenlight feedback. Oh well...
Arya Stark 1 лип 2014 о 6:05 
Hawkstein 9 чер 2014 о 6:38 
Start reporting, everyone!
Hawkstein 9 чер 2014 о 6:37 
Region lock? They fooled us!

Getting Greenlit with 90% of the votes worldwide (other 10% being NA), then they give nothing but a region-lock. That's called Slave-Hand Voting, and that shouldn't even be tolerated on Steam. (that's why they removed TERA)
Rain 28 тра 2014 о 9:18 
If you guys miss original Gunz 1 come play in www.Gunzduels.com I just joined it recently everything is based of ijji/Aeria and lead server reminds me of old times. I get tired of other overrated p-servers. fanpage www.facebook.com/Gunzduels
Tonton 27 тра 2014 о 12:26 
wtf i cant play this in the UK, what happened to unifying the gaming industry!
Ceita Ch2 Easy Cash 26 тра 2014 о 18:15 
omg no play Portugal Steam !!!!
DeShelly 20 тра 2014 о 11:03 
i cant find this game on steam....
Hazard 19 тра 2014 о 3:22 
Where is the Maintenance Announcement Thread????
Rekkn_ 12 тра 2014 о 8:45 
still not available in belguim on steam
UserProfile™ 10 тра 2014 о 16:12 
Game is such bullshit.

I can't play with my friend because he's in the UK.
En1GmaT1c 10 тра 2014 о 13:27 
Leornoc (Gentleman) 4 тра 2014 о 11:12 
PLEASE, Someone tell me how to parry.
GeBeInE 24 кві 2014 о 23:06 
many cheaters(( sucks ppl((
Bot 4 кві 2014 о 8:31 
The first GunZ was fun, but was ultimately VERY Pay2Win. Woulda been great if this improved upon that.
Protoss 29 бер 2014 о 9:19 
Wished I could downvote this! Don't like it when people are unable to play because of their race or nationality.
Coolodile 26 бер 2014 о 2:41 
No GunZ 2 for anywhere else? Pfft, Regionist.
3G0-R3fl3x-h34D 25 бер 2014 о 5:11 
boubm boum boum^^
sdfjkas 25 бер 2014 о 4:50 
cmon gunz , why keep lagggggggg
pinyoko-chan 17 бер 2014 о 4:24 
Matchmaking needs to have a level range
Havox73 14 бер 2014 о 0:22 
Cmon Steam, let us play GunZ 2: The Second Duel in all regions!
wsamantha87 12 бер 2014 о 13:20 
Bring back the Quests ;_; they were one of the reasons I kept playing the first Gunz
OPLETTEN KANKER HOMO 10 бер 2014 о 9:10 
Why cant I get in the store page? I live in the Netherlands, is there some problem with the region you live in?
Kejmur - AFK 9 бер 2014 о 7:08 
Emmm I live in Poland in CENTRAL EUROPE and I can't even check the shop page of Gunz 2 for some reason. It says not available for my region. Ok...
xProudly 4 бер 2014 о 14:03 
i cant't even play the damn game not for my Region :S