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[HS]=>®omano 12. Okt. um 22:43 Uhr 
UP! for brewing the map for working version :) Thanks.
ɬɧɛ ʄąƖƖɛŋ ɛяą 8. Okt. um 15:06 Uhr 
AMAZING VIDEO it really made me want to download this map at first i was not sure if i wanted to download it but it seems amazing now thanks for the video
☜❶☞ fetkatten☜❶☞  [Autor] 28. Sep. um 5:51 Uhr 
Based on recent complaints about crashes my guess is that the map is now unplayable due to RO2 patches. I will notify when this is fixed
Markus 27. Sep. um 10:17 Uhr 
can't play it!!!! It crashed my game!!!!
Lizard King 14. Aug. um 10:14 Uhr 
It crashed my game :(
Spooky* 4. Aug. um 5:44 Uhr 
May be incompatible
Rainer 14. Feb. um 0:12 Uhr 
can't play it...says its incompatible...how can i change that.
Same problem, I hope that the fault is corrected.
^BAC^ Mrkleanupguys2 7. Feb. um 19:56 Uhr 
it is so good i love it so more the other map you can get
[JPG] whity 5. Feb. um 15:09 Uhr 
can't play it...says its incompatible...how can i change that?
Qi 4. Feb. um 0:11 Uhr 
Dex" Le Bafardé 3. Feb. um 12:01 Uhr 
good working !!
Crownless 3. Feb. um 6:26 Uhr 
была бы бесплатная я бы в неё сейчас играл игра ваще суперская
gusejr417 3. Feb. um 2:58 Uhr 
[D.M.O.K] TERRORISTA 3. Feb. um 1:19 Uhr 
Grande mappa
Yosif_Pilyushin 2. Feb. um 10:15 Uhr 
May be incompatible - check log for errors :(
КУЗНЕЦ 1. Feb. um 4:52 Uhr 
хорошая игра мне нравиться
I was made by you! 30. Jan. um 21:37 Uhr 
Den funkar inte för mig Filip :S
TheSquirrelofHuscurl 29. Jan. um 15:38 Uhr 
How do you directly connect to servers? I don't see any buttons or stuff for it.
Floid(ZIGGS) 28. Jan. um 9:39 Uhr 
Blackbandit1 27. Jan. um 20:35 Uhr 
afrorome 27. Jan. um 6:44 Uhr 
great map!
Jovel's 26. Jan. um 3:13 Uhr 
Jorel 25. Jan. um 19:33 Uhr 
this is a cool map. :D *thumbs up*
☜❶☞ fetkatten☜❶☞  [Autor] 24. Jan. um 14:02 Uhr 
Thank you all, very kind of you! :)
Prof. Dr. eng. Mappus 24. Jan. um 11:53 Uhr 
mag.strat (GER) 24. Jan. um 6:30 Uhr 
This is a fine map. Please join!
Mixail-Filippowich 23. Jan. um 15:29 Uhr 
The idea is great!!! creative success to the author .PS :Everything in perspective.
KabutoYakushiPL 23. Jan. um 5:41 Uhr 
great map
Atuday 22. Jan. um 18:49 Uhr 
This is a well made map. The person who made it spent a lot of time and effort and really got into what makes a map fun. There are a lot of map makers who could learn from this example.
The hung over Scotts men 17. Jan. um 23:32 Uhr 
some one make a ww1 map
WEIDMANN 19. Sep. 2013 um 10:26 Uhr 
calmative voice
{MERC.9}Pakhan 12. Sep. 2013 um 16:47 Uhr 
saw it once.. awsome job.. but no servers hosting this beauty !
n0n00b1957 11. Juli 2013 um 9:49 Uhr 
i wish i could find a server that played this...i subscribed it looks cool
VaraN 3. Juni 2013 um 5:36 Uhr 
Круто ёпт
☜❶☞ fetkatten☜❶☞  [Autor] 1. Juni 2013 um 8:05 Uhr 
Very kind of you guys. I will try to patch it in the near future, I just need to find the time for it :)
[Claw]WarkWark 31. Mai 2013 um 15:30 Uhr 
This i must try!
JebusWasARaptor 31. Mai 2013 um 13:43 Uhr 
Looks great!
nikBaxter24 29. Mai 2013 um 8:28 Uhr 
군입대 [KR] Mikhail 25. Mai 2013 um 21:29 Uhr 
TWI needs to fix Workshop..
mag.strat (GER) 25. Mai 2013 um 3:35 Uhr 
Congratulations. I hope more servers add it in maplist.
asdasdas 18. Apr. 2013 um 11:11 Uhr 
Ah nice I'll check it out
El3ktroMode 13. Apr. 2013 um 12:10 Uhr 
THX for the effort it looks very nice...i subscribed
☜❶☞ fetkatten☜❶☞  [Autor] 8. Apr. 2013 um 13:09 Uhr 
(It's now ranked and cycle between winterwald and west-harbor)
Jawarens 7. Apr. 2013 um 3:06 Uhr 
i will be hosting the server rolling West Harbor 24/7, currently running 6bots to keep it populated. have fun in there. it can be found in unranked list under name TE West Harbor 24/7 otherwise direct ip are k-t-c.mine.nu
☜❶☞ fetkatten☜❶☞  [Autor] 7. Apr. 2013 um 2:46 Uhr 
It's up! ;) k-t-c.mine.nu (
☜❶☞ fetkatten☜❶☞  [Autor] 6. Apr. 2013 um 15:44 Uhr 
A dedicated server will be up tomorrow
asdasdas 5. Apr. 2013 um 16:22 Uhr 
Need servers :(
Specialist 27. März 2013 um 22:35 Uhr 
bratok_zero 27. März 2013 um 21:23 Uhr 
very good map, i hope more servers add it in maplist
☜❶☞ fetkatten☜❶☞  [Autor] 24. März 2013 um 6:50 Uhr 
Thanks. I did not quite understand everything you said but this is what I did for the water: I used one of the water shaders from the RO2 library and I just made a material constant out of it. Only because it's easier to tweak values instead of looking around in kismet. That's it