Ez a játék Zöld Utat kapott a közösségtől!

A közösség kimutatta érdeklődését e játék iránt. A Valve kapcsolatba lépett ezzel a fejlesztővel, hogy megkezdjék a Steames megjelenés irányába terelni a dolgokat.

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VR46 | Redneck jún. 29. @ de. 3:39 
Look promising! Is there any Linux plan? More importantly, is still developed? Cheers
SlothwellTarly jún. 22. @ du. 2:43 
Was that a dig at devs who overhype and and under-deliver? (☞゚ヮ゚)☞
Enrage  [készítő] jún. 22. @ de. 8:47 
Being under the radar isn't so bad :P
SlothwellTarly jún. 20. @ de. 7:29 
Also get a demo out and some marketing, jesus man this is so under the radar.
SlothwellTarly jún. 20. @ de. 7:28 
Also just heard about this. Please never give up on it!
thezappingseagull jún. 7. @ de. 6:12 
I just heard about this. Thank you for making this. Thanks a million times.
[tcH] //PANOS THE WONDER CHILD// ápr. 6. @ du. 10:36 
Are you SUUUUUUUUUUUUURE there's no way we can donate to you or offer help in any way?
👻 Shawn ápr. 3. @ du. 6:07 
Oh hey, this still exists.

Hoping things go well.
ZeakQ márc. 22. @ du. 1:27 
Enrage  [készítő] márc. 22. @ du. 1:27 
It is @Terreloc
Pyrohawk márc. 21. @ du. 6:12 
@ZeakQ I am pretty sure it is @Terreloc
ZeakQ márc. 21. @ du. 4:07 
Twitter is still @engagegame ?
Bullsaver márc. 13. @ de. 5:12 
@Enrage Great!
Enrage  [készítő] márc. 12. @ du. 4:21 
@Bullsaver I'll announce it on twitter & here
Bullsaver márc. 12. @ de. 2:01 
Are you gonna announce the stream via twitter? Definitely going to watch it
BadSniper márc. 10. @ du. 2:42 
@Enrage Sounds great! I'm sure a lot of people are itching to get some insight on the game since the delay last september. Keep us posted. Thanks!
Enrage  [készítő] márc. 10. @ de. 11:14 
@BadSniper It might be a good idea to do a live stream for you guys. It would be easier for me to set up. Sound good?
BadSniper márc. 9. @ du. 6:46 
@Enrage Can we expect any updates on development and release date soon?
Juhis márc. 9. @ de. 5:44 
@Enrage Thanks. I come to this page every day and find nothing else than the pain of knowing that it isn't out yet.
Enrage  [készítő] márc. 8. @ du. 2:29 
@Kala-Kalle Great moves, keep up the good work - proud of you.
Enrage  [készítő] márc. 8. @ du. 2:28 
@Grumpy - No the demo is old and bad.
Juhis márc. 6. @ de. 10:32 
Fisted Sister márc. 1. @ de. 5:23 
Is there a way to get the demo? The only link I found has 404d
flavio-mc febr. 13. @ du. 3:42 
@Enrage Good to know.
Enrage  [készítő] febr. 13. @ du. 2:39 
@flavio-mc Nope, It's multiplayer only & no plan for bots at the moment.
flavio-mc febr. 13. @ du. 12:37 
Will we be able to play offline as well?
Enrage  [készítő] febr. 9. @ de. 11:35 
@Speedmass :D
SpeedKiller febr. 7. @ du. 7:12 
just make it like counter strike with reciever mechanics please :o
Enrage  [készítő] jan. 19. @ du. 2:25 
A lot of people have bought games in early access and they get a bad deal out of it, that's why I'm not so keen on the idea.

I'm not making Relock to make a quick buck; I'm making it so I can play it with other people.

Thanks for the support :D
rumple jan. 18. @ de. 6:31 
I just hope for less colors and more realism on the guns.
rumple jan. 18. @ de. 6:30 
hmm well whatever legal or some sort of issues your going through I hope you go through them man. And even if it's not finished I'd be glad to buy this Early access and help with the development. gl
BadSniper jan. 17. @ du. 5:03 
@Enrage Any word on when that may be?
Enrage  [készítő] jan. 17. @ du. 2:37 
"I really really wanna buy this."

You will be able to once it is released. :)
rumple 2015. dec. 23. @ de. 7:21 
any words on this game? I really really wanna buy this.
Nanomachines 2015. nov. 19. @ de. 1:13 
What happened to the project?
flavio-mc 2015. nov. 15. @ du. 5:13 
The Marked 2015. okt. 31. @ de. 5:07 
nope? so its not dead?
Enrage  [készítő] 2015. okt. 25. @ du. 10:12 
Nanomachines 2015. okt. 9. @ du. 1:43 
flavio-mc 2015. szept. 25. @ du. 2:44 
@Ardent Satanis I also doubt that buddy :(
The Ardent One 2015. szept. 25. @ du. 1:37 
It should release today, but somewhy I doubt that. :( @flavio-mc
flavio-mc 2015. szept. 25. @ du. 1:00 
So... is it gonna be released today?
Pyrohawk 2015. szept. 17. @ du. 2:54 
1 week to go!
ShadowRunner027 2015. szept. 16. @ de. 5:32 
Sounds awesome. Sorry for not replying, didn't get a notification.
Pyrohawk 2015. szept. 7. @ du. 7:08 
@ShadowRunner027 Enrage was playing with oculus support 1 year 9 months ago according to this tweet[1]. Can't find anything on motion tracking though.

[1] https://twitter.com/EngageGames/status/404072485403885568
ShadowRunner027 2015. szept. 7. @ du. 5:28 
May I ask if you have any plans for Razer Hydra or STEM System support? http://sixense.com/wireless
ShadowRunner027 2015. szept. 7. @ de. 10:59 
About 18 days left, let's hope this works.
flavio-mc 2015. aug. 18. @ du. 6:25 
Is it going to be released this september? If so that's awesome! pew pew
Pyrohawk 2015. aug. 17. @ de. 3:39 
Wait, there is a release date? 25th September 2015?
If this is true, it is the best info we have had in a while.
Thanks Aaron (booleanz or engage or enrage) for your dedication to this game. You are doing great work at a game no one has really attempted before and I really appreciate that.
First Aid 2015. júl. 22. @ du. 4:18 
alright, thanks for replying.