Yhteisö on antanut tälle pelille julkaisuluvan!

Yhteisö on osoittanut mielenkiintonsa tätä peliä kohtaan. Valve on ottanut yhteyttä kehittäjiin saadakseen pelille Steam-julkaisun.

Mission Against Terror
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Daniel 17 tuntia sitten 
its been like a year now

man just give up on it
xTeamshawn 30. loka 22.26 
compatible with macbook air?
SixPaths 21. loka 12.00 
How long?
SixPaths 27. syys 14.01 
LOL it's almost October wtf.....
BOLI # BAWEMONAMI 12. syys 14.18 
On steam???
ROYAL_PL 5. syys 3.06 
Ta gra nigdy nie wejdzie, na steam'a. Twórcy mają wyjebane.
Suba Games  [tekijä] 4. syys 17.01 
@Colt yes, the developer is working on it, sorry for the delay.
DavinoDietzo 4. syys 14.28 
Is this ever coming to steam?
Forfax Eremiel 22. elo 6.58 
@Suba Games nevermind Im an idiot it was replied LOL. Sorry for your trouble and the waste of your time.
Forfax Eremiel 22. elo 6.51 
@Suba Games I will send another though.
Forfax Eremiel 22. elo 6.51 
@Suba Games I did but never got a reply.
Suba Games  [tekijä] 21. elo 15.32 
@Cullen, what is the error that you receive? Can you please send in a support ticket at https://subagames.com/SupportPage.aspx/m-a-t-/m-a-t-login-issues make sure to be logged into your Suba account first.
Forfax Eremiel 21. elo 5.19 
@Suba Games You are very welcome. I just wish i could play it. Everytime I click START GAME it says there is an error and i cant play it ;--;
Suba Games  [tekijä] 20. elo 15.34 
@ Cullen, thank you :). The game has changed a lot since then, and we have a lot more free weapons and other items.
Forfax Eremiel 18. elo 7.15 
@Suba Games I am a HUGE fan of MAT. I've been a supporter for as long as I can remember. MAT is the very first online shooter I ever played. I would pass out (with joy) if I ever saw this actually get onto steam :)
Rion 1. elo 14.11 
WHen this game will be in steam ?
Suba Games  [tekijä] 28. heinä 16.12 
@Moka, yes, we will keep you updated :)
Moka 25. heinä 0.44 
still coming to steam?
Eyeless Jack 17. heinä 5.50 
lol thats awsome
Suba Games  [tekijä] 16. heinä 15.54 
@ Eyeless Jack, I'm surprised as it's one of our key features. It's a fact that some of our players who met for the first time in-game, went on to have successful, offline relationships.
Eyeless Jack 15. heinä 6.18 
WAIT M.A.T. has marriage system ? holy shit i never knew about that
| ☆proost★| CSGOegg.com 12. heinä 16.42 
i want this game to be on steam so badly
Rink 7. heinä 17.24 
I would expect the steam community to be extremely patient because regardless of weither you are or aren't patient it'll not make the game come any sooner.
Suba Games  [tekijä] 7. heinä 15.18 
We are still awaiting some final work to be done by the developer, we've adjusted a lot of items to help balance things so silver users are in a better position than they were even a year ago.
SixPaths 7. heinä 12.50 
lol we wait for a few years now .... :))) how much patience do you think we still have .... like wtf!!! :)))
Rink 6. heinä 1.48 
Guys, patience suba did say that they wanted to bug out some of the updates before they integrated the game to steam, atleast they gave us that information (some companies will not even reply to a question).
鏡音リンレン 30. kesä 3.33 
intoitandout 20. kesä 17.09 
I'm not sure if this will ever come out on Steam. Valve may not like it because it's a Counter-Strike clone, and Suba might not like because they are very money hungry. Like, get directly upgraded weapons with USD hungry. I would still love to see this game as I did play it a bit years ago.
Daniel 17. kesä 11.59 
jesus how long does it take to get a free game on steam. like just agree to give 25% of the earning to Valve, 25% to Kingsoft, 25% to Subagames and 25% to the other Chinese company
SauroN- 5. kesä 14.14 
Voted. good game
Suba Games  [tekijä] 21. touko 14.24 
We've posted a guide on obtaining permanent weapons in our AI PvE modes: https://forum.subagames.com/showthread.php?t=79450
Suba Games  [tekijä] 21. touko 14.20 
It should work on Windows 8 even without Steam, if your MAT is not loading it then you need to shut down each program running in your background until you find the one that is blocking the game from running.
matthewbrazwell 20. touko 23.50 
Oh, and will it work on Windows 8? The one on your website won't work for me.
matthewbrazwell 20. touko 23.49 
Alright, thanks for the reply Suba. =)
Suba Games  [tekijä] 20. touko 13.40 
We are working with the developer on bug some updates before we go ahead with steam integration.
Suba Games  [tekijä] 20. touko 13.27 
Hi, it was Greenlit in 2014.
matthewbrazwell 17. touko 19.30 
When will it be available on Steam? It said this was greenlit in 2013 right?
ALAUDE 30. huhti 16.59 
Copy L4D
Copy Metal Gear Rising
Copy Copy Copy

Need more information ?
add me
iDino 26. huhti 14.38 
I still play this game up to this date and it is still VERY fun and VERY original!
Grimm 23. huhti 14.14 
Im a lvl 39 but i quit not much people now old game :3 but still good

SixPaths 3. huhti 14.15 
If you dont like it dont play it dadarkshadow.... as simple as that
dadarkshadow 13. maalis 16.27 
What really sucks about this version is that the North side of this game is full of bugs and simply lacks any supervision on improvements and updates! The asian version gets all that good s**t while so far, we on the "alternative" version of the game keep getting the crappy hand on it. Think of it as the scaps and leftovers of what the asian version leaves behind and suba gives to us. Only logged on sometimes this year but its still the same crappy features and arbitrary design as before.
ishlinsky 10. maalis 4.43 
good game
Zyph 8. maalis 3.09 
I played M.A.T before, And i have no comments about this being in the greenlight, I'm speechless. In the bad way.
Safety The Marshmallow Man 19. helmi 4.13 
Suba Games Really?! OK I'm got try it.
White 14. helmi 5.31 
pay to win
EThaiZone 14. helmi 4.15 
I hope you can make it as permanent gun. In X-Shot, Winner remove them out and make player cannot trade gun any more.
Suba Games  [tekijä] 13. helmi 19.20 
This is "not" X-Shot. Our version of the game has quite a few differences between the other versions. For starters, there are 11 premium weapons you can win in AI modes, some of these weapons were taken from SP-to-Gold conversions. They are permanent guns that anyone who tries can win, and many have done so already without paying anything. You can also win good weapons from weekly clan wars, and we've changed a fair amount of our guns into free weapons, with more on the way.
MONDo• 13. helmi 17.44 
This game is free but this game is a huge money wasting.I'd play it on Thai's server and I can't kill anybody stock gun are useless only premuim gun that would work (a.k.a poin paid gun or even using real money )
EThaiZone 13. helmi 5.48 
What is this? If I saw this sooner, I will vote it down. This kind of game should not go on steam. This is pay2win game. Yes, you can pay and it will satisfy you but in next month. You will pay it again because new item come out that better than your item that you got from last month. I will go this loop around.

In Thailand we have WINNER as this game publisher and make this game's name as XShot so we know it. It's suck and WINNER is very suck more than game system.

I hope you get the best luck for play this game. If you want to play, you should pay around 10usd per month for best experience but for me I will got another game and play with my friend.

PS. I type this in english to provide what Thai people think about this game. You can scoll down and find them more. You will found "shi*" or "suck" more that "good" or "best".