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Shadolance 21 août à 9h25 
I posted a comment a few months ago, could we get a status update or something on a blog, or like a "percent done" thing? A lot of us are really waiting for this game and it would be reassuring to see a weekly update or something.
Samuel Shank 13 août à 11h55 
it looks epic cuz you can make yur own gun skins and stuff like that
EngageAaron  [créateur] 3 août à 18h06 
Working on it for EGX.
Samork 3 août à 17h56 
I am excited about the game just because it very much looks like the game Receiver. It's because the videos you have put on are not the most informative ones to be honest. It would be nice to see some actual gameplay and such so my excitement would be for the actual game but not because it looks like another one that I liked.
peter201943 31 juil à 14h49 
"RELOCK," utilizes an, "urban-abstract," art style in coalition with realistic gameplay, focusing on firearm dynamics and the abscence of hit point restoratives, similarly to Receiver. The addition of a weapon customizer offers a myriad of weapon selections for players to select from, demonstrating an interesting, "randomization," in multiplayer combat. Should, "RELOCK," become Greenlit, it should prove to be a most challenging and intriguing multiplayer shooter. I wish you the best of luck, and the best of time.
emagon 28 juil à 19h40 
Awesome, voted
EngageAaron  [créateur] 19 juin à 9h14 
@BadBoi17 Yup.
BadBoi17 19 juin à 6h19 
MANBEARPIG 15 juin à 3h28 
Yeah, half expected you to miss another date, yet again.

Not following this anymore, sorry. Good luck with the game, if it ever gets finished.
Shadolance 14 juin à 18h18 
I've been waiting for this game since it was announced several years ago, really hoping we have a release soon...
German Shepherd 10 juin à 0h49 
EngageAaron, does the beta still starts today ?
Nanomachines 10 juin à 0h27 
I'm throwing my money at my screen but nothing's happening!
(Jokes aside is it ready for release yet or will it get delayed again?)
EngageAaron  [créateur] 9 juin à 19h27 
Yep it's still alive and in development :)
German Shepherd 9 juin à 17h13 
is this game still alive ? i really hope so :)
Underskilld 8 juin à 23h33 
I would love to get a copy of this
|sB^| ERRORx 26 mai à 16h56 
Looks pretty cool, do not dissapoint Lord
Samuel Shank 25 mai à 9h43 
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ionutudor2012 23 mai à 4h56 
tema_9907 14 mai à 1h56 
Colon Left-Parentheses 10 mai à 12h25 
Really hopeful for this game. Good luck Engage!
Samuel Shank 1 mai à 13h13 
So!!!!!!!!!!!█▀▀ ░█▀█ ░█ ░█▀▀
Godamn█▀▀ ░█▀▀ ░█ ░█░░
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MANBEARPIG 19 mar à 22h51 
"Support Relock on Kickstarter! (Coming 20-03-14)"

Is this happening, or have you decided to alter the date again?
SataSata 8 mar à 20h43 
I tried the outdated demo and I'm not sure whats the state of the game now but I just wanna say that the demo's gun mechanics isn't really fun at all. So now instead of pressing R to reload like any other game, you press "Eject" button then "Insert" then "Release" one after another and not in any other order. So beside pressing "Charge" to waste all your ammo and putting on "Safe" which you probably won't use in a multiplayer game, you can't play around with the gun like in Receiver. You can't charge one bullet in the chamber then eject your magazine to have a one round stand or half cock your weapon to see if you already have a round loaded. Relock's mechanic of indept gun control like Receiver is just to replace pressing "R" with "R+E" then "T" then "Q". Overall, the looks and surreal feel of the game is excellent and I hope that the current version fo the game would have more gun mechanics to play around with.
EngageAaron  [créateur] 23 fév à 23h06 
Hey all, I posted an announcement on the forums about the Kickstarter campaign delay.

@[Strider] Muzzled Mongoose - I'm not going to promise a campaign, It is something I would love to do but would require me to have a fully operational studio and a team I can delegate tasks to. If the campaign is a success then I will gladly add multiplayer coop like you posted about. We will have to wait and see about a fully realised single player campaign, It would be a dream come true if I could do it.
Muzzled Mongoose 21 fév à 21h00 
I think most people that have played receiver have had the idea at one point to implement this control scheme into multiplayer competitive. I hope people vote for this game and it gets a lot of support.. I thought it was releasing tomorrow but it looks like it got moved back. I wanna see this game polished with a fun campaign and smooth multiplayer gameplay! Aaron please add a sick campaign too!
MANBEARPIG 21 fév à 13h53 
I thought relock was supposed to release today, and I check the website, and the date changed to a month from now.
Kaptain OG Kush 15 fév à 18h11 
cool beans
Meräzh 13 fév à 6h57 
Wow, i was recently playing reciever and was thinking to my self, if this weapon handleing was implemented into a multiplayer shooter, it would be incredible. I also cant beileve its only one guy working on it! I am very very excited to play this. How can i support? and one quick question. What engine?
TheRealToaster 5 fév à 18h18 
@EngageAaron Oh, well I just subscribed to your channel and I just wanted to say that I am really excited for this game to come out.
High hopes.
EngageAaron  [créateur] 2 fév à 11h47 
@TheRealToaster you might be looking at the older screenshots, they are over a year old and have changed significantly.
TheRealToaster 1 fév à 11h23 
Now I know why the game looks odd! The textures! If you take off the textures it will look sharper. The textures add a sense of imperfection.
Clutchoid 27 jan à 16h23 
As an OR owner and an Airsoft player, more games with complicated controls closer to the real deal that reloading and using a firearm is alot harder than pressing R.
TheRealToaster 26 jan à 8h00 
I haven't played the demo but I really love the idea of a multiplayer version of Receiver. The customization sounds great. But from the screenshots, the visuals look really weird (not bad though), and level design looks poor. But if you improve on the lighting and have very deep and ambient sounds it could give the game a very surreal feeling, which would be perfect.
Mr. Foster 18 jan à 9h52 
This game looks amazing. I loved Receiver for it's in depth gun controls, and seeing how this has customization and multiplayer it just sounds somehow better. If this gets greenlit I'll use the 5 dollars I have left in my steam wallet to get the game because it looks great.
ZeroGhosty 7 jan à 3h52 
This game looks pretty cool for a small game but it looks like it could be something big. keep up your good work guys.
EngageAaron  [créateur] 12 déc 2013 à 5h58 
It is definitely alive :)
The Marked 11 déc 2013 à 12h01 
for anyone else who wondered: says 20-2-2014 on kickstarter
The Marked 11 déc 2013 à 6h02 
So is it still alive? Any updates to expect?
RyanSplatterpaint 2 oct 2013 à 0h37 
Upvoted cause it looks promising. It'd be nice if it has a graphics setting for fast performace, and also a single player mode of some sort.
Dr. Cat 30 sept 2013 à 16h55 
SN1P3R 20 sept 2013 à 1h06 
Man i cant wait for this so buying it when its out
Davidlyster 15 sept 2013 à 6h11 
I'm looking forward to this. Will preorder when it becomes available.
zx|SparTLa 9 sept 2013 à 13h33 
Reminds me on Receiver, a bit. Looks Promising, GJ
GunMod 28 août 2013 à 16h45 
Good work sir on your rebuttal
You get my respect and my vote
EngageAaron  [créateur] 28 août 2013 à 6h44 
@kanpake Thanks :)
EngageAaron  [créateur] 28 août 2013 à 6h43 
@GunMod Oh no! God forbid anyone copies Maze War[]
GunMod 18 août 2013 à 12h59 
copy cats sure work fast
⑨.Kuroneko「黒猫」 8 août 2013 à 21h26 
I'm happy to see that other people are using the weapon physics of receiver (especially for online games). Up voted!
МУТНЫЙ МАЛЫЙ 7 août 2013 à 14h03 
будет интересно и познавательно самому оружие разобрать и собрать
EngageAaron  [créateur] 3 août 2013 à 11h41 
@Sмσĸєy That's one way to put it :)
@Cujsc I didn't make Receiver, Wolfire did.