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Operation Black Mesa
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Mr. Snuffelkins 9 hours ago 
also game looks really good.
Mr. Snuffelkins 9 hours ago 
So tell me... have you talked to the creators of black mesa on advice or maybe making this actual DLC for black mesa?
Vangelys (Rifler) Aug 27 @ 3:33am 
By just the images and graphics, IA quality etc, i have complete faith in you to finish those two mods. You have my support !
Lamron333 Aug 23 @ 6:50am 
It has to get finnished first.
Barney Calhoun Aug 23 @ 6:12am 
10/10 best cockroach AI. In all realness though I hope this gets Greenlit.
Raros Black :) (A&D Aug 21 @ 9:54pm 
When will it be ready ? , I hope that a long time, and still do not rush to steam, it would be excellent if you add multiplayer, I hope this game ...
Raros Black :) (A&D Aug 21 @ 9:53pm 
Cuando estara listo ? , estoy que lo espero mucho tiempo,y aun no lo lanzan a steam , seria excelente si le agregan multijugador, espero este juego...
Soulless Aug 20 @ 3:44am 
I'd gladly pay, especially if you are going to keep supporting the game after release.
Lamron333 Aug 19 @ 9:39pm 
Chris  [author] Aug 18 @ 1:13pm 
We haven't decided whether we'll charge anything for it or not. There's are huge pros and cons and it's a complicated discussion. We'll make our decision totally clear later on.
Philip J. Fry Aug 17 @ 2:47am 
Good job.Free?
紫苏 Aug 13 @ 8:36pm 
I love this game! I hope u can remake Half Life : Decay too! Then make a series box.
⛧[LFG] Zroex'ihr 🕇 Aug 8 @ 7:25pm 
Youll should add some of your own levels I would really like a part where you have to man the cannon of a tank and plow your way through xen aliens and fight a gargantua
I Gave up Half an Hour Ago Jul 31 @ 9:26am 
Looks great! That grunt helmet is kinda out of place though.
BigBoss Jul 27 @ 9:37am 
When will be out, it's been months. and I think I also been waiting for 1 to 2 years years on info, but nothing new.
Weiss ᶜᶻ Jul 27 @ 1:58am 
Operation Black Mesa will be finished after Half-Life 3 :-D :-D :-D
Ghostface Jul 25 @ 3:09pm 
i wonder how the black ops agents will look....
Expand Dong Jul 25 @ 8:23am 
Are you guys planning to make guard duty a seperate game from operation black mesa? Or is guard duty going to stay as a DLC?
Lamron333 Jul 24 @ 8:01pm 
Black Mesa & this project are NOT related. This is done by different people.
GLeATLeY Jul 24 @ 7:08pm 
Is this set for release after Black Mesa is fully completed? Because if so, thats awesome!!
Cookie-chan Jul 23 @ 4:50pm 
Just when I thought I didn't have anything else to get hyped about....
Parnifia the Bastard Jul 20 @ 4:02pm 
Really looking forward to seeing this reach completion. I fully understand how long it takes, and would expect no less. I've always been of the opinion that a good game is too easily ruined by rushed production. (Look at Atari's serial fuck-ups.) Not to compare, but I feel the same way about Black Mesa (the game).
Take your time, and make something great. We're counting on you.
Chris  [author] Jul 20 @ 2:38pm 
That's okay, you'll be back soon, next update.
quagmire.gleen Jul 20 @ 2:29pm 
sorry im unfollowing , as of this point it has been over a year and no real news , two years and still no working demo that im aware of , i would love to see this get off the ground but it sounds dead... i hope im wrong but doubt it
Delta #TeamPyro Jul 19 @ 7:28am 
you guys gotta do better than black mesa itself. make sure xen gets in here
Jagermaister33 Jul 17 @ 8:38am 
I really want to thi game will be relased and Guard Duty Too!
mvN Jul 16 @ 1:43am 
finally release that fuckin shit maaaaaaaan
Exploding_Soup_Can Jul 15 @ 2:14pm 
I, for one, am totally okay with them taking their time. Everything we've seen so far looks promising so I think it's best they take their time to make OBM as good as possible. Besides, I've got plenty of games to play while I wait for OBM so I won't be bored.
Superkamakazi Jul 12 @ 7:09am 
Ive seen some concept art on your MODDB page of the black ops/assassins and noticed they look more realistic than in the original and Black Mesa, are you going to stick with this? in my opinion i really disliked the unrealistic backflipping dual wielding lubed up cat women from the original, it turned such an epic, dark and overwhelming story into some kind of a joke, yet i still had to love the game eiher way. cheers
Chris  [author] Jul 10 @ 2:48pm 
Hopefully within the next decade.
Demmino Jul 9 @ 10:12pm 
Please, just please release date ;-;
MM734Gamer Jul 9 @ 5:47am 
this is awesome
Chris  [author] Jul 9 @ 2:51am 
You, too, Tabba <3
Tabajara Jul 8 @ 2:24pm 
I love you Chris.
Chris  [author] Jul 8 @ 1:51pm 
Thankies for your support.
Maniac Jul 8 @ 7:49am 
This is sadly turning into new Duke Nukem Forever.
I suppose it will be released someday but we're all gonna be disappointed.
|Serious|Warlock_Invasion Jul 7 @ 6:48am 
Been a fan of Half-Life since 2006
Tabajara Jul 6 @ 1:33pm 
Yes, it is. Both projects: Operation Black Mesa and Guard Duty
griggs. Jul 6 @ 1:29pm 
v be patient, it's not like they can produce everything in one nanosecond.
Weiss ᶜᶻ Jul 6 @ 10:48am 
This game will be not finished... Delete it from Steam please... I want revote this game for Greenlight: No, thanks / Not interested
Bob Barker Jul 4 @ 3:42pm 
Is this game still in development?
Medic The Modded Player Jul 2 @ 10:19am 
IKR Its Going To Be Epic
Lamron333 Jun 30 @ 8:51pm 
You know I'm just joking. I just want this to come out sooner rather than later
Tabajara Jun 30 @ 4:36pm 
Sad you think that way.
Lamron333 Jun 30 @ 4:23pm 
What a lame answer, seriously! "Lets place our bets" ,... I think you just gave me cancer,...
MR.Sugar  [author] Jun 30 @ 12:54pm 
Mr. Snuffelkins: Hell yea!
clay.dragg: I think this is good questions. Lets place our bets ? :P
clay.dragg Jun 30 @ 3:36am 
Will this game be out before Half-Life 3?
Mr. Snuffelkins Jun 29 @ 5:09pm 
MR.Sugar: So you could say this projects "still alive"