Classic Boomer
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Xx_>÷Pánvička÷<_xX 5 бер о 7:06 
TheBloodyViking 3 бер о 4:02 
The L4D2 Boomer looks like the dad of the L4D Boomer XD
Festive bear cub 1 бер о 13:28 
the l4d2 boomer looks like an old man :3
Concorde™ (B-Day in 2 days) 15 лис 2014 о 0:01 
"This is what I do, I sit on you!'
Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen  [автор] 9 вер 2014 о 20:52 
@Xtweeter22x Open your console in the main menu and choose your map on versus mode. i.e. "map c1m1_hotel versus". Upon entering the map enter the commands "sv_cheats 1" and "sb_all_bot_game 1" (This prevents you from being kicked from the game). After that press 'm' and switch to the infected side. To spawn as a desired infected you must be a ghost and enter a spawn command such as z_spawn smoker, z_spawn hunter and etc to spawn as your choice of infected. GL
Xtweeter22x 9 вер 2014 о 19:50 
Eh, sorry for not being more detailed. I was up at 2:00AM X_X

I meant how do you spawn yourself as an infected in solo play llike that?
Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen  [автор] 9 вер 2014 о 13:21 
@Xtweeter22x What do you mean by one place?
Xtweeter22x 9 вер 2014 о 2:58 
How do you spawn yourself as an infected in just one place like that in the 4th pic?
Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen  [автор] 12 сер 2014 о 16:57 
@CaioXG002 Removed Boomer hands since they are exactly the same as the ones in L4D2
CaioXG002 12 сер 2014 о 16:12 
What has been updated yesterday?
Terik Majahara 17 чер 2014 о 8:29 
Hey, there's a bug with this add-on. When I get barfed on and when it goes away, it starts to play the incapacitated music. Could you fix this? Plus, the reference pose model seems hilariously lying on the floor for some unknown reason. You don't really need to fix the reference pose bug, just fix the incapacitated music bug.
Albert Wesker 1 гру 2013 о 14:01 
Staccato 14 вер 2013 о 13:07 
Can you color the hands grey?
Sweetie belle 29 сер 2013 о 14:26 
☻/ This is Bob. Copy paste him on.
/▌ every addon so he can
/ \ take over Steam Workshop.
Tayzor Azul 10 сер 2013 о 3:57 
when is the Original Hunter ready ?
Green 13 лип 2013 о 9:46 
L4D1 is better then L4D2.
MrBigly 11 лип 2013 о 20:34 
who dont like deh original
Rom and Ram (White Sisters) 5 лип 2013 о 14:15 
l4d2's is so ugly
Pingas™ 4 лип 2013 о 8:30 
Do the original hunter!
Neothrawn 29 тра 2013 о 17:10 
i always liked the L4D1 boomer's bile sacks below his chin.
The Dark Side of Penumbra 28 тра 2013 о 1:20 
Shajbus I'm not sure but I think the boomer woman did not yet exist in L4D1
KlasycznyMati [learning] 26 тра 2013 о 8:54 
Can you please make it replace the female boomer?
[27thIR]ellis 20 тра 2013 о 6:35 
please make the hunter,by the other skins are the hands bad
Left4DeadLover1 27 кві 2013 о 16:50 
please make a l4d1 hunter with it's original counterparts please
i would appreate it
Left4DeadLover1 27 кві 2013 о 16:49 
nino_choasdrache you can download the original common infected from l4d maps
Nino_Chaosdrache 26 кві 2013 о 8:27 
Thank you very kindly for your original special infected skins ^^ I have them all and they make the game more enjoyable for me. Now someone has to find a way to copy the original common infected and the game would be awesome x3
Lego 30 бер 2013 о 12:42 
@add me NOW!. There was no Boomette in Left 4 Dead 1 only the Boomer.
KiluKahur 29 бер 2013 о 12:21 
Could you make the original hunter?
chell 25 бер 2013 о 6:02 
what about boomete?
Gushiken Takahiro 24 бер 2013 о 15:40 
do the hunters origanal counter part please
MATROSkin 22 бер 2013 о 14:01 
Зачетный толстяк)))
A. Junior 22 бер 2013 о 13:58 
TONIC™ 22 бер 2013 о 11:49 
shobbz 22 бер 2013 о 1:51 
Rosenbaum 21 бер 2013 о 19:28 
Would be really good if this mod just changed the possibility of the Boomer's look, as in it could look different.
Silenzo84 21 бер 2013 о 15:35 
Happy 21 бер 2013 о 14:25 
Isn't the L4D2 nicer ? or is that just me??
Amdi 21 бер 2013 о 6:32 
Mmm delicious
Derpy David 20 бер 2013 о 18:14 
What is the difference? I dont see a difference.. -.-
MIKEDUDE 18 бер 2013 о 19:45 
l4d1 Hunter :P
Ewsunk 18 бер 2013 о 8:52 
Gushiken Takahiro 18 бер 2013 о 5:50 
make the origanal hunter
Joker 17 бер 2013 о 4:04 
Jack Jagger 16 бер 2013 о 23:17 
Thank you for making this :)
DemonKiller2 16 бер 2013 о 15:41 
make l4d1 hunter with its firstperson hands
Lego 16 бер 2013 о 11:36 
@deathtokwn14 On L4Dmaps there is a mod the removes the boomette, its not s script it replaces the model with the boomers and the boomers sounds and I have it.
AlmightyJoe 16 бер 2013 о 9:09 
does this get rip of the boomette i hope it does
[Gs] MrBaracu 🏃 16 бер 2013 о 6:23 
The L4D2 one is not the original one? This is wired.
Zaw 16 бер 2013 о 0:05 
dude please add the original l4d hunter iv been waiting for that for a really long time too.
Jules 15 бер 2013 о 16:19 
#1 commenter here, Francis can suck it.