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Recurve Longbows Perks
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creeperman12 3月28日 15時06分 
my archery perk tree got stuck after i uninstalled. Please help URGENT
Ra's Al Ghul (Scarborough) 2013年10月16日 20時00分 
could you make the reload speed faster it only aims like 6 inches up from a shortbow hmm
Grantiz  [作成者] 2013年9月8日 11時49分 
@PREDATOR0852 - not a bad idea.
Predaz 2013年9月8日 9時44分 
pls make a silent longbow perk
Grantiz  [作成者] 2013年9月6日 22時08分 
@SOME MEXICAN - sorry a dawnguard crossbow skill tree would take to much time to seperate it out.
vazzeran 2013年9月6日 17時17分 
willl u make a dawn guard cross bow skill tree
vazzeran 2013年9月6日 17時15分 
rely goood for bows
vazzeran 2013年9月6日 17時15分 
i read thy full thing and found wat i waskin kk
vazzeran 2013年9月6日 17時13分 
O.o qustin um thiss wont colfict qany stcnd alon perks like stand alone bow perk or is a new tree if not it should be or not wat ever
vazzeran 2013年9月6日 17時07分 
have ud played cryisis 3 or looked at a trailer if not ok
vazzeran 2013年9月6日 17時06分 
thee uh preditor bow with interchanglable bows with explosive charges and shock emp and other things
Grantiz  [作成者] 2013年9月1日 15時02分 
@SOME MEXICAN - Nope no cryisis 3 bow? unless I'm misunderstanding you.
vazzeran 2013年9月1日 14時05分 
is there a cryisis 3 predidtor bow mod i found one last yr but didnt have any dlcs
Grantiz  [作成者] 2013年8月23日 22時36分 
@NicLovin8974 - Sorry about that I will try and put more of a warning in the description.
OrientalDisease 2013年8月23日 21時56分 
ok thanks i was realy frustrated
Grantiz  [作成者] 2013年8月23日 21時47分 
@NicLovin8974 - currently the mod doesn't support uninstallation. The perk tree should revert back to normal check and make sure you have unchecked it in the data files. also you will have to find the codes for the two skills and remove them manually.
OrientalDisease 2013年8月23日 21時08分 
so i went to go uninstall this mod and now my archery perk tree is still marksman and theres two perk unlocks already spent. any reason why this happened?
Skyhaven4 2013年6月5日 14時46分 
oh ok. Thanks Grantiz.
Grantiz  [作成者] 2013年6月5日 14時28分 
@Skyhaven4 - if your using this mod just think of normal bows as shortbows. Also if you use the nexus you can go to my recurve longbows page and download my short bow conversion which makes all normal bows smaller to look like shortbows and my longbows normal size.
Skyhaven4 2013年6月5日 14時06分 
This is a really cool mod. What about making a shortbows pack or something like that?
Mystic God Creation 2013年5月25日 16時11分 
dont haste it bro, school comes first
bSun Nihilanth 2013年5月23日 18時07分 
(: thanks same here got 2 weeks left i can wait but hurry lol
Grantiz  [作成者] 2013年5月23日 15時42分 
@CrossFIre @koen.velders - I will try, but as of right now i'm still on a slight hiatus until this school quarter is over.
bSun Nihilanth 2013年5月23日 13時21分 
im at archery level 89 tho
maby a long bow perk at 100
bSun Nihilanth 2013年5月23日 13時13分 
those new perk ideas were what i was thinking!!!!!sounds so cool to shoot 2 arrows at same time DO IT FOR DA PEOPLE!!!!!!!! please lol
Mystic God Creation 2013年5月23日 9時46分 
Grantiz - but if you can make it, it would be an epic thing to have in it :) i dont know anything about moding im afraid, the only thing i can do is pump out idea's for you :)
Grantiz  [作成者] 2013年5月23日 7時02分 
Koen.velders - now that would be difficult!
Mystic God Creation 2013年5月23日 5時13分 
Grantiz - i had another idea, maybe at level 50 archery or so add an perk which alters your croshairs when zooming in, giving it some range indicators or something.
Grantiz  [作成者] 2013年5月22日 21時54分 
koen.velders - Those are some good ideas I like the expansion of powershot. I'm might start working on a more involved archery overhaul addon for my longbows mod probably call it Longbows perks adv. or something like that.
Mystic God Creation 2013年5月22日 13時39分 
hmm, random thought about reading it all, maybe ad an perk that gives an option to fire 2 arrows at the cost of 40% dm reduction. good for trying to take down 2 targets. OR another perk idea might be an aditional step into power shot, gives the arrow an X percent chance to pas throu the oponent.
bSun Nihilanth 2013年5月18日 7時35分 
oh i should prob remember what i had in them then lol
thanks alot
Grantiz  [作成者] 2013年5月17日 22時22分 
CrossFire - No it just means give you all your perk points back so you can respend them.
bSun Nihilanth 2013年5月17日 22時10分 
ok cool thanks it just said reset the perks so i was worried
Grantiz  [作成者] 2013年5月17日 21時45分 
@CrossFire - the mod keeps all the original perks but adds some perks just for longbows. So your not taking anything away just adding longbows.
bSun Nihilanth 2013年5月17日 21時39分 
does this mean it repalces some of the perks on reg bows?? becasue i love those and i liek these but dont want them to repalce each other maby if it does can create a new perk tree entirly?
Varis the White Knight 2013年4月7日 8時51分 
Sorry, I just looked again and I don't have a perk point. Thought I had one so that was probably my problem. Love the mod though and appreciate your quick response to a possible problem.
Grantiz  [作成者] 2013年4月7日 7時48分 
@Varis the White Knight - do you meet the requirements to use critical shot or hunters discipline because when you reset the skill to legendary your archery skill is set to 15 and must be at least thirty to use either skill.
Varis the White Knight 2013年4月6日 23時27分 
So I've run across that I can't put any points into crit shot or hunter;s discipline because the game thinks that they are at a higher skill point. My archery tree has been reset because i made archery legendary status. So I'm not sure if its what the issue maybe.
[ ] 2013年3月29日 4時54分 
Grantiz  [作成者] 2013年3月28日 17時19分 
@Trigger - Its under Recurve Longbows Perks
Trigger *AD* 2013年3月28日 16時53分 
is this mod on the nexus, if so, what's it called or kindly post a link to it. I have your other 3 mods - main file, dawnguard and dragonborn, and all updated today all on nexus
Dick Johnson 2013年3月26日 2時21分 
Nice, helped me, and will probably help any other, confused terrorist dog.
Grantiz  [作成者] 2013年3月26日 2時17分 
@Life Is A Strip Of Bacon - I added descriptions for the perks that are new to the archery tree. Enjoy
Dick Johnson 2013年3月26日 1時59分 
Doesn't say what "Trickshot" and so does
Dick Johnson 2013年3月26日 1時59分 
Seems like a good mod, but it lacks info on the very mod.
Grantiz  [作成者] 2013年3月23日 19時02分 
@Spiritreaver1217 - nope still 4x only after you get velosity and deadly aim perk.
Spiritreaver1217 2013年3月23日 18時28分 
Loaded and trying it out. Liking it so far. One thing though, is the final longbow perk supposed to make the sneak attack multiplier for longbows 4X still? or something higher?