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GunZ 2: The Second Duel
5,297 megjegyzés
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Bot ápr. 4. @ de. 8:31 
The first GunZ was fun, but was ultimately VERY Pay2Win. Woulda been great if this improved upon that.
Protoss márc. 29. @ de. 9:19 
Wished I could downvote this! Don't like it when people are unable to play because of their race or nationality.
ÇØØLôdîl뙳 márc. 26. @ de. 2:41 
No GunZ 2 for anywhere else? Pfft, Regionist.
B3RS3K3R márc. 25. @ de. 5:11 
boubm boum boum^^
Rookie ! márc. 25. @ de. 4:50 
cmon gunz , why keep lagggggggg
Rain márc. 18. @ du. 9:15 
If you guys miss original Gunz 1 come play in www.Gunzduels.com I just joined it recently everything is based of ijji/Aeria and lead server reminds me of old times. I get tired of other overrated p-servers.
rubbishman márc. 17. @ de. 4:24 
Matchmaking needs to have a level range
Havox73 márc. 14. @ de. 12:22 
Cmon Steam, let us play GunZ 2: The Second Duel in all regions!
wsamantha87 márc. 12. @ du. 1:20 
Bring back the Quests ;_; they were one of the reasons I kept playing the first Gunz
Reznovic márc. 10. @ de. 9:10 
Why cant I get in the store page? I live in the Netherlands, is there some problem with the region you live in?
Kejmur márc. 9. @ de. 7:08 
Emmm I live in Poland in CENTRAL EUROPE and I can't even check the shop page of Gunz 2 for some reason. It says not available for my region. Ok...
xProudly márc. 4. @ du. 2:03 
i cant't even play the damn game not for my Region :S
Buczoo márc. 3. @ de. 8:52 
it is nice game
|OwN|- rockz3r márc. 1. @ de. 1:54 
i cannot even play a match.. i find.. find for 5 minutes.. so servers found. why??
jaccari12 febr. 28. @ du. 1:29 
game is aaaaaawwwwwwwwsssssooooooommmmeeeeeee
N1ghtRose febr. 28. @ de. 7:50 
It appears that you live outside of our publishing region (Europe and Turkey). Unfortunately, your account could not be created for this reason. We encourage you to play GunZ 2 – The Second Duel with the publisher for your region. Thank you for your understanding.......????
im europe(estonia) but it not let me regist eny help? plz and I try to regist in www.gunz2.co.uk
ImmortalTechnique febr. 28. @ de. 6:19 
If you want me to play this shit, then make it available in my country.
Do0ggy febr. 28. @ de. 5:08 
I'm JN , I Own Games febr. 28. @ de. 2:41 
is it UP? why it keeps on saying game is not available
PaWn胖。Cu爱 febr. 26. @ de. 1:48 
tesla shop suck....wasting ore get trash for nth ......
5тeдмon febr. 24. @ de. 3:38 
@Izzysocks, you will need to go to the official site (yes it works, i can play it through there) .. dont ask me whn they finally gonna release it on stam thou. http://gunz2.co.uk Good luck ;)
Rain febr. 23. @ du. 2:16 
If you guys miss GunZ 1, try www.Gunzduels.com currently only official ijji/Aeria based server. I joined it it's new and. Very calm and friendly community I play it when I can't log in Gunz 2 here.
Izzysocks febr. 23. @ du. 2:04 
Any way to play gunz 2 in EU ?
|AvatarKiller| febr. 23. @ de. 8:29 
I can not play in Gunz 2, when I start the game, the screen goes black and will not leave. Why? Have tested it with another account and started normally.
GaySack febr. 22. @ du. 6:21 
Awesome game. Go download it. Now.
魔界-Uchiha Makaay-魔界 febr. 22. @ du. 5:12 
this game its big shit
Derp febr. 22. @ de. 11:36 
why i cant go to the store page of the game ?
Tsukiko♥ ҉҈҉҈҈҉҈҉҈҉ febr. 22. @ de. 9:50 
why i cannot start the game ... after i click the play there is a black window show for around 1 to 2 sec and close it automatically and nothing happen....and then starts up and again and again.... anyone can help me
XxDaBOXGameingxX febr. 22. @ de. 6:43 
for some reason i cant start up the game it freezes and then starts up and agin and agin
Rain febr. 20. @ du. 10:59 
If you guys miss GunZ 1, try www.Gunzduels.com currently only official ijji/Aeria based server. I joined it it's new and. Very calm and friendly community I play it when I can't log in Gunz 2 here.
☺Rap God☺ febr. 20. @ de. 1:41 
Is there still a fucking Maintnence?
Master Solom febr. 20. @ de. 12:24 
Wow fking 8 hours after the planed update when ppl were desperate confused and waiting, not long after they finished the update almost 7 hours later then pre-told time, They was yet another release, Only Taking An Hour, more like 6....... GET THIS GAME TAKEN SERIOUS OR STOP FKING TESTING US GOD DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
kyle1234513 febr. 19. @ du. 7:21 
seriously though, only around 80~140 players are actually play games at times, with a 1500 cap it makes you wonder why people cant get on..... (pst... theyre secretley all afk to save their spot)
kyle1234513 febr. 19. @ du. 6:52 
its "full" with AFK players who arent being kicked out, the moment you get in, NEVER X OUT, YOU LITERALLY STAY ON FOREVER
Tusteregis o Insistente febr. 19. @ du. 6:39 
go to
www.gunz2.co.uk if you ar european
Master Solom febr. 19. @ du. 6:32 
It's been taking way longer then it should of to update, I have a feeling Gunz 2 is gonna get screwed around as much as Gunz was. Sad......
Belligerent febr. 19. @ du. 6:14 
For all the non-stop assholes fking let me play ive been waiting for two days and havent played one you no lives
☺Rap God☺ febr. 19. @ du. 3:46 
Are the servers down right now?
Oasis febr. 19. @ du. 3:11 
This is dumb
Sbaro febr. 19. @ du. 1:40 
server is full EVERYWHERE xD
just wait
m3t@f0x #GUNZ2!!!!##!#!# febr. 19. @ du. 1:31 
server is full all the time... (south america) wtf??? more slots please
ptK febr. 19. @ du. 12:03 
i'm european and this game is region locked but i must try this game :3
Baconflavoured Cockmuffin febr. 19. @ de. 10:51 
Well thanks for not making it available in my region.
KM Rose febr. 19. @ de. 10:32 
www.gunz2.co.uk IF YOU ARE EUROPEAN
Synthetic69 febr. 19. @ de. 10:31 
"Not avalible in your region." ^^ seriously? why so ^^
¤†§à®àh†¤ febr. 19. @ de. 10:05 
Go to www.gunz2.co.uk for the eu version which has been out since november. srsly.
FLITS! HUH! WAAA! xentral naru febr. 19. @ de. 9:56 
haloharry febr. 19. @ de. 9:45 
service is unavailable..... cant i play it in uk??
BLACKLIGHT febr. 19. @ de. 8:08 
server down!!