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Bret Airborne
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bob 10 de Oct a las 23:56 
1egenDary 2 de Oct a las 10:28 
Swampy 26 de Sep a las 6:44 
good luck
PutNicK 20 de Sep a las 0:18 
somesum 19 de Sep a las 16:56 
Voted. Statue erected. ;-)
daa_gp4 19 de Sep a las 4:38 
THE_MAN 19 de Sep a las 3:09 
OMEGAMI 19 de Sep a las 2:42 
sikerz 19 de Sep a las 2:40 
twitch.tv/gamerquest 19 de Sep a las 1:24 
meito_masamune 19 de Sep a las 1:18 
Voted! Cheer
yuccatoo 18 de Sep a las 21:28 
so cute
kalimandzari 18 de Sep a las 20:18 
thanks, voted
바부팅이 (도전과제중...) 18 de Sep a las 19:37 
Kuon 18 de Sep a las 18:04 
look funny.
GameDemonKing 18 de Sep a las 17:10 
Over00  [autor] 18 de Sep a las 16:12 
@Davey Darko

I'm sorry but it's built using a version of Adobe Air that Adobe didn't made available for Linux :( They stopped supporting Linux for some reason at one point. It's too bad as porting the game for Mac was a very simple process (just had to compile the code on a Mac really).

The alternative would be to rebuild it from the ground up using another tech but then it's a whole different matter. Sorry about that.
danalyze 18 de Sep a las 16:10 
Awesome game!Voted and bought it through Groupees's Steampunk Groupee 3 Bundle.Best wishes!
krazedlion 18 de Sep a las 16:01 
Looks fun good luck
kelicottia 18 de Sep a las 14:51 
AZAG0TH 18 de Sep a las 14:47 
Electrecution 18 de Sep a las 14:38 
voted .. ty
Davey Darko 18 de Sep a las 14:21 
Please consider a Linux port for us penguins. :)
devotee 18 de Sep a las 14:14 
Voted, came here from Groupees!
Virgil Amenra *love* PaulaGiger 18 de Sep a las 14:07 
Voted +1 yes
Elyziuz 30 de Jun a las 8:22 
Voted. Looking forward to seeing a new take on match-3 mechanics.
RampantCoyote 13 de May a las 21:58 
Played it - it's really excellent. It takes the tired old Match-3 genre and makes it far more interesting and tactical, with a cool steampunk theme and a dash of RPG flavor.
gurkerl_2 31 de Mar a las 15:07 
i like the oldstyle music as well as the beautiful design. would like to play it via steam
Over00  [autor] 29 de Mar a las 21:35 
Thanks Malygris, that's appreciated. I have nothing but good words from players owning this game already as well as reviewers like RPS so it's sad Steam users who enjoy that kind of game can't get it here yet.
Malygris 29 de Mar a las 20:32 
The fact that Bret Airborne isn't on Steam yet is all the evidence we need that Steam Greenlight doesn't work. This is a game that's as deserving of Steam distribution as any, and yet here it sits. Sad.
Conor 2 de Oct, 2013 a las 17:28 
Fun looking-ish casual. Rating up.
Amazon37 11 de Sep, 2013 a las 10:10 
It looks good. i would like to see it on steam.
clwatan 14 de Jun, 2013 a las 17:00 
Interesting concept, though not my favorite type of game
Legerdemain 30 de May, 2013 a las 11:59 
Oh gods no.
No no no no no.
Amusement Park of the Mind 11 de May, 2013 a las 20:38 
I swear to God if I see another Bejeweled/Puzzle Quest clone I'm going to stick a ____ in a blender and hit "Frappé".
Sablicious 5 de May, 2013 a las 1:25 
Musical score - great.
Game - meh.
MrNinjaSquirrel 3 de May, 2013 a las 15:06 
An interesting idea, but I think that it would be more fun if the battles were simultaneous instead of turn based. Still looks like it could be fun, for the right price, so I'll vote yes
ACWraith 21 de Abr, 2013 a las 16:40 
I own this game on Desura and honestly enjoyed my play through the campaign. Think less of it as a long, grinding RPG like Puzzle Quest. The sensibilities seem more like a replayable arcade fighter or shmup with more battles/levels than those genres typically have.

The line which divides player access makes Bret Airborne shine. Anything along the outer edge is relatively safe while items neighboring the line are in danger of being stolen. The grace period allows players to shift items around instead of being forced into specific swaps. There is a tug of war as large matches move the line towards the opponent and swapping with no match moves the line towards oneself. Being aware of items to steal and large matches to perform is encouraged further as skills may count those events as bonus resources.
Mister Chippy RIP AXE 13 de Abr, 2013 a las 5:07 
I don't see a single differerence from puzzle quest except the setting, and the art isn't even all that good.
Olek 333 13 de Abr, 2013 a las 4:16 
może być fajne : P
Motoki 10 de Abr, 2013 a las 12:50 
re: Sorry Dude we already Have 10000000 as Bejeweled like RPG game

And we don't have 10000000 FPS games or 10000000 zombie games?

I'd buy it and even though there are casual match 3 games on Steam already and there is a market for it, the bulk of regular crowd who votes on Greenlight will almost certainly never approve this. Unless the dev can market a campaign elsewhere to get people to come here and vote I'd say he'd be better off pitching it to Big Fish.

If he is dead set on having it on Steam though probably an indie bundle with the promise of Steam keys if Greenlit is a good way to go. Once people already own the game from a bundle anyway they're a bit more invested in terms of getting it on Steam.

Still others have gone that route without much luck so it's by no means guaranteed. I suppose you can always McPixel it and give it away on TPB. *shrug*
ClusterMorph 6 de Abr, 2013 a las 18:12 
This wouldnt do to good on steam. Sorry.
Celebrimnar 4 de Abr, 2013 a las 0:18 
Nor the look and the gameplay looks enough for Steam
Oni 3 de Abr, 2013 a las 20:48 
Mac but no Linux? Down vote, sorry.
Resolute 3 de Abr, 2013 a las 17:30 
Voting no before getting to the ad in your youtube video. No money for you!.
Spagett 3 de Abr, 2013 a las 15:38 
Can't compete with 10,000,000. Downvoted for having one of those "One click for a Roman orgy!" advertisements.
Vankog 1 de Abr, 2013 a las 16:50 
I am still waiting for Puzzle Quest to become more budget. Unfortunately, this setting is not my taste.
Edna.Rockz 1 de Abr, 2013 a las 11:55 
Sorry Dude we already Have 10000000 as Bejeweled like RPG game
Thunder_3k 1 de Abr, 2013 a las 4:24 
know what would have got me interested?

an airship combat game where you actually combat airships instead of a match game...

oh wait! we already have a few good airship combat games.no sale here.
Byte01 1 de Abr, 2013 a las 0:59