Goddess follower 1.6
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DAKLORD 10 Jul às 11:47 
how large is this mod?
TomMultilated 8 Jul às 13:57 
por que no me descarga? como le ago
Artorias The AbyssWalker 27 Jun às 14:42 
is it possible to change her body type?, will I have to change it in the creation kit?
THE MAN 24 Jun às 19:44 
dem tangled references doe
halyabusa65 3 Jun às 4:37 
It is very good! Thank you!
[ɱƴƓ] kanidd {KcK} 31 Mai às 18:38 
It would be great if you could get her to move out of the way when she's blocking you. She just stands there staring at you.
pierrerichardot 29 Mai às 12:02 
ou se trouve The Barnnered Mare
ou quel est sont nom en francais
merci d'avance
Xantiana 24 Mai às 23:47 
she is awsome my favorite girly :)
Xantiana 22 Mai às 23:34 
o she follows me now fix it :)) very sweet girly .
Xantiana 21 Mai às 11:31 
wel i save game and load game, stil i cant have a chat wiht her, she is saying only can i help you :(.aww, i gived thumps up stil for al your work i have alot modss from you. this one i cant bring her in action,.
Choloph 20 Mai às 7:44 
What's new in v1.6?
coldfoxxjoe 18 Mai às 8:20 
I must say again i love this follower she can change into 3 different outfits for you and she sings! like 2 or 3 songs i think, but yes please make her able to marry! :D
For those wondering how to make her a follower here is my answer,use a 3rd party mod like amazing follower tweaks.
kristophuck 11 Mai às 16:05 
how do you make her an official follower besides making her an unofficial follower through a mod (excluding UFO which makes followers offcial), also is there a waay to marry her ?????
coldfoxxjoe 5 Mai às 9:52 
this is awesome she looks very good! love the choice of sword and shield
dragonfire 25 Abr às 16:14 
is there anyway you could make her outfit craftable
Frikitiki 23 Abr às 11:37 
Her head comes off a bit too tan for me.
GamerBros2002 21 Abr às 16:06 
Luco365 try resurrecting her and if that doensnt work go into a building and then go back out.
Local Deity 19 Abr às 13:00 
Arg, bald when I try to change armor.
etienne_landry 13 Abr às 18:45 
Very Cool, great work!
Luco365 7 Abr às 10:25 
ok so i found her but i cant talk/make her a follower?? any help??
johnnyck 24 Mar às 15:46 
Still a ray of hope.
Rabinson 22 Mar às 6:47 
Man, set her essential. Thanks.
johnnyck 19 Mar às 16:21 
Sorry, I'm just not getting her. When I bought the Skyrim Legendary Edition and started a new game, I totally lost her. She is a great mod....probably the best ever, but I need to forget her and move on. Thanks JackGa.
Night Druid 19 Mar às 4:34 
nice follower :D

How about some other chars from Soulcalibur Like Maxi or Asteroth?
hell even a nightmare would be cool. :D

Look forward to the next char mod man, Keep up the great work.
johnnyck 17 Mar às 11:24 
Would love to have the 1.5 version back. Every time I try to change her outfit, she goes bald.
Is there anyway to fix that? Can I go back to the old version?
gregorybrockerville 16 Mar às 10:08 
Is she available for marriage?
johnnyck 15 Mar às 18:52 
JackGa, thanks. I'll try that. :)
jackGa  [autor] 15 Mar às 17:51 
save game and load game
johnnyck 15 Mar às 15:06 
I have just started a new game and subscribed to this mod. So far, I have her at the Bannered Mare, but I cannot get her to follow me. Instead, the game made her a quest. Did something happen when the mod was upgraded from 1.5 to 1.6? I've checked Google for the quest, but there does not seem to be one. Anyone else having the same issue?
sammoe 5 Mar às 9:45 
Class mod best I have used so far thank you
Acherusian 2 Mar às 16:48 
I love this mod , could you make an elf version of her of her and include the " surprise "
Local Deity 23 Fev às 14:43 
When I try I try to change the outfit to something other than the defaults the hair goes bald.
ISLAU 18 Fev às 17:37 
promy its u cannot marry her
wintersroy 13 Fev às 14:06 
could you maybe make the gear wearable or craftable ? in a couple different colors if possible
promytius1 6 Fev às 16:31 
what does "She is Mother! you cannot want her!!!" mean?
Aelsang 6 Fev às 3:49 
is it possible to get her with japanese voice?
Est-Navi 2 Fev às 19:22 
:o Would you ever consider making cassandra? I feel she is more of a lets go fight person. Love the mod :)
WatercolorGriever 1 Fev às 13:40 
@sins8 It's from Soul Calibur.
shawnkeifer754 20 Jan às 14:06 
can you marry her
®Shåmån® 11 Jan às 12:56 
I love this mod , she sings to me constantly and the voice is very nice and soothing . i think its mandy moore from tangled . I have had no issues or conflicts with other mods and shes not hard on the eyes either, very nice mod and a follower i always want to keep with me. nice work thank you very much.
thecoldanddarkone 9 Jan às 17:22 
My only suggestion is that she needs the essential tag put on her. Occasionally I get really careless and my minion's die if they killable.
FoesWing 3 Jan às 19:12 
how do you get her to fallow you. all she said is to leave
Nick 2 Jan às 18:18 
Marriage. now.
sins8 2 Jan às 14:56 
its from tangled i think
Luni Pie 31 Dez, 2013 às 7:33 
who is the singer of her songs
BigGums 30 Dez, 2013 às 10:34 
amazing voiced acted great mode love it <3
Eden Code - ( •_•)>⌐■-■ 30 Dez, 2013 às 0:00 
How do you complete her quest?
[XM] ChEeSeCaKE G 29 Dez, 2013 às 15:43 
Is that pyra's shield fro SC5????
I thought so
InViDiOuS 27 Dez, 2013 às 20:38 
Butiful voice for alexandra