Goddess follower 1.6
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Benyed 6月30日上午1:22 
davidbroom21 6月16日上午9:13 
she don't have the dalog like follow me or get to now her dalog or trade or have her do some thing dalog. I use follow me spell get her to follow me.
miterudake 6月5日上午12:37 
[FTG] Bayonetta 6月4日下午10:46 
I can't start the conversation with her when i Press "E" She just says do i need something?
Captain.KawaiiVoid 6月2日下午2:29 
Lel love it how the songs sh sings are form Disney's Tangled :P
slyphr15 5月18日上午4:34 
I would love to know who did the singing part for her. Do you know? Because I would download that in a heartbeat. Love it when Sophitia sings all of a sudden.
jantz_j 5月16日下午1:16 
Another really well done follower. I use amazing tweak followers and when I changed her clothes she lost her hair. Still cute but bald. Thanks for a fun mod.
Azure Toroto 4月21日下午2:24 
I wish there was a Cervantes follower, It would be awesome to see that ghost pirate fight beside me with his swords. His "Bravely Folk Song" would be sanged through the land of Skyrim if he was a follower.
人生 オワワ 2月17日下午8:42 
great work ! I like SC very much
Sophie and Cassandra are So Cute !!
Sasha Pines 2月13日上午2:08 
shw alway die
GodOfFireAndThunder 2月3日上午3:57 
I can't talk to her! >_<
psycopathic_swordsman_21 1月25日下午1:34 
Is it possible for you to make the Azure Knight Nightmare to be a follower and/or have his armor wearable?
johnnyck 1月14日下午8:26 
She is not working. When I click on her, there is no dialogue. Is she just supposed to sit there and not do anything?
Xeno141 1月7日上午11:29 
nice follower ^^
VenSOne 1月6日上午5:01 
Awesome work Thanks ^^
Canoper 2014年12月22日上午6:38 
did i spell that wrong?
Canoper 2014年12月22日上午6:38 
NOT A GODDES a badass soul calibur charecter
StomTr00per 2014年12月21日上午9:08 
austingod 2014年12月14日下午1:24 
i married her and turned her into a vampire :3
kevin22 2014年12月14日上午5:34 
well i have all you followers and really like them but for this one like a lot of others here say she isnt working properly and ive done all the save and load save as with the other followers but no she dont work properly just wondering if you are going to fix this problem or not cause it lets all you other work down i think
Captain Falcon-Senpai 2014年12月13日下午7:00 
She'd be an alright companion if she didn't say random crap like an idiot.
pivtienduc 2014年12月4日下午7:48 
Dear Jagga can you make an UNP version of this mod ?
[SRF] ★Psycho★ 2014年11月23日上午6:36 
I cant get her as a follower. When i talk to her, i get no options
The Guy 2014年11月21日上午11:24 
Please help i have got here to say the stuff and i got the quest but what do i do now she no longer has a conversation just says her things then no option to have as a follower
m241lewis 2014年11月21日上午8:32 
I love her sooo much! Please make a mod to look like her. The clothes and hair and everything :)
m241lewis 2014年11月21日上午8:09 
How do i add her as a follower? She just talks.
Gothic Night 2014年11月18日上午5:38 
does this require any nexus mods?
Yato 2014年11月13日下午10:18 
she is not there
ChronicAxis 2014年11月8日下午1:46 
"tremble in darkness!!"
Neptune (Purple Heart) 2014年11月4日上午12:29 
This will make my team have TWO goddesses now, only because my current character is the other.
boieshuzu 2014年11月3日上午2:34 
you should have just had someone do a voice so she didn't talk about random stupid things constantly
boieshuzu 2014年11月1日下午6:49 
can some mroe soul calibur stuff like nightmare or algol
henrik 2014年10月29日下午1:27 
good job jacka !!! you re the best !
anarchyalice69 2014年10月27日下午10:17 
thanks again jackga. dont listen to all the rude people saying bad things about your mods i love them.
golden-state1 2014年10月24日上午10:14 
didn't follow
╚(T_T)╝shadow.Ȥøȴℯℵ 2014年10月20日下午2:21 
is she marryable?
Gamer Artorias 2014年10月19日下午12:36 
Erma gosh Soulcalibur stuff
Snakie's | Marutaro 2014年9月30日下午12:32 
no option at all :(
XxDragonBornPyroxX 2014年9月26日下午7:22 
this reminds me of fairytail because she said REQUIPE
llanigrana 2014年9月24日上午5:47 
I would like to enjoy one of your mods for ever, but they are aviable only some days.
Zhinto 2014年9月19日上午7:48 
I kinda wish jack would fix the naked glitch with her...
danielfish-defcon123 2014年9月9日下午4:50 
I like this Mod... however I would like to see a Tifa Lockhart Mod also... do you think your up to it??
AnthonyIsKill 2014年8月31日上午7:01 
Your race is Turn Down X?
mdhammond07 2014年8月21日下午4:36 
i just zapped her with the spell from amazing follower tweaks. works fine now. nice work, awesome and very unique follower
mdhammond07 2014年8月20日下午1:13 
why will she not follow me? ive tried saving and loading new save
The Crazy Lemon 2014年8月14日下午4:54 
can you make ths armor craftable please
Mental Criminal 2014年8月14日上午2:41 
Damn...man, what a pity i cannot marry her... She's perfect to me...
Mental Criminal 2014年8月14日上午1:11 
What if she died in a battle? How can i revive her?
jimmojohn 2014年8月9日下午7:06 
All I can say to her is How is your husband
乱拳打死老太太 2014年8月9日下午3:58