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Operation Black Mesa
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=CHλoZRa¥= 23 hours ago 
Hurry up! ;)
redplasma Dec 23 @ 6:06pm 
plz release this i have op4 blue shift wait how bout a bms blue shift
CockFighter Dec 22 @ 1:18pm 
i think this game will release next year since it's almost over
Allanon Dec 18 @ 7:20am 
Projects still alive?
Tabajara Dec 17 @ 9:02pm 
If you see closely, there is one new screenshot.
The Political Shepherd Dec 17 @ 12:05pm 
u know, they have not released any news since january
captain potato Dec 15 @ 2:21pm 
when is this comeing out?
Rebel Dec 15 @ 6:09am 
you totally SHOULD work with black mesa: source developer team
sharing some models, sounds and stuff will make the games feel much closer
Esto tiene que salir va a ser un JUEGAZO (y)
Applecoc Dec 9 @ 3:45pm 
looks interesting.
Man I can't wait for this, I wonder what the Radio Announcements will sound like...
edo Dec 6 @ 6:39am 
Thats good to know :) Just to mention than what I say happen in real life, my intention was not to be rude. Keep up the good work. And of course take your time to make the game even better :)
MR.sugar  [author] Dec 6 @ 2:08am 
edo: We know, though we would have to spend time on these reports. It's better to spend it on the development itself. There is nothing like state of procrastination. There is always bunch of people working on the game even if some of us may be occupied with school or real-life stuff and things.
edo Dec 5 @ 2:04pm 
I would like to know the state of the progress, at least to receive monthly updates of how everything is going, or if the devs are in a temporary state of procrastination.
oh Opposing force source...ah...oh...
Hardstyle Dec 1 @ 4:08pm 
Why dont add Valve this game?
Tam-Lam Dec 1 @ 12:15pm 
i guess everyone likes this game...
Festive Adrian Nov 29 @ 7:25pm 
Q1 2014... HA... what the hell went wrong xD
Jar Jar(ate) Binks Nov 29 @ 5:57am 
I reckon you guys should team up with the Black Mesa team; that way both groups could get so much work done much faster. Black Mesa players could see Xen sooner, you could share your materials, and we could see sooner releases of Guard Duty and O:BM.

Take it into consideration, please! :)
£λmbda Nov 26 @ 12:44pm 
Decay remake ?
lurkershark1 Nov 25 @ 8:07am 
i hope's pretty f*cking awesome
Holly-Jolly HEλDCRλB JESUS Nov 25 @ 12:23am 
Nah mate, BMS is far from dead. It's gone too far to give up now.
lurkershark1 Nov 24 @ 9:02pm 
well...any release date yet? not trying to be greedy but BMS is pretty much dead now and im worried about this mod and guard duty..yeah i mean i just got done playing black mesa and i loved it but its pretty much dead any ideas on when it'll come out?
Zelousmarineinspace Nov 23 @ 3:01pm 
Oh OK. Thanks, that looks amazing!
MR.sugar  [author] Nov 23 @ 5:40am 
Blue shift remake is right here and will probably be part of Operation Black Mesa:
Zelousmarineinspace Nov 22 @ 5:15pm 
Ok, It seems that this is becoming a duke nukem forever, but hey, Black Mesa (HL1 remake) proved it'self, so this can probabully prove itself too.
Also, can I just get something straight?:
Black Mesa is the remake of Half-Life,
Operation: Black Mesa is the remake of Half-Life: Opposing Force,
so what may I ask, is the remake of Half-Life: Blue Shift?
HairyHog Nov 21 @ 11:49am 
Do you think we will see a multiplayer release next year? We didn't get it this march...
Chumbuster Nov 19 @ 9:47pm 
"New construction options !"
Chumbuster Nov 19 @ 9:47pm 
Anyone who has played Command and Conquer would know that is game is "Building....."
MR.sugar  [author] Nov 18 @ 7:05am 
relese date?
MR.sugar  [author] Nov 18 @ 1:46am 
tonbul_07™ Nov 16 @ 8:52am 
FiCk DiCh!!!!111 Nov 10 @ 9:50pm 
Jack "Dr.Valex" il bello Nov 8 @ 12:34pm 
Some updates?
PlatniumFox64 Nov 5 @ 6:23pm 
youll never be better than cammander shepard
Chumbuster Nov 3 @ 10:22pm 
Fart, Fart, Fart, In My Mouth, mouth, mouth, in my fart, fart, fart!
Chumbuster Nov 3 @ 10:21pm 
the progress is quite obviouse, they actually hop on their computers every once in a while after a hang over and delete a few lines of code, then give us an update saying they have made half a screenshot :p
Chumbuster Nov 3 @ 10:19pm 
Confirmed release is 2025 if i remember correctly, the year of the terminator, skynet eats my poo hole
Knuckles The Echidna Oct 25 @ 7:15pm 
why did you not actually show off the MP5?
karwi Oct 23 @ 10:16am 
kord202 Oct 22 @ 10:04pm 
где дата выхода?
captain potato Oct 22 @ 2:08pm 
im eat a potato
captain potato Oct 22 @ 2:08pm 
MR.sugar  [author] Oct 22 @ 2:07pm 
Well, I must admit that we could have actually mentioned that directly in that video. We learnt a lesson here as well :)
captain potato Oct 22 @ 2:05pm 
my bad
captain potato Oct 22 @ 2:03pm 
MR.sugar  [author] Oct 21 @ 2:00pm 
Hey guys, we are sorry for the confusion with the HECU in the videos. Though, the fact is that besides OBM, there is also remake of Blue shift and that's where this part of AI will be used.

As for the release date, we stick with the statement from the latest update, so no comments on this matter, sorry.
gyuri10129 Oct 20 @ 10:29am 
im a spu!!! -
You are very idiot.This is only test how the grunts move/run/shoot/go down with ropes as you can see in the video.In the source sdk he used the default scripts from black mesa.(Played as freeman).I think this was only test.We need to make another scenes scripts to make that the grunts to be friendly.I think so we are done with that but we doesn't released new video.

I have better question like "Im a spu!!!" for MR.Sugar
Can we know when the beta or multiplayer part will be released?
Q1,Q2,Q3 or Q4 of 2015 year? Or 2016?
Please give some date for us.
Without date this is very bad.This is like "we are know that we will die but doesn't know when"!
Set Q4-2015 or Q4-2016!I dont know how many time we will work on this game but give only the max date,the date when you think we will 100% done.
Because for now i think it can be Q4 2019 too.(i hope no,but...)
Sorry for my bad english,im hungarian!
captain potato Oct 19 @ 7:03am 
im still a little wow in a bad way because grunts killing there own man why is it not black ops?!?