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Mission Against Terror
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Xperial 6 timer siden 
Tranzor Help my bro izerck
Neinsteel 7 timer siden 
Tranzor Help Me By izerck
izerck 23. apr @ 7:59pm 
Thanks You Tranzor Help me :3
Suba Games  [skaper] 17. apr @ 4:44pm 
The VX grenade, which releases toxic gas, will be adjusted in damage and range in the May patch. This will limit deaths from it as it's mean to be a support grenade, not something to use to kill off users by itself.
Suba Games  [skaper] 17. apr @ 4:37pm 
There will be a new silver gun added to the shop in the May patch. As you may have noticed, we have been steadily working to improve the gaming experience for non-paying players. This month we added 10 silver guns that were previously gold only.
Suba Games  [skaper] 17. apr @ 4:36pm 
We'll be adding in a free dance card for non-paying users next month that will heal 4 HP per second, this should help silver users stay more competitive as the difference between gold dance cards will only be 2 HP.
LEO116RUS 17. apr @ 6:36am 
Campu0999 14. apr @ 8:51pm 
xxkazkixx 14. apr @ 4:56pm 
another pay 2 win from Subagames... you need real cash to get good items in this game. dated graphics and poor support.
ionutudor2012 14. apr @ 4:29am 
alivafaev3 11. apr @ 6:37am 
Me too :) I really recommend that game for those people who have bad pc
kazys225 11. apr @ 12:04am 
Want it on Steam so much
逝去de枫 10. apr @ 7:09pm 
▓▓▓▓█░░░░ Valve, ░░░█
▓▓▓▓█░░░░Add This░░█
▓▓▓▓█░░░░ PLEASE!░█
TheKillerAngel 10. apr @ 6:09pm 
if this game gets up on steam i will be so happy i will be able to see some old friends
Find_M3 aLwAys 9. apr @ 10:25pm 
That's COOL GM Tranzor^_^
majoinoob 9. apr @ 4:23pm 
Remember me i am Shadow of King OK
Suba Games  [skaper] 9. apr @ 4:12pm 
We've made one of the fire grenades free for non-paying users, and we have lowered the damage both fire grenades do, to balance the gameplay.
Suba Games  [skaper] 9. apr @ 2:43pm 
We've added in 10 new guns for non-paying users. They will be in tonight's Hide and Seek mode patch.
alivafaev3 9. apr @ 11:07am 
I Have shitty laptop too :3
๖ۣۜξlemental 9. apr @ 3:24am 
Looks really good, lots of different modes and most importantly (to me ) it looks like my old shitty laptop can run it :)
aaron_espelita 8. apr @ 8:19pm 
Its Looks cool :D
.::CaveMann::. 8. apr @ 5:10pm 
Is is true that players from this game are making multiple accounts to vote on this game?
That's cheating the system and makes SubaGames look bad lol
Doctor Entropy 5. apr @ 11:53am 
I have heard from my friends many good things about this game, and will totally be one of the first to download it when it reaches steam.
alivafaev3 5. apr @ 1:29am 
Cool Game My Rate is 10/10
My Ingame Name: MrsTyzee
BunniWhisperer 4. apr @ 2:08am 
It's a very well developed game that most people would like. It's fascinating with it's different types of modes, its friendly users who will associate themselves with people. The vast community is very kind and helpful, without a doubt. This is a very complex place. I'd rate it a 9/10.
josh.hminga 3. apr @ 9:47pm 
i would like MAT to be in steam cuzz i want to play with my xbox controller and this game is awesome accept theres way toomany srpay guns that i cant buy.. :(
Ethereal 3. apr @ 9:26pm 
Nice idea adding in more silver guns that the less none gold users can buy and give themselves a better chance against the gold users.
Suba Games  [skaper] 3. apr @ 9:13pm 
We'll be changing some gold guns into silver later this month for non-paying users. We're also releasing 4 new silver suits.
angelidesosa 3. apr @ 8:27pm 
DoraTheExplorer 3. apr @ 5:40am 
I LOVE MAT /030 Name : StarryMoh
SIR.MELONE 3. apr @ 4:05am 
nah, it used to be good back in 2010, but now idk i just don't like it anymore, but still love to play it because it gives me childhood memorries
gatomon_9 1. apr @ 9:54pm 
i love mat
codygillispie91 1. apr @ 8:48pm 
if you don't like the p2w part of it then don't play it -.- simple as that
Ty Savarin 29. mar @ 7:52am 
Prop Hunt mode? What is this P2W GMod/CS?! At least do a major graphical update, this is not 2004
angelidesosa 29. mar @ 1:31am 
good Devlopment Mat game
.::CaveMann::. 28. mar @ 9:31pm 
Think the majority of the people voting yes are the ones who enjoy wasting $80+ every month.
As Mr. Crafty pointed out, this game is P2W. Suba claims that it's not, but it really is. You can't walk much the maps without a grenade hitting you and killing you in less than 3 secs.
Mais <3 27. mar @ 2:33am 
This game is good, really good /005
TempestFoxTSU1990 26. mar @ 9:24pm 
Yes! Please add this.
Green | GN 25. mar @ 7:03am 
Oyunun Steam'de olması hata buradan tüm Türk arkadaşlara sesleniyorum oyun askeriyede geçiyor fakat oyuna girince karşınıza I love you sözleriyle devam eden diso müziği çıkıyor ayrıyetten oyun çin malı ve silahlar tamamen CS converti. Menüler iç içe hiç birşey anlaşılmıyor oyunu ilk bot modunda denedim ve inanırmısınız bi bot karsınıza çıkıyor ve BAM tek vurusta alıyor bazıları pusmuşlar karşısına geçtiğiniz gibi BAM headshot. Yani böyle dandik bir oyun indirdiğiniz tüm şeyler boşa gider kotası olan varsa asla ama asla indirmesin oyun tamamen gereksiz birşey.
Yani uzun lafın kısası kesinlikle zaman kaybı.
Waste your time.

DefqonDaan 24. mar @ 11:38am 
i have played this game for years and i liked the different types of weapons, game modes (my favorite was terminator mode) and maps.
2 thing i dont really like is the in-game music and loading screens
Sick But Alive 22. mar @ 8:42pm 
I've played this game for hours upon hours. It's a lot of fun, good luck on Greenlight!
Sprayz-N-Prayz 22. mar @ 7:12am 
Is this game worth my time
Mr. Crafty 21. mar @ 5:49pm 
I also forgot to mention, this is absolutely 100% pay-to-win. I've been playing this game for years and I can tell you their spelling and grammar is just as bad as their lies about their game. Again NO customizable weapons, you pay money for those guns in the videos, You can however customize your character, to an extent and you pay money or you can spend hours in the game to get the amount of silver you need for just a shirt. I don't know what the other people are talking about "it being good". They copyright Capcom too. Great job having your GM saying it was his ideas. There are 32 primary guns you can buy with the ingame currency you can earn out of the 133 or so primaries. It's absoluteky Pay 2 WIn. I can go on and on with the copyright issues. Valve don't add this game. Combat Arms is enough.
Suba Games  [skaper] 19. mar @ 11:06pm 
Much appreciate it WonderGamer.
[Xfire] WonderGamer 19. mar @ 10:58pm 
Forgot this was F2P. Reinstating upvote... >.<

EDIT: Also removed the rant, not needed in the case of F2P games.
Suba Games  [skaper] 19. mar @ 10:40pm 
WonderGamer, you won't need to use Steam exclusively, as far as I can tell. Also, it's a free to play game. This game is already published on its own, we are just trying to boost numbers by adding it to Steam.
steamneo02 19. mar @ 11:03am 
Awesome game, I just love it =)
steamneo01 19. mar @ 10:42am 
Guys you got to try this game, its really fun
xTeamshawn 15. mar @ 6:09pm 
This game is awesome, Its a very unique fps which makes it way more fun. Not everyday you see a game with different kinds of dance to regenerate health. Dances such as: Playing Dead, Gangnam Style, HipHop shuffle, and so much more. A small Pet by your side which helps you out; 50% honor, +2% Movement speed, etc. and those are just a few of the awesome things in the game. I disagree with people who said it pay too win, because I dont buy gold myself and have tons of items and guns which i got from, Crafting, Being Online for a total amount of hours, PvP kills, and clan war points. There is many ways to get items. I love this Game, ! Get this is Steam Valve
MrKrazyJester 14. mar @ 5:46am 
I played this game ever since Beta, this game could still use a little bit of touch up but let me just say that this game has improved massively with GameModes, the Community, Etc. And if anything, If this game gets on steam A lot of more people are going to play this game Suba so I hope you guys got something to get even more people. Keep up the excellent work!