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Soda Star
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41 opmerkingen
S.T.A.R.S Leon S. K. 25 apr om 6:01vm 
Paper Zombie 10 feb 2015 om 5:01nm 
More of a Facebook game.
Yelaren 9 jan 2015 om 4:21vm 
Nice game)
Peach Jelly 13 feb 2014 om 11:56vm 
Reminds me of a game from my childhood called "Pajama Sam's Sock Works."
RODBEE 28 jan 2014 om 7:26nm 
I am very pleased
Ghost Machine  [auteur] 28 jan 2014 om 2:19nm 
Actually, we have the game on Google Play as well:
RODBEE 23 jan 2014 om 4:28nm 
Aw man I wish you guys had andriod version
Ghost Machine  [auteur] 23 jan 2014 om 1:28nm 
Hey RachaellsHere, if you have a iPhone or iPad, we have free versions of the game available on iTunes
RODBEE 18 jan 2014 om 12:09nm 
I'm a sucker for these kind of games, all I can hope is that the price isn't too high
Gabriel 15 dec 2013 om 3:58nm 
@akcaye Why? The majority of those kind of games should stay on those platforms. Most mobile games are simple and meant to be played on the go. Most of them sell well on those platforms because that's what those customers want. Many developers make the mistake in thinking that "Well, since our game sold so well on the PHONE, it'll sell well on the PC, too!"...and it usually doesn't work that way, because Steam is a completely different market. Most games either fail to get Greenlit, or they do get Greenlit and the hype dies down after a week or two.
So it's not stupid to suggest that a game should stay on the phone.
Sophos_NSM 5 dec 2013 om 3:09vm 

ps: Upvoted. Thanks for the Portuguese. unfortunately few developers give us attention.
You gave us attention. I also give you attention. Upvoted.
PEACEOFWAR 7 okt 2013 om 10:48nm 
Games like this belong on any device that people help the code writers put forth. I find people saying that a game is only suited for one device kind of strange. There are only a few games that have limits on devices they work. Example games that are HUGE mainly stay on larger suited systems (you don't install 25GB games on smart phones at this point in technology) However your smaller sized games can go anywhere and it gives them freedom.
KrissyRawrz ღ Lee 14 aug 2013 om 11:47nm 
Lovely game that would be a nice edition to Steam :) I voted, good luck!
Michael 12 aug 2013 om 3:00nm 
Sure, why not?
akcaye 3 aug 2013 om 3:58nm 
I find comments that say a certain type of games should be on mobile devices rather stupid.
Pudge (Idling) 9 jun 2013 om 12:57vm 
Is there Bonus Soda?
Scotty 6 jun 2013 om 4:19nm 
I would suggest putting this on the smartphone/tablet stores, not PC.
AllyKat87 27 mei 2013 om 10:55nm 
Not gonna lie. I'm a bit of a sucker for this kind of game. I think it may be better suited on a tablet or smartphone however. Perhaps if it was cheap enough, I'd buy through steam. The look of this game definitely says "touch screen" to me though.
Shootdawhoop99 27 mei 2013 om 7:43nm 
why... just why
starsKy. 26 mei 2013 om 11:51vm 
this game is bad :X only for me
Catscratch 22 apr 2013 om 7:52vm 
This doesn't belong on Stema, but you could probably sell it on the mobile platforms. Go do that.
NemesisZidar 19 apr 2013 om 7:13vm 
is that all to do in this game? How boring even on mobile devices there are many better games with that style
FireBrand 16 apr 2013 om 3:45nm 
I'm going to downvote but I would buy it on my phone, so win/lose for you developer.
inferno986return 7 apr 2013 om 5:00nm 
Appreciate the Mac OS X and Linux support as always, but doesn't this game look like it's designed rather for the mobile market than Steam? Give me a demo and I'll try it out, but until then I am going to vote no.
ClusterMorph 6 apr 2013 om 6:11nm 
Try making this an app.
Pudge (Idling) 31 mrt 2013 om 5:32nm 
Does this game have Bonus Sodas?
Angry Penguin 31 mrt 2013 om 8:53vm 
Is looking nice and have linux version. I vote yes.
McMarius11 25 mrt 2013 om 6:18vm 
i dont get it....
Sour 25 mrt 2013 om 2:22vm 
Bah i usually upvote games my mom likes to play, little indies and popcap games so i will upvote this.
Cashuea 24 mrt 2013 om 4:20nm 
ageinst my better judgment, i will give this one a shot. But it does look like it would be better as a tablet game.
Mysticalcatseye 24 mrt 2013 om 4:06nm 
Wouldn't mind this on my tablet but my PC not so much.
H.I. McDunnough 24 mrt 2013 om 1:08nm 
NO might be decent on a mobile platform but PC? No
NateinMpls 24 mrt 2013 om 12:30nm 
Blues :^) 23 mrt 2013 om 12:54nm 
Looks like it'd get repetative quick. Plus it seems more akin to being on an iPhone than my laptop.
DropBizzle 23 mrt 2013 om 6:46vm 
2nd game about soda i've seen on greenlight, 2nd game about soda i've not upvoted cause it's a game about soda
jbzomal75 20 mrt 2013 om 7:48vm 
the feel good game of the summer! lol
BAD JINGLE BELL BITCH 20 mrt 2013 om 6:40vm 
decent enough + LINUX support = upvoted
Baby Jager 19 mrt 2013 om 12:37nm 
Looks like casual fun. +1
radioman970us 19 mrt 2013 om 12:08nm 
I love puzzle games ! Bring it on. Good luck.
Ciunay_R 19 mrt 2013 om 11:33vm 
lol... nice.
Gorlom[Swe] 19 mrt 2013 om 10:13vm 
Hmm I was hoping this was a First Person Soda game