Sounds of Skyrim - The Wilds
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SupSheepey 14 小時以前 
How do I turn on the effects if I accidentally didn't enable them when the menu popped up?
Troy Alias 04 月 12 @ 11:59下午 
Perfect work
Saint Nick 04 月 7 @ 9:00下午 

You aren't a nice guy are you...
PurpleKrakken 04 月 7 @ 5:34下午 
sos - the wilds.esp
Contains dirty edits: 8 ITM, 0 UDR records. Needs TES5Edit cleaning.
madmadruss 04 月 5 @ 4:47下午 
Reminds me of oblivion! amazing!
Baron Von DickButt III Esq. 03 月 27 @ 5:00下午 
Is there gonna be a fix for NPC dialog cutting off when I turn away from them?
numaxmc 03 月 25 @ 3:07下午 
Exelent trio of mods but just a suggestion, could you make the configuration have sliders instead of enable/disable. It would be nice to tone a few things down but still enjoy their sound without turning them off. Also it would be cool to see a mod that adds more audio configuration like adjusting echo types, depth of hearing and of course high mid and low end adjustment. Obviously one could do this from their sound card but game specific adjustment would be nice.
Bongripper 03 月 22 @ 3:30上午 
i use to be able to run this mod but now when i try to start it up theres and error with steam saying it failed to get details? i tried uninstalling/reinstalling but still does it, this happening to anyone else?
K1ngCraft 03 月 20 @ 2:38下午 
Some of the sounds recording have been cut off too soon. But you rarely notice them.
BlazingGumball14 03 月 14 @ 10:34下午 
According to BOSS, this mod contains dirty edits. Clean up, bro?
Hacbarton 03 月 13 @ 2:29下午 
@falconrider its the same as all steam mods, just click subscribe and wait for it to download it on the menu pop up before clicking play
falconrider23 03 月 12 @ 2:16下午 
am i just being a dick but how the hell do i download this?
GoverningLaw 03 月 9 @ 12:28下午 
very well done. thanks!
sanguinesquire6 03 月 7 @ 7:32下午 
man just the simple things like this just make the game so much better
[BRO]TheToastiesLP 03 月 3 @ 4:52上午 
can someone tell me the command to open the SoS menu in the console please :) I forgot it and I can't find it in the mod description...
lisohayes 03 月 1 @ 7:54下午 
this music is like a sucubus and i am they prey, I am entranced
Herrschlafanzug 03 月 1 @ 7:40下午 
What is the animal that starts with a G? I have no idea what they mean by that.
Wolf Of The Night 02 月 28 @ 7:40下午 
How do you get into the configuration a second time? I love the mod.
spam 02 月 28 @ 1:39下午 
I. Love. These. Sounds.
Ragnar Catmane 02 月 23 @ 2:57下午 
59 seconds into the video and I couldn't help myself but to click the like button a hundred times >:) It's one of the best immersive mods I have seen, ranging from landscapes, new caves, enhanced cities, immersive armors (another great mod) and this here, is a must for every Skyrim player in order to make his travels more exciting and realistic. Beautiful mod which just ruins Skyrim's fast travel option!
etsunao 02 月 20 @ 4:28上午 
Just perfect, just relax. Thank you ♥
cody x ander 02 月 19 @ 10:19下午 
*tear drop*
exhaust fumes 02 月 17 @ 8:04上午 
This is such an immersive mod. Very professionally done and well thought out. Seriously, the sound designers of Skyrim should be ashamed at their work compared to the thought taken in this mod!
NexusStar- [Germany] 02 月 16 @ 12:43下午 
_ПеЧеНюШкА_ 02 月 15 @ 6:21上午 
Спс бро ))
Corvina777 02 月 8 @ 8:33上午 
This is great, it makes Skyrim even more beautiful! Thank you for making such high quality sound mods!
fatspr1nkle 02 月 1 @ 4:09下午 
amazing mod, something i cant ever get rid of, this is a necessity! it makes me feel like im actually adventuring
Serra 01 月 29 @ 1:19下午 
This is amazing! I can't believe it!
hiltihall 01 月 26 @ 5:13下午 
Great mod, along with the others you offer.
elitetrooperv2 01 月 26 @ 5:00上午 
i love all the sound mods he is making i have subscribed to his other sound mods too. it really makes skyrim more adventuroues
Fireclawiswoot 01 月 23 @ 6:38下午 
Subscribed, I was just thinking earlier that I'd like to have my hunting trips be more....sound-like, the wilderness is too quiet =O
D2Dragons 01 月 20 @ 2:45下午 
I've run this mod for about a week and a hlaf now with no problems, and I'm so impressed I just downloaded the one for Dungeons too! Thanks for upping the immersion level and giving me a reason to turn the volume up again! (And thanks for the "starts with a G" setting, that one made me LMAO :-) )
Nightshade 01 月 20 @ 8:53上午 
if only for the muskitos making my imersion so much better
Martin 01 月 20 @ 7:25上午 
most of these sounds seems to be from stronghold 2, it just doesn't feel right for me to hear them in such game like Skyrim
tcirimpei 01 月 19 @ 7:42下午 
sorry but your mod is slightly dirty can you please clean it with tesv5edit it would be appreciated
bryantmr 01 月 18 @ 5:06上午 
i love it
Astar 01 月 16 @ 7:23上午 
У меня глючит в каирнах. При быстрой загрузке игра вылетает. Отключаю этот мод и мод созвуками природы - глюки пропадают.
I have problems with this mod. For example - in kairns (quest with Farkas). When I use fast loading (F9) - hello Windows. Or when I try to load my game in main menu (before exit from game, I use F5) - hello Windows again)))
salharion 01 月 12 @ 3:57上午 
agreed... awesome!!!
SKEEK 01 月 11 @ 7:32下午 
Excellent sound mod. Really improves the experience of wandering in the wilderness.
Badegg3 01 月 9 @ 6:12下午 
Great. Thanks!
FloppyT 01 月 6 @ 11:48上午 
VintageCreeper 01 月 4 @ 9:22下午 
Just downloaded it any about to play, I have my hopes up
Suff 01 月 4 @ 11:37上午 
I hate the insect buzzing I nearly slapped myself
Xantiana 01 月 4 @ 6:02上午 
awsome .. 10+
zinfamous 01 月 3 @ 1:28下午 
The Sounds of Skyrim Package is one of 5 essential mods for me. Amazing stuff
Assassin 01 月 3 @ 12:07下午 
nice mod great job :-)
Jimmy 01 月 1 @ 3:45下午 
Great job, thanks!
Ambitious Animator 01 月 1 @ 6:42上午 
Awesome... So foreign but also familiar at the same time... Great job :D
DreamyMeadow 2013 12 月 31 @ 3:38下午 
really atmospheric and great sound mod :) it adds a lot of feeling to roaming the vast lands of Skyrim.. thank you
Phlannel Boxingday 2013 12 月 30 @ 10:57上午 
Stronghold 2 atmosphere music in the credits.