Herman the Mad (fully voiced!)
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OCELOT Dec 3 @ 9:11am 
Had the no dialogue problem, I saved and reloaded and he immediately spoke to me. I only assume it must have something to do with trying to talk to him before he initiates his dialogue to you.
cyberdron88 Nov 30 @ 12:45pm 
im having a problem talking to herman it won`t let me talk to him
UNICORN NIPPLES Nov 24 @ 12:04pm 
having an issue with herman fighting in his "brute force" mode where hes wearing his helm. he wont fight anyone except when hes in his magic mode even when they are attacking him. Any help?
[SBRBF] JasterMK5 Oct 28 @ 3:47am 
Ok for those having probs, you can get herman with AFT, heres what i used to do to get him + other followers.
When you 1st meet herman and he asks if you want to have him follow you or not choose the NO option, afterwerds, back a bit away from herman and open the console and type Help Herman 4, look for the "Meet Herman" quest in the list, you should see a address for that quest next to it, type in console "setstage (YOUR HERMAN CODE HERE!) 10, this will fix herman to were he no longer does the intro chat, now choose to have him follow you, after you do give him and sec to see if he follows you, if he does talk to him, if he walks away with the follower leaves message you have messed up, if it opens up is options like a follower currently following you then youv done it! However herman will have 2 i need you to do somthing and a follow me one even know hes currently with you.
tyger Oct 12 @ 11:29am 
can he do stealth?
I kind of want him to have an optional quest where he tells you in a very cryptic way about a "diamond in the rough" and gives you clues to find a fortune in flawless gemstones and gold septims.
palkinator89 Oct 1 @ 5:23pm 
I had a bug where I went to get Herman after subscribing. I walked to where he usually walks up to you to talk (I had this mod a while ago, and just put it back) but he would not talk to me. It gave me the spell, but i couldn't use it yet because i have not met him? And then he would just slowly lumber after me, but not start the initial dialogue? Any ideas?
SturkMaster Sep 20 @ 10:57am 
I believe there are skeleton models with Ancient Nord armor, but I'm not quite sure...
Valkyr Sep 13 @ 6:57pm 
please, please tell me how to order things so this little lovely doesn't make all of my AFT followers disappear; he is a delight, but not worth THAT
People like grapes Sep 7 @ 2:10pm 
This kinda needs to updated to work with follower mods like UFO or AFT.
NateDogg Sep 6 @ 5:51pm 
Dylan, You need to load a save in bleaks fall.
dylan Sep 2 @ 10:37am 
doesnt work he doesnt talk to me... i press E but it doesnt do anything. herman justs follows me really slowly... help pls
Mr.Mudslap Aug 27 @ 6:36pm 
Ahh nevermind it was amazing follower tweaks that was messing with him I just reset it and bam he is an asskicker again :D
Mr.Mudslap Aug 27 @ 6:30pm 
My Herman wont attack anything :(
Mechazawa Aug 17 @ 1:48am 
same problem as those two down there. he followed me but now when i talk to him it goes "your follower has left your side" or whatever and he starts walking away and when you ask him to follow you again he goes "as you wish" or whatever and just continues to walk away. i'm wondering if it's a conflict with the better followers mod, I'm going to try redownloading him
Reflected God Aug 8 @ 7:56pm 
Herman won't follow me :'(
Riplash Aug 2 @ 6:05pm 
I have a problem... He simply wont go with me. I have asked hiim to follow me and all that but he just keeps walking back to Bleak Falls. Any help would be great.
Witherpixel Jul 29 @ 6:38pm 
For some reason when I entered the door, herman attacked me. I keep on getting killed by his skeleton form. Now I am stuck repeating in an endless death sequence. I can't progress without getting past him, but he won't let me. Any ideas on how to be friends?
asmansa000 Jul 17 @ 2:32pm 
Can you make him have a marriage option? Please?
kingofgaming Jul 12 @ 10:51am 
For some reason, I can't access Herman's inventory and he won't change forms between spellblade and two hand heavy hitter. He also will register that I want him to do something, but I can't give an order. Any idea what's causing this?
GalileoSaatar Da Huggabutt Jul 10 @ 4:22pm 
"The cake is not a lie.... I have no idea what that means."

I can already tell I'm going to love this.
Tann the Security Man Jul 4 @ 6:29pm 
There is a slight bug I expirienced while playing with this mod. I was using a mod that allows you to have multiple followers, and I asked him to be my follower when I was well under the maximum ammount you can have. But he simply said "You already have a companion with you" or something along those lines. I believe I was using Multiple Followers Lite or something similarly named, so do you think you can patch him up so he is compatible with it?
Dominus Jun 30 @ 5:14am 
good mod any chances he could have a helmet similar to the draugr death-overlord one or just an ordinary draugr helmet with horns
Jerry Walken Jun 26 @ 12:12am 
That fucking waddle at 2:02. I "died" when I saw it. XD But words of wisdom? "Never marry an Orc... They make your bones as brittle as mine." Or, "Never have kids they give you wrinkles like mine... Unless you adopt them of course."
Mistkiin Jun 22 @ 6:04pm 
Update on that issue: left the Barrow, saved, closed game, uninstalled Herman, reinstalled Herman, loaded game, entered Barrow, problem solved.
Mistkiin Jun 22 @ 5:41pm 
Hey, I've got the same issue as @Zoroda mentioned on Apr 17. Found Herman, and he will slowly follow me around but nothing happens if I try to speak to him. Summon Herman spell doesn't work and says "You haven't met Herman yet"
Forgewolf Jun 14 @ 10:36pm 
This makes me really want to create my own Follower. But for some reason.. the Tutorials I find on youtube don't work.
Mortalitass Jun 11 @ 8:12pm 
He won't talk to me, plz fix
G20 Jun 2 @ 10:06am 
Hi, Brilliant Mod!!!! F&R
I've added this to a collection I thought was suitable ;)
I hope you take it as the compliment it's meant to be ;) The more links the better I recon ;)
ArakalFlamescale May 22 @ 10:35am 
looks cool
mindfreeze1001 Apr 30 @ 6:51pm 
please fix the AFT glitch
Cydistical Apr 26 @ 3:50am 
This is GREAT, The companion i use all the time now, the voice acting is amazing, and funny, the armour changes and the skeleton morph are great and interesting, one of the best mods i've downloaded, props.
Zoroda Apr 17 @ 10:08am 
Hi i whent to the crypt where hi is but when i meet him i cant speek to him? i get the summoning spell 2 but i cant us it, it tels me that i havent mett him jet.
plz help me what shud i do?

sorry for my Eng if it is bad :P
thehullman00 Apr 4 @ 10:25am 
LOVE HERMAN a little op tho
=[T.D.F.D]= Stripez Purple Apr 1 @ 11:27am 
i need help! my herman stays as a skeleton and i can't talk to him in that state
how do i make him change back?!
Magic Scvid Feb 26 @ 1:15am 
Where Can I Find Him?
Sorrien Feb 24 @ 4:30pm 
@ Kannibal I have the same problem, AFT breaks this mod. Every time I try to talk to him he leaves "my service." Would you mind looking into this Jaerv? We would be very appreciative.
a festive spartan Feb 19 @ 3:24am 
he works perfectly fine for me
Hexter Feb 2 @ 7:10pm 
Boring. He sounds like an teenager playing with his voice...
Kannibal Jan 31 @ 2:15am 
AFT screws with Herman so he leaves the party.
Zeimaster Jan 30 @ 12:48pm 
I think this mod screwed up bleaks fall sanctum Entering ends in a instant game exist
XbronyXknightX Jan 26 @ 7:19pm 
i have a nexus mod that lets you have 20 follower at one and it dose not work ether i really wont this mod but not so much i will leave the rest of me army of 20 plus the 20 animals so you need to fix this hes a cool follower jist not better then 20 other poeople and animals
Farce Games Jan 5 @ 8:26am 
He counts as an animal right? Because if he doesn't work with AFT or UFO I'll just delete those and my other follower mods, discluding Inigo.
Gravelord Malryk Jan 1 @ 10:44pm 
Confirmed it on my end: both UFO AND Amazing Follower Tweaks cause good ol' Herman to become distant with us (won't follow even if asked and responds with the affirmative, just walks back to his camp). Crap, I have two other save with Vilja, Hoth, Valfar... Only one at a time with me now. *sigh*
Gravelord Malryk Jan 1 @ 10:09pm 
For those who can't get Herman to work - gotta disable UFO. Was the only thing that worked for me after a time. For my save, I disabled Herman the Mad mod, and UFO, re-entered the game and BFB (where you would find him), he wasn't there. Exited BFB, saved and exited Skyrim. Enabled Herman the Mad, but not UFO. Entered the game and BFB, found him, and working fine. I'm sad, because I don't know if he'll work with AFT either, and I want those mods! :( Want more than one follower with me at once...
Captain Fantastic Dec 29, 2013 @ 10:25am 
Why does nobody have a compatability patch for this guy and other popular follower mods? Is it really that difficult? I could try to start working on it but this stuff is so over my head it probably won't get done for an excessive amount of time.

He seems to have a problem with AFT when you make him switch combat styles, because that would require another script. Because AFT adds scripts that make him equip/unequip whatever equipment he has and that causes the conflict and the script that makes him follow you is overriden?
kage74 Dec 17, 2013 @ 5:53pm 
Does anyone know how to get Herman working again?
kage74 Dec 17, 2013 @ 11:03am 
Herman was one of my fav followers from way back, but now I can't even get him to talk to me. Even if I start a fresh game when I meet him in Bleak Falls Barrow he just walks up to me and says nothing. Can't get him to join me now. :(
RatherDashing Dec 16, 2013 @ 9:48am 
Im in the same boat with Harbing3r, its glitched for me too. He leaves service for no reason and i cant get him to rejoin. Even summoning him he just pops up and walks away. Frustrating
Winged Fire Dec 13, 2013 @ 8:44am 
Problem. When I first meet he becomes my follower as normal but the for no reason he leaves my service and just starts walking back to the campfire in BFB. Whenever I tell hit to follow me he either says; "yeah, yeah" or "Alright, let's go" BUT JUST STANDS THERE!
This is really freaking annoying as the necromancer character i'm playing would really benefit from a tank like Herman. Any advice guys?