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Mission Against Terror
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xTeamshawn 16 saat önce 
Been here since, 2012, Proud to be here till this day. We madee it !!
Suba Games  [yaratıcı] 17 saat önce 
We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the loyal M.A.T. players who helped us get onto Steam, as well as the Cakes Gaming Community and Who's Gaming Now for a successful voting campaign. Last, but not least, we wwant to express my gratitude to Valve, for allowing us to be a part of their highly successful gaming platform! We look forward to seeing you all in the game, on Steam itself, once the integration process is complete!
*-[K]reuZ-* 18 saat önce 
Yolorekkles 21 saat önce 
joaquin95 22 saat önce 
Voted :D
Skvall 11 Tem @ 12:57am 
Igor0103 10 Tem @ 11:58pm 
白王 10 Tem @ 3:47am 
this is awesome!
gameforgamer_dmitrii 10 Tem @ 2:10am 
game is cool developers 10 in 10
Im Running out of names. 9 Tem @ 5:48am 
dude this looks brilliant. If there is some sort of sotry mode, i might just download this game >:D
edulouzado 8 Tem @ 12:41am 
Looks awesome.
Harper 7 Tem @ 9:10am 
coffe :3 7 Tem @ 2:57am 
CGC & WGN sent me here
\\Monelloh// 6 Tem @ 8:56pm 
[MDMG]Рыжик 6 Tem @ 1:19pm 
Super game! I hope it gets greenlit!
SeGuN 6 Tem @ 12:42am 
Super game, quite an interesting story, as I liked the variety of equipment.
Maxim_2000 5 Tem @ 7:40am 
Nice game
.:AERO:. 4 Tem @ 10:05pm 
MatheusVEVO 4 Tem @ 12:02am 
+1 for Linux
Dinhocap 3 Tem @ 10:50pm 
Nice game !

IPhone[HD] 3 Tem @ 9:31am 
Игра очень интересна и захватывающий! Много рижимов! модификации главного героя! И так далее... Если игра выйдет я буду играть в нее вечно! ну как вечно жрать срать надо:3
Даже мой слон 2 Tem @ 3:20pm 
CGC & WGN норм
Alchycca 1 Tem @ 3:30pm 
voted (:
CarterFane 1 Tem @ 9:56am 
CGC & WGN sent me here
Для фана нормально =)
XardasMage 30 Haz @ 2:29am 
CGC & WGN sent me here.
The game looks cool! I hope it gets greenlit!
M.Miratvorec 29 Haz @ 8:37pm 
Rpg 29 Haz @ 8:12pm 
破猴子 29 Haz @ 7:51pm 
Scuto 29 Haz @ 5:41pm 
Deep 29 Haz @ 2:10pm 
Andreye4ka 29 Haz @ 1:23pm 
RedLights.* 29 Haz @ 10:56am 
awesome game!
CsGamers Official 28 Haz @ 4:58am 
Good *-*
СЕСТРИЧКА <3 26 Haz @ 4:56pm 
CGC & WGN sent me here
Rais 26 Haz @ 8:39am 
I played it without spending real money and it's not that p2w if you know how to play and make/craft/obtain items. It's more like a play to win, i would totally play it on steam again.
crazycody17 25 Haz @ 11:50am 
CGC & WGN sent me here
CHEERFUL 25 Haz @ 11:21am 
CGC & WGN sent me here
Benerino 25 Haz @ 10:31am 
CGC & WGN sent me here.
Vykhryst_UA 25 Haz @ 6:42am 
CGC & WGN sent me here.
Jake the Dog 25 Haz @ 4:25am 
CGC & WGN sent me here.
BoinGerk 24 Haz @ 2:54pm 
CGC & WGN sent me here
Martell 24 Haz @ 11:34am 
CGC & WGN sent me here
SadicAlex 24 Haz @ 10:00am 
Ok so this game is a P2W so it doesnt worth being in steam store.
hkknicholas 24 Haz @ 7:25am 
CGC & WGN sent me here
Nick_X 23 Haz @ 11:09pm 
CGC & WGN sent me here. ^_^ Nice.
whiterabbit-uk 23 Haz @ 12:06pm 
CGC & WGN sent me here.
Tezuz 23 Haz @ 10:57am 
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Elektriker 23 Haz @ 9:42am 
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Smile 23 Haz @ 8:40am 
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MrKonfek 23 Haz @ 7:00am 
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