Ez a játék Zöld Utat kapott a közösségtől!

A közösség kimutatta érdeklődését e játék iránt. A Valve kapcsolatba lépett ezzel a fejlesztővel, hogy megkezdjék a Steames megjelenés irányába terelni a dolgokat.

A Zöld Út nyugdíjba vonul. További információkért a Steamre való játékbeküldésről nézd meg ezt a blogbejegyzést.
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Winslow Blythe-Henderson 2017. jún. 3., 19:04 
Oh sweet, didn't see that because it wasn't on the main profile. Good to see there's still some chance of this coming out.
Winslow Blythe-Henderson 2017. jún. 3., 15:55 
I just went on his twitter and the last mention of anything related to this game was over a year ago and he appears to be working on something else now, so I guess this is officially dead.
BredMirror 2017. jún. 3., 15:48 
OutrageousOctopus 2017. márc. 23., 19:01 
rip this
Lemonload 2016. szept. 27., 3:09 
So the forums are dead (website) and there's very little information on this
I played the "demo" whatever it was awhile back, how's it going now?
Winslow Blythe-Henderson 2016. aug. 1., 12:58 
Im overjoyed to hear that development is ongoing, but I'd love it if you gave more updates on what you are currently working on. It just seems that everything about the game is being kept very secretive, and I dont know why. Its almost impossible to find any substantial information from less than a year and a half ago. The website is just a link to a forum with nothing on it. I've been exited for this game for a while now, but I never hear anything about whats happening.
Redneck 2016. jún. 29., 3:39 
Look promising! Is there any Linux plan? More importantly, is still developed? Cheers
SlothwellTarly 2016. jún. 22., 14:43 
Was that a dig at devs who overhype and and under-deliver? (☞゚ヮ゚)☞
Enrage  [készítő] 2016. jún. 22., 8:47 
Being under the radar isn't so bad :P
SlothwellTarly 2016. jún. 20., 7:29 
Also get a demo out and some marketing, jesus man this is so under the radar.
SlothwellTarly 2016. jún. 20., 7:28 
Also just heard about this. Please never give up on it!
thezappingseagull 2016. jún. 7., 6:12 
I just heard about this. Thank you for making this. Thanks a million times.
//PLOOSHIE THE CAT// 2016. ápr. 6., 22:36 
Are you SUUUUUUUUUUUUURE there's no way we can donate to you or offer help in any way?
Precious Cinnamon Bun 2016. ápr. 3., 18:07 
Oh hey, this still exists.

Hoping things go well.
ZeakQ 2016. márc. 22., 13:27 
Enrage  [készítő] 2016. márc. 22., 13:27 
It is @Terreloc
Pyrohawk 2016. márc. 21., 18:12 
@ZeakQ I am pretty sure it is @Terreloc
ZeakQ 2016. márc. 21., 16:07 
Twitter is still @engagegame ?
Bullsaver 2016. márc. 13., 5:12 
@Enrage Great!
Enrage  [készítő] 2016. márc. 12., 16:21 
@Bullsaver I'll announce it on twitter & here
Bullsaver 2016. márc. 12., 2:01 
Are you gonna announce the stream via twitter? Definitely going to watch it
BadSniper 2016. márc. 10., 14:42 
@Enrage Sounds great! I'm sure a lot of people are itching to get some insight on the game since the delay last september. Keep us posted. Thanks!
Enrage  [készítő] 2016. márc. 10., 11:14 
@BadSniper It might be a good idea to do a live stream for you guys. It would be easier for me to set up. Sound good?
BadSniper 2016. márc. 9., 18:46 
@Enrage Can we expect any updates on development and release date soon?
Juhis 2016. márc. 9., 5:44 
@Enrage Thanks. I come to this page every day and find nothing else than the pain of knowing that it isn't out yet.
Enrage  [készítő] 2016. márc. 8., 14:29 
@Kala-Kalle Great moves, keep up the good work - proud of you.
Enrage  [készítő] 2016. márc. 8., 14:28 
@Grumpy - No the demo is old and bad.
Juhis 2016. márc. 6., 10:32 
Grumpy 2016. márc. 1., 5:23 
Is there a way to get the demo? The only link I found has 404d
John Doe 2016. febr. 13., 15:42 
@Enrage Good to know.
Enrage  [készítő] 2016. febr. 13., 14:39 
@flavio-mc Nope, It's multiplayer only & no plan for bots at the moment.
John Doe 2016. febr. 13., 12:37 
Will we be able to play offline as well?
Enrage  [készítő] 2016. febr. 9., 11:35 
@Speedmass :D
SpeedKiller 2016. febr. 7., 19:12 
just make it like counter strike with reciever mechanics please :o
Enrage  [készítő] 2016. jan. 19., 14:25 
A lot of people have bought games in early access and they get a bad deal out of it, that's why I'm not so keen on the idea.

I'm not making Relock to make a quick buck; I'm making it so I can play it with other people.

Thanks for the support :D
rumple 2016. jan. 18., 6:31 
I just hope for less colors and more realism on the guns.
rumple 2016. jan. 18., 6:30 
hmm well whatever legal or some sort of issues your going through I hope you go through them man. And even if it's not finished I'd be glad to buy this Early access and help with the development. gl
BadSniper 2016. jan. 17., 17:03 
@Enrage Any word on when that may be?
Enrage  [készítő] 2016. jan. 17., 14:37 
"I really really wanna buy this."

You will be able to once it is released. :)
rumple 2015. dec. 23., 7:21 
any words on this game? I really really wanna buy this.
Nanomachines 2015. nov. 19., 1:13 
What happened to the project?
John Doe 2015. nov. 15., 17:13 
The Marked 2015. okt. 31., 5:07 
nope? so its not dead?
Enrage  [készítő] 2015. okt. 25., 22:12 
Nanomachines 2015. okt. 9., 13:43 
John Doe 2015. szept. 25., 14:44 
@Ardent Satanis I also doubt that buddy :(
Даун1 2015. szept. 25., 13:37 
It should release today, but somewhy I doubt that. :( @flavio-mc
John Doe 2015. szept. 25., 13:00 
So... is it gonna be released today?