Heavy Armory - New Weapons: Dragonborn Edition
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streaksilver999 30. čvc. v 8.21 odp. 
Appart from that, this is an incredible and extremely well made mod. I'm impressed that you managed to re-use models bits from existing weapons and have them fit together in such an aestetically appealing manner.
streaksilver999 30. čvc. v 8.18 odp. 
I know this is probably extremely trivial, but is there any chance that you could include a Daedric Spear into the mod? It's simply that the Daedric Spear was one of my favorite weapons in Morrowind, and it has a bit of sentimental value. If it's not too much trouble, I'd like to be able to enjoy it again.
100% real cheese 29. čvc. v 2.17 odp. 
if i have a mod that changes the look of the default dawnguard armor will it clash with this one?
Thraxis, Lord of Chaos 28. čvc. v 10.14 odp. 
Bravo! This mod is wonderful. The new weapons you added are so wonderfully unique, but at the same time blend seamlessly in with the vanilla. It really makes the whole thing even more immersive (what with Draugr using more than swords/axes/bows).
Timesplitter 5. čvn. v 11.05 odp. 
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Maximum Overdrive 18. kvě. v 5.09 odp. 
you should make a all dlc one, because im sure im not the only one tired of having two of each vanilla variant cluttering up the forge just to have dlc ones.
Silariel 5. kvě. v 11.00 odp. 
Awesome mod - it always bothered me that there was so little variety in weapons in a world where everyone walks around with at least a dagger on their hip. I have another weapon variety pack in addition to this one (I forgot the name, something I wrangled off of the Nexus) and it's great to have so many weapon varieties now. Thanks so much!
Helljumper ADB 26. dub. v 1.47 odp. 
and i almost forgot- ive seen your workshop. and alot of your mods are based on morrowind. and i think i speak for all of the skyrim players (you and me included) that have played morrowind and miss their armor slots. and if you're interested, and as big and long of a process this might take, it would make an impressive addition to yours and to steam's workshop if you were to make this mod a reality to the players of skyrim.
Helljumper ADB 26. dub. v 1.30 odp. 
so does the dragonborn version also add herma mora, or dunmer themed weapons?
Keithlor 22. bře. v 9.20 dop. 
I LOVE this mod and i find only one problem with it (very minor problem and it isnt something to worry about) is that the maul should be two handed because that is how it was in midevil times (or however it is spelled :D). oh and also the forsworn and silver weapons should not be craftable. but other than that definatly one of the best mods EVER.
Wolodyjowski 9. bře. v 11.41 dop. 
Could you add short bows? Auriel's shield, and maybe daedric face of god terror and inspiration? (in other mods)
Helljumper ADB 1. bře. v 6.41 dop. 
you should have a heavy armory archery or throwable daggers edition it would be (a) great addition(s).
Vaas MacTavish 17. úno. v 7.03 odp. 
Ur mod is impressive i like so much but i have a doubt... U have put the forsworn weapons in the steel tab of forge could u put in another tab? will be perfect in the bonemold tab
Villager №13 16. úno. v 1.11 odp. 
:P I forgot. Danke! (Thank you)

Could you please add Sickles, Pitchforks, Throwing spears, Tomahawks, or maybe a Katar?

If you can't, it's fine, yet this would be the ULTIMATE mod if you could. :)

Your one of the greatest modders ever!
PrivateEye  [autor] 16. úno. v 12.17 odp. 
One handed hammers are in this mod (called Mauls)
Villager №13 15. úno. v 3.05 odp. 
The only thing that could make this better would be Hammers (One handed) and Sickles.
BAHCMF 21. led. v 12.40 odp. 
Awesome mod, and I also loved your work on Pit Fighters. I would also love to see you flesh out more styles, such as redgaurd or akivir.
robosheep 14. led. v 9.12 dop. 
As much as i love this mod tha spears should have a stab animation witch would be perfict 4 in tha next update as wacking with a spear isnt very realsitic
PuppetPal_HoneyBee 12. led. v 7.14 odp. 
thumbs up immersion enhanced much fun
PrivateEye  [autor] 7. led. v 11.22 dop. 
Look for the Weapons of the 3rd Era mod :)

I don't see why not.:) I would dare say it's a very easy and non intrusive mod to use. And it's better to start using this mod when you start a playthrogh instead of adding it once you're halfway through the game (to ensure all npc's you meet have a chance to spawn with new weapons).
Chainsaw_bunny 6. led. v 7.55 odp. 
Have you considered adding modified blades weapons? I'd love to see a tanto, wakizashi, or naginata.
AlphaGamerWolf 6. led. v 3.34 odp. 
do you think it would be a good idea to use this for myy very first play through? im a TES veteran and would like my favorite weapons to be present in the fifth game of the series.
phoenix.of.void 5. led. v 8.16 dop. 
Very good mod. Very. It could be better only if there were a new animations and skills for new weapon categories. But guess I wish too much.
PrivateEye  [autor] 30. pro. 2013 v 9.01 dop. 
Try re-dowloading the mod. For some reason crafting doesn't always work for all users but the issue is usually solved after re-downloading.
PrivateEye  [autor] 30. pro. 2013 v 8.59 dop. 
You should be able to see the weapons yes. I've heard of them not showing up before and it seems to happen for no particular reason. Maybe it works next time you start the game. Else you could try to download the mod again.
Also I can't uplaod an .esm because Steam will only allow .esps to be uploaded. If you want to have enchanted versions of the weapons showing up you could check out this mod:
snipersteeves 28. pro. 2013 v 11.34 dop. 
doesnt work for me cant craft? it said not to do both vanilla and normal so i dk whats wrong
The Deluxe Fuck 18. pro. 2013 v 4.06 odp. 
Also, can you make an .esm available? I still want to add enchanted versions of glaives, spears, etc. to add to loot lists and such.
The Deluxe Fuck 18. pro. 2013 v 3.42 odp. 
Should I be able to see the weapons when I'm in the menu? There's usually a model of the item that you can rotate, but I don't see it for any of the weapons in this mod. The models load fine in game when I equip it, just not when I'm in the menu.
PrivateEye  [autor] 18. pro. 2013 v 9.44 dop. 
@T. Gondii
Its just something I did to show which weapons are new in the latest version
The Deluxe Fuck 17. pro. 2013 v 3.06 odp. 
What does the asterisk mean when it's on some of the weapons in the 1st image?
Lord_Zero1986 14. pro. 2013 v 6.07 odp. 
Thank you XD
PrivateEye  [autor] 14. pro. 2013 v 3.05 dop. 
You would still need the Dawnguard add-on to get everything
Lord_Zero1986 13. pro. 2013 v 9.46 dop. 
does this cdover all you've done? with the past two haevy weapon add-on aswell?
Durtydawgs 7. pro. 2013 v 4.46 odp. 
@PrivateEye Nevermind it worked after I reinstalled it!
PrivateEye  [autor] 3. pro. 2013 v 11.18 odp. 
Make sure you meet the requirements for crafting the weapons first and that you don't use other mods that overhaul the crafting system. You can try moving this mod further down your load order to see if that changes anything.
Durtydawgs 3. pro. 2013 v 11.05 dop. 
Not sure what is going on but none of these are added to my crafting list..
CasuallyChallenged 9. lis. 2013 v 10.18 dop. 
So is it possible for you to possibly make an addon to have some Mythical Creations versions of your added weapons? (Mythical Creations - Weapons mod support)
Timesplitter 3. lis. 2013 v 6.38 odp. 
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Akhi11eus 29. říj. 2013 v 9.53 odp. 
@PrivateEye So disregard that last comment. I hadn't taken into account my stupidity. I have a perk-tree mod that effects the smithing tree and thus the order in which I am able to smith items. Also, I had forgotten that you can only craft dawnguard items at the dawnguard forge. My mistake on all parts. Thanks for the great mods.
Akhi11eus 29. říj. 2013 v 9.27 odp. 
@PrivateEye I don't know if this problem has been brought up before, but some weapon sets don't show up at all in the crafting/smithing lists and (if i remember) in enemy inventories. Right now, the Orc and Dawnguard weapons are still just the vanilla sort--none of the special weapons added by this mod. I've tried changing the load order but that didn't work.
Mass 28. zář. 2013 v 8.58 odp. 
Absolutely love this mod. One of my favorites for sure!
My favorite is the quarterstaff and the halberds.
Easy Redbeard 17. zář. 2013 v 8.09 dop. 
This mod is sexy and awesome. Download.
mertz.scott 14. zář. 2013 v 5.39 odp. 
most of these weapons are just flipped upside down but they still look pretty kool
Easy Redbeard 12. zář. 2013 v 3.33 dop. 
Going by your previous work, I'm sure this shall impress. Downloading.
PrivateEye  [autor] 11. zář. 2013 v 3.09 odp. 
@Joseph Tridents will happen! But I have a lot of other plans so it will take a while.
joezup 10. zář. 2013 v 4.46 odp. 
Please add tridents! I badly want my warrior to be able to use tridents and it would be sweet if you made tridents for each weapon type!
Crimsonph 22. srp. 2013 v 12.50 odp. 
Bearacudda98 20. srp. 2013 v 12.09 odp. 
sorry i must have missed the spear section.
PrivateEye  [autor] 20. srp. 2013 v 10.32 dop. 
Yeah, if you could actually bother reading the description, that would be great.
Bearacudda98 19. srp. 2013 v 3.03 odp. 
do the spears have a specific animation or do they use previous animation, also is there one-handed/two-handed versions?