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Goddess follower 1.6
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blue dragon marine 5 лис 2017 о 20:19 
the goddess save my life from the bandit chief tryed to chopp me in half when i was reloading my weapon i thank her
thanos1073 3 чер 2017 о 16:51 
is there a SE ver. ?
Sprayface 2 тра 2017 о 7:01 
took way too long to find out she was voiced. this seems to be an issue all over the workshop, and i don't understand.
Deiformis Ira 20 січ 2017 о 11:22 
So... Might want to note that there is a bug where her clothes disappear, and she has an oddly... "Detailed" body.
sven.lindstrom2 18 січ 2017 о 12:16 
Hi there nice work with the goddess . I wonder if you can set her with two white dresses LOVED too have one for my self . By the ways my name is Sven . CHEERS !!!...
Jasuchin 11 гру 2016 о 22:21 
So why isn't her outfit usable? It's invisible in everyone's inventory, even if I add it so someone with console commands
Profilename14 5 лис 2016 о 19:37 
I honestly think this is a crazy person who is delusional and thinks she is a goddess.

But she makes a good zombie slave.
kyryrn 2 лип 2016 о 22:08 
could you please do Legolas from Lord of the rings Please? :D and make him be able to marry
Gentleman Dende 1 лип 2016 о 23:33 
she was at the bannered mare, game crashed, got back on and shes not there
keithbarrett07 10 тра 2016 о 0:36 
I wish she would stop singing to me;
joao_chiola2002 8 тра 2016 о 8:13 
i cannot add as follower
davidbroom2130 27 кві 2016 о 17:17 
I HOPE they can fix her hair she has no hair when change outfit or even marry her
Brutal 21 бер 2016 о 17:56 
omg i miss you mod hugs
Natas2006 YT 19 бер 2016 о 2:53 
Out of all my Followe's She Needs to die

-The Loud Follower
-The Talking mushrooms
-Vempire Lord
-the 20 Dwaervns

Also most of these i dont get off steam so dont try if you're a steam ueser.
Natas2006 YT 19 бер 2016 о 0:04 
OT You do realize there's a mod that makes any Man/Girl marriable on nexus?
Also where the heck do you find her?
ryuranger12 25 січ 2016 о 2:08 
why is this mod not in my data files
ryuranger12 25 січ 2016 о 1:44 
she is not there
OT-Yuzuru (Just Monika) [TW] 4 січ 2016 о 9:02 
Please make her marriable or make a new mod like her that is marriable
IZUMI 22 гру 2015 о 20:31 
jackGa  [автор] 9 гру 2015 о 5:03 
save game, and load one time can fix
哪来的狗 8 гру 2015 о 18:54 
I found her and talk with her,but had no choose,why?
Crystal Maiden 6 гру 2015 о 1:47 
she sing like Christina Aguilera :fashion:
Crystal Maiden 6 гру 2015 о 1:42 
nice :fashion::akaneheart:
Juice 16 лис 2015 о 15:20 
with all of my followers
Master Cheif
and Cortana
and Seon

shes the most annoyin
and holy hot damn people are gonna be old finishing this shit..
welp happy 80th bday..for looking at my shit that no one cares about :D
jhobbithunter 13 лис 2015 о 21:12 
could be great... accept.. anything she says makes no sense
kostaskavourinos 5 лис 2015 о 4:37 
Friki Tiki 3 лис 2015 о 22:42 
Any chance of making her sister cassandra as a follower?
kasumiberry 18 жов 2015 о 10:15 
@Paxtoranius not gonna lie dude but the way you said that is kind of creepy
Paxtoranius 10 жов 2015 о 1:17 
Sweet mother........ ! Capture her.
davidmsmithk9 27 вер 2015 о 20:11 
Sings songs from tangled Lol
Pijenjo 2 сер 2015 о 7:15 
Prombler here please help
Kalona The Ravenant 22 лип 2015 о 20:50 
Wait... will she not follow you if you're a Stormcloak?
Kalona The Ravenant 22 лип 2015 о 20:45 
Does this work with AFT? She won't follow me. She say's the expected dialog & a quest start's but she just tell's me to leave or ask's me why i fight.
Benyed 30 чер 2015 о 1:22 
davidbroom2130 16 чер 2015 о 9:13 
she don't have the dalog like follow me or get to now her dalog or trade or have her do some thing dalog. I use follow me spell get her to follow me.
MITERUDAKE 5 чер 2015 о 0:37 
|FTG| Gattsu 4 чер 2015 о 22:46 
I can't start the conversation with her when i Press "E" She just says do i need something?
Prezy 2 чер 2015 о 14:29 
Lel love it how the songs sh sings are form Disney's Tangled :P
slyphr15 18 тра 2015 о 4:34 
I would love to know who did the singing part for her. Do you know? Because I would download that in a heartbeat. Love it when Sophitia sings all of a sudden.
jantz_j 16 тра 2015 о 13:16 
Another really well done follower. I use amazing tweak followers and when I changed her clothes she lost her hair. Still cute but bald. Thanks for a fun mod.
Azure Toroto 21 кві 2015 о 14:24 
I wish there was a Cervantes follower, It would be awesome to see that ghost pirate fight beside me with his swords. His "Bravely Folk Song" would be sanged through the land of Skyrim if he was a follower.
人生2代目 オワタ 17 лют 2015 о 20:42 
great work ! I like SC very much
Sophie and Cassandra are So Cute !!
Sasha Pines 13 лют 2015 о 2:08 
shw alway die
❤ Lawliet ❤ 3 лют 2015 о 3:57 
I can't talk to her! >_<
psycopathic_swordsman_21 25 січ 2015 о 13:34 
Is it possible for you to make the Azure Knight Nightmare to be a follower and/or have his armor wearable?
johnnyck 14 січ 2015 о 20:26 
She is not working. When I click on her, there is no dialogue. Is she just supposed to sit there and not do anything?
Xeno141 7 січ 2015 о 11:29 
nice follower ^^
VenSOne 6 січ 2015 о 5:01 
Awesome work Thanks ^^
Canoper 22 гру 2014 о 6:38 
did i spell that wrong?
Canoper 22 гру 2014 о 6:38 
NOT A GODDES a badass soul calibur charecter