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GunZ 2: The Second Duel
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Bot 4 Abr às 8:31 
The first GunZ was fun, but was ultimately VERY Pay2Win. Woulda been great if this improved upon that.
Protoss 29 Mar às 9:19 
Wished I could downvote this! Don't like it when people are unable to play because of their race or nationality.
ÇØØLôdîl뙳 26 Mar às 2:41 
No GunZ 2 for anywhere else? Pfft, Regionist.
B3RS3K3R 25 Mar às 5:11 
boubm boum boum^^
Rookie ! 25 Mar às 4:50 
cmon gunz , why keep lagggggggg
Rain 18 Mar às 21:15 
If you guys miss original Gunz 1 come play in I just joined it recently everything is based of ijji/Aeria and lead server reminds me of old times. I get tired of other overrated p-servers.
rubbishman 17 Mar às 4:24 
Matchmaking needs to have a level range
Havox73 14 Mar às 0:22 
Cmon Steam, let us play GunZ 2: The Second Duel in all regions!
wsamantha87 12 Mar às 13:20 
Bring back the Quests ;_; they were one of the reasons I kept playing the first Gunz
Reznovic 10 Mar às 9:10 
Why cant I get in the store page? I live in the Netherlands, is there some problem with the region you live in?
Kejmur 9 Mar às 7:08 
Emmm I live in Poland in CENTRAL EUROPE and I can't even check the shop page of Gunz 2 for some reason. It says not available for my region. Ok...
xProudly 4 Mar às 14:03 
i cant't even play the damn game not for my Region :S
Buczoo 3 Mar às 8:52 
it is nice game
|OwN|- rockz3r 1 Mar às 1:54 
i cannot even play a match.. i find.. find for 5 minutes.. so servers found. why??
jaccari12 28 Fev às 13:29 
game is aaaaaawwwwwwwwsssssooooooommmmeeeeeee
N1ghtRose 28 Fev às 7:50 
It appears that you live outside of our publishing region (Europe and Turkey). Unfortunately, your account could not be created for this reason. We encourage you to play GunZ 2 – The Second Duel with the publisher for your region. Thank you for your understanding.......????
im europe(estonia) but it not let me regist eny help? plz and I try to regist in
ImmortalTechnique 28 Fev às 6:19 
If you want me to play this shit, then make it available in my country.
Do0ggy 28 Fev às 5:08 
I'm JN , I Own Games 28 Fev às 2:41 
is it UP? why it keeps on saying game is not available
PaWn胖。Cu爱 26 Fev às 1:48 
tesla shop suck....wasting ore get trash for nth ......
5тeдмon 24 Fev às 3:38 
@Izzysocks, you will need to go to the official site (yes it works, i can play it through there) .. dont ask me whn they finally gonna release it on stam thou. Good luck ;)
Rain 23 Fev às 14:16 
If you guys miss GunZ 1, try currently only official ijji/Aeria based server. I joined it it's new and. Very calm and friendly community I play it when I can't log in Gunz 2 here.
Izzysocks 23 Fev às 14:04 
Any way to play gunz 2 in EU ?
|AvatarKiller| 23 Fev às 8:29 
I can not play in Gunz 2, when I start the game, the screen goes black and will not leave. Why? Have tested it with another account and started normally.
GaySack 22 Fev às 18:21 
Awesome game. Go download it. Now.
this game its big shit
Derp 22 Fev às 11:36 
why i cant go to the store page of the game ?
why i cannot start the game ... after i click the play there is a black window show for around 1 to 2 sec and close it automatically and nothing happen....and then starts up and again and again.... anyone can help me
[King]OfDaNuke#12 22 Fev às 6:43 
for some reason i cant start up the game it freezes and then starts up and agin and agin
Rain 20 Fev às 22:59 
If you guys miss GunZ 1, try currently only official ijji/Aeria based server. I joined it it's new and. Very calm and friendly community I play it when I can't log in Gunz 2 here.
Rap God 20 Fev às 1:41 
Is there still a fucking Maintnence?
Master Solom 20 Fev às 0:24 
Wow fking 8 hours after the planed update when ppl were desperate confused and waiting, not long after they finished the update almost 7 hours later then pre-told time, They was yet another release, Only Taking An Hour, more like 6....... GET THIS GAME TAKEN SERIOUS OR STOP FKING TESTING US GOD DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
kyle1234513 19 Fev às 19:21 
seriously though, only around 80~140 players are actually play games at times, with a 1500 cap it makes you wonder why people cant get on..... (pst... theyre secretley all afk to save their spot)
kyle1234513 19 Fev às 18:52 
its "full" with AFK players who arent being kicked out, the moment you get in, NEVER X OUT, YOU LITERALLY STAY ON FOREVER
Tusteregis o Insistente 19 Fev às 18:39 
go to if you ar european
Master Solom 19 Fev às 18:32 
It's been taking way longer then it should of to update, I have a feeling Gunz 2 is gonna get screwed around as much as Gunz was. Sad......
BrassMonk3y 19 Fev às 18:14 
For all the non-stop assholes fking let me play ive been waiting for two days and havent played one you no lives
Rap God 19 Fev às 15:46 
Are the servers down right now?
Oasis 19 Fev às 15:11 
This is dumb
Sbaro 19 Fev às 13:40 
server is full EVERYWHERE xD
just wait
m3t@f0x #GUNZ2!!!!##!#!# 19 Fev às 13:31 
server is full all the time... (south america) wtf??? more slots please
ptK 19 Fev às 12:03 
i'm european and this game is region locked but i must try this game :3
Baconflavoured Cockmuffin 19 Fev às 10:51 
Well thanks for not making it available in my region.
KM Rose 19 Fev às 10:32 
Synthetic69 19 Fev às 10:31 
"Not avalible in your region." ^^ seriously? why so ^^
¤†§à®àh†¤ 19 Fev às 10:05 
Go to for the eu version which has been out since november. srsly.
xentral naru 19 Fev às 9:56 
haloharry 19 Fev às 9:45 
service is unavailable..... cant i play it in uk??
BLACKLIGHT 19 Fev às 8:08 
server down!!