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Mission Against Terror
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NP ● Phoenix Sevda ☆ ápr. 14., 13:15 
Entair team is dead
Basck febr. 13., 20:06 
Lawfy febr. 2., 5:48 
AK Online (basically MAT but the Cambodian version) a game where you enter the game and hear kids from all kind of places (in Cambodia obviously) screaming out loud when you don't listen to their commands. Funny thing is the game is a pay to fking win 100% where you will lose no matter how good your skills is with the ak47 or the m4a1 which is cheap but the fking recoil is different from other games like cs go. Because when u do start spraying your bullets will become invisible unless its a gun (that needs real money to buy of course) then it would work out pretty well. 11/10 would not buy again. Hopefully this one isn't the one I know. Even though they're all the same lol. Or maybe if they remove all the things that helps rich players win like all guns should cost the same amount of money in cs go that u dont need to spend real money to buy unless its a skin and with skin you still cant do sht without skillz. Now that is a 12/10 would play or buy again lol
JazzyJaz jan. 19., 5:01 
Release? Any time soon?
Exquisite 2016. dec. 12., 7:57 
Officially Dead.
緑反響 2016. nov. 24., 7:30 
been waiting for 3 years.. still not on steam
Tatsuya Hiroki 2016. nov. 24., 3:57 
you planning to release this game someday or not actually?
Jenyuo 2016. szept. 25., 19:37 
LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL The monkey vid tho lmao
Fresh Vegetables 2016. ápr. 27., 9:34 
The game that AFK will give you EXP to LVL up...
Zetikla 2016. ápr. 12., 22:00 
lillsterxo: I think I would rather see it for myself as to whether or not the game is good, thank you very much.
lillsterxo 2016. ápr. 12., 21:52 
This game is a piece of shit. Trust me, it's terrible and not even worth it.
Zetikla 2016. ápr. 3., 11:11 
how many time do we need to wait before it gets on steam?
緑反響 2016. márc. 28., 7:15 
Still.. waiting...
ToXIC-chan 2016. febr. 23., 3:02 
............... wtf .. do you even try to get on steam?
Praced Uncle 2016. febr. 10., 9:06 
why this Unexpected error comes to me when i log in and then it opens that Start game Client, if someone can help me, Add me, ty
Trash Can 2016. jan. 16., 17:57 
I would love to see this game
Komrade Cosmic 2016. jan. 11., 17:18 
Do not add this to steam. I know people that would disintegrate the game by publicly submitting hacks because of the power creep.

For those that don't know what a power creep is, it's when a game designs new weapons that make older ones entirely useless. This "wastes" the money of P2W's, and also destroys the balance of the game.
«Gғм» Legent Shy™ 2016. jan. 11., 5:55 
I appreciate the effort of tranzor to improve the game but the shock it's too powerfull and this is a fact. How do you feel to get instakill by a kid that own that weapon on mummy mod?
This game has no future on steam if they don't nerf/remove the shock.
Prof.Dr.Mahler 2016. jan. 10., 3:15 
tranzor made a good joob with alot weapon balances "even the 8 stars" + you can buy almost evry good item you need 2 face a Pay2Play. Tranzor made a rly damn good job with this and i hope this continues
«Gғм» Legent Shy™ 2015. dec. 28., 6:08 
hey tranzor you know that if you do not remove all the powerful weapons such as shock and others, the players of steam will destroy the game because they do not like the games pay to win...
Mr.F 2015. dec. 27., 14:41 
adoii gm buy plez EX
Effective Attack 2015. dec. 18., 4:46 
M.A.T tr vs na steam girecekmi ve ne zaman ?
Scrambled Bacon 2015. dec. 14., 1:44 
I must ask,is this gonna be region lock? I'm an old time user and just waiting for it to be released on Steam but I'm from SEA and played the heck outta this game years back,now I was hoping to download it back once it hit the stores but was checking if it will be region lock.
HuskerDoggo 2015. dec. 10., 10:00 
oh really? i always play this game every half year since like end 2011 and i havent played since May
Suba Games  [készítő] 2015. dec. 9., 19:08 
We're testing the Steam integration this week. The game has also gone through a lot of changes to give free playing users better items. Weapon aim has been fixed and works great now.
Exquisite 2015. dec. 9., 10:31 
This project is dead. Everyone can leave now.
HuskerDoggo 2015. nov. 30., 12:33 
its been like a year now

man just give up on it
xTeamshawn 2015. okt. 30., 22:26 
compatible with macbook air?
ToXIC-chan 2015. okt. 21., 12:00 
How long?
ToXIC-chan 2015. szept. 27., 14:01 
LOL it's almost October wtf.....
✪ Boli ✪ Allô Maître Simonard??? 2015. szept. 12., 14:18 
On steam???
Royal 2015. szept. 5., 3:06 
Ta gra nigdy nie wejdzie, na steam'a. Twórcy mają wyjebane.
Suba Games  [készítő] 2015. szept. 4., 17:01 
@Colt yes, the developer is working on it, sorry for the delay.
statutory depression 2015. szept. 4., 14:28 
Is this ever coming to steam?
🅰🅻🆃🅸🆃🆄🅳🅴 2015. aug. 22., 6:58 
@Suba Games nevermind Im an idiot it was replied LOL. Sorry for your trouble and the waste of your time.
🅰🅻🆃🅸🆃🆄🅳🅴 2015. aug. 22., 6:51 
@Suba Games I will send another though.
🅰🅻🆃🅸🆃🆄🅳🅴 2015. aug. 22., 6:51 
@Suba Games I did but never got a reply.
Suba Games  [készítő] 2015. aug. 21., 15:32 
@Cullen, what is the error that you receive? Can you please send in a support ticket at https://subagames.com/SupportPage.aspx/m-a-t-/m-a-t-login-issues make sure to be logged into your Suba account first.
🅰🅻🆃🅸🆃🆄🅳🅴 2015. aug. 21., 5:19 
@Suba Games You are very welcome. I just wish i could play it. Everytime I click START GAME it says there is an error and i cant play it ;--;
Suba Games  [készítő] 2015. aug. 20., 15:34 
@ Cullen, thank you :). The game has changed a lot since then, and we have a lot more free weapons and other items.
🅰🅻🆃🅸🆃🆄🅳🅴 2015. aug. 18., 7:15 
@Suba Games I am a HUGE fan of MAT. I've been a supporter for as long as I can remember. MAT is the very first online shooter I ever played. I would pass out (with joy) if I ever saw this actually get onto steam :)
HaSoC 2015. aug. 1., 14:11 
WHen this game will be in steam ?
Suba Games  [készítő] 2015. júl. 28., 16:12 
@Moka, yes, we will keep you updated :)
Moka 2015. júl. 25., 0:44 
still coming to steam?
Shepard 2015. júl. 17., 5:50 
lol thats awsome
Suba Games  [készítő] 2015. júl. 16., 15:54 
@ Eyeless Jack, I'm surprised as it's one of our key features. It's a fact that some of our players who met for the first time in-game, went on to have successful, offline relationships.
Shepard 2015. júl. 15., 6:18 
WAIT M.A.T. has marriage system ? holy shit i never knew about that
OGproost 2015. júl. 12., 16:42 
i want this game to be on steam so badly
Snowfall 2015. júl. 7., 17:24 
I would expect the steam community to be extremely patient because regardless of weither you are or aren't patient it'll not make the game come any sooner.
Suba Games  [készítő] 2015. júl. 7., 15:18 
We are still awaiting some final work to be done by the developer, we've adjusted a lot of items to help balance things so silver users are in a better position than they were even a year ago.